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Sariah Wilson grew up in southern California. She is a graduate of Brigham young university with a bachelor’s degree in history. She is the oldest of her nine siblings. She has never jumped out of an airplane nor climbed Mount Everest and she is not a former CIA operative. She passionately loves her soulmate and she is a strong believer of love. This might be the reason why most of her novels revolves around romance.


ROYAL DATE is one of her novel in a series of romantic books. Kat Mac Taggart is the main character in the novel. Kat is a likeable character, she is a girl who plans for everything- including a holiday ski-trip to Monterra with her best friend. Everything is working in accordance to her plan until she finds herself out of control careening down the mountain side. Luckily, she finds herself being rescued by a hot charming guy. The side characters in this book are also amazing and they have contributed a lot to the story.

Nico a HRH prince is intrigued by the queen he rescued on the slopes and her refusal to accord him a chance to love her. Nico tries to woe Kat by offering a deal to give him a chance to show her his home country and also pay her to write articles that will market Monterra tourist industry. Kat accepts the offer and narrates to him her past and lingering distrust of men, she has one condition though, no kissing! Thanks to the claims of a jealous noble British woman and the scheme of meddling paparazzo. Kats rule works perfectly at first, but the more she gets to interact with Nico and the people around him, the harder it becomes to keep the oath she took. She finds herself in dilemma; whether to stick to her oath or risk everything for a chance to take things to the next level with her prince charming.

ROYAL DATE is a completely delightful novel comprised of an excellent story line. It’s every girl dream to grow up and fall in love with a prince charming. Every girl dream, except the main character in this novel; Katarina. She didn’t have a pleasant childhood and everyday luxuries taken for granted by most of us. According to the book we find out that she has completely planned for her life and she strictly follow all her plans. She has vowed not to follow in her parent’s footsteps and she is more than determined to have a better life. Nico and Kat have a great connection and it’s fun to watch their relationship blossom. But Nico is a prince expected to become a king in future; he has responsibilities and obligations to take care of. On the other hand, Kat grew up in trailer park, she has to go back to Colorado to graduate and start her career; she has set boundaries and she is struggling to keep her relationship with Nico on a friends only ground. During her stay at the palace she experiences the life of fairy tales. She get to experience thing she only imagined like wearing beautiful dresses, attending fancy balls etc. she is also fully accepted by Nico’s family. This is the first time in her life she experiences what it is like to be part of a loving family.

ROYAL DATE is one of those books you read and innocently find yourself smiling. Kat is so close to realizing the goals she has worked hard for over the years, but finds herself in a fairy tale. The more time she spends with Nico the more she brings down her wall. Sarah Wilson is one of the best authors. She has written a beautiful story that is realistic and still manages to touch that little part of every girl into becoming a princess. In this book we realize that sometimes fairy tales becomes a reality!

Another great piece of work by Sariah Wilson is the UGLY SISTER STRIKES BACK. Everyone one of us know how all those fairy tales end. Snarky, artistic and Quirky Mattie Lowe is a main character in this book. She does not have a chance to live like her step sister Ella who gets everything she desires for in life. Her mother can’t stop belittling her on skype. Mercedes a school mate with Mattie, has vowed and taken an oath to torment her until she gasps her last breath. Mattie steps sister, Ella, is the most gorgeous, popular girl in the school and is dating Mattie long time secret crush named Jake Kingston. Tired of being sidelined and waiting for her own fairy prince to show up, she decides to take the risk and change her life. Her plan is to run for class president and compete with her wildly popular crush Jake. No one can stop her ambition not even her annoying step sister nor the suddenly flirty Kingston. This novel is definitely a contemporary, clean, sweet young adult romance.

NEVER PAY FOR TOOTHPASTE AGAIN is another excellent novel by Sariah Wilson. Is the rising cost of living pushing you to the edge? Do you find your fridge falling flat? Sariah Wilson has the solution to your problem. In this timely piece of work, she shares her wisdom and counsel from apostles and prophets and fully equipped with years of vast experience she can help you cut your shopping bill into half, build your food storage and most importantly give others a helping hand. Can you figure out taking a grocery shopping trip where by all the grand total of your purchases is offered for free? From toothpaste to pizza, candles to dish soap. chances are there will be a coupon to cater for your needs with her time proven s saving strategies, Sariah dispels the common myth we all have heard of about couponing she widely shares her brilliant strategies to help make every penny you have count.

Other great books written by Sariah Wilson are DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS, SECRETS IN ZARAHEMLA and SERVANT TO A KIN

Sariah Wilson is a famous author, known for writing the book ‘The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back’. She is very passionate about writing romantic novels as she believes in happily ever after stories and loves her soul mate passionately. Sariah says that she does not like to write about novels based on action and violence, such as jumping out of the plane, climbing the Mt. Everest, working as a CIA operative or fighting against the criminals. She only loves to write novels based on the romance genre. Before becoming a successful author, Sariah graduated with a degree in history from the Brigham Young University, although she considers the degree to be almost useless. She hails from the United States and has spent her growing years in California.

Sariah is the eldest among nine siblings. After the success of her first book, she is busy working on her next book. She spends most of her time writing romantic stories and spending the free time along with her husband and her four children. Currently, she lives in Utah along with her family. The other members of her family include 3 tiger barb fishes, a hamster and a cat called Tiger. As of today, Sariah has released a total of two books, both of them have been quite successful among the readers. Her second book called Royal Date was released after a gap of almost three years since the release of her first book. She does not believe in the idea of looking for an agent to get her books published. Hence, she decided to self-publish her writings and has been fairly successful in doing so.

Sariah says that she was good enough in her English classes during the time of college and also had the desire to write something on her own. But, she would get busy with something or the other and did not get time to write anything. However, it was during the time when her elder son was diagnosed with autism and she had no clue as to from where to get money to pay the expensive bills of the therapies. So, she decided to try her hand at writing. Sariah began writing about the condition of her son, The press release written by her got the attention of a few concerned personalities and it was during this time that she decided to become a professional writer.

The first book written by Sariah Wilson, The Stepsister Strikes Back was published in the year 2012 by the Fire & Ice Books. The book depicted the life stories of the central characters Mattie Lowe, William Lowe and Jake Kingston. The plot of the novel is set in Malibu, CA, United States. The novel begins with the description of typical fairy tales, which are set around beautiful princess’ who get their princes, fall in love with them and live happily in the end, leaving behind their evil stepsisters. However, in this novel, the central character herself is the ugly stepsister. She has a beautiful stepsister who is smart, nice and perfect in all sense.

The stepsister of the main character dates the tall and handsome protagonist of the story. However, the main character secretly develops a soft corner for the charming prince since the age of nine years. The main character of the novel is described by Sariah as Matilda Lowe or Mattie as she is often referred to as. Mattie is quite artistic, quirky and snarky, but does not live a happy life as her mother keeps scolding her on Skype. She is also harassed constantly by the meanest girl in the school, Mercedes. She has made it a personal mission to torture her. Along with all these atrocities, she is most depressed about the fact that her stepsister Ella is the most popular and beautiful girl in the school. She dates Jake Kingston, whom Mattie has been having a crush on since the age of nine.

At one point of time, Mattie gets so much furious at her miserable life and being tired of waiting for her fairy Godmother to turn up, that she decides to change her life on her own. She takes the bold step of deciding to contest election against Jake Kingston for the post of senior class president. Mattie gets all geared up to rule the school without worrying about anyone else, not even Jake. Everyone becomes surprised at the sudden change in the behavior of Mattie, but appreciate her positive attitude towards life. Even Jake starts to flirt with her, but she is no mood to stop and waste her time for stupid love. In the end, she does see a happy ending, but without the prince of her love life.

The next book written by Sariah Wilson was published in the year 2015 by the Kindle Press. It was titled ‘Royal Date’. The central theme of the book depicts a Cinderella-like character who does not have any plans of having a prince in her life, but destiny had some other plans for her. The book is based on the life of the main character named Kat MacTaggart, who has the habit of planning everything in her life. Kat plans to go on a mountain ski trip along with her best friend to Monterra and has planned everything related to the holiday trip. When it seems that everything is going according to plan, she goes out of control while skiing and goes careening down the mountainside, before being rescued by a man named Nico, who appeared to Kat as the Italian cousin of Superman.

Nico is the HRH Prince, who seems to be interested in Kat, but she refuses to date him. This makes him intrigued by her. However, he manages to make her agree to a deal according to which he will be showing her his country and in return Kat will be writing articles that would help the tourism of Monterra. The costs that would indulge will be taken care of by Nico. Kat MacTaggart puts forward a condition before Nico that should never approach her and try to kiss her, given her terrible past experiences of distrust of men. On the trip with Nico, Kat begins to feel the dilemma of the condition put forward by her as she continuously grows closer to Nico after understanding him and the people around him. She begins to find it hard to stay on her promise and keeps thinking about whether to let go off her plan and take a chance with Nico or not, as it might be her only chance to find the right man and live happily ever after.

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