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Sascha Rothschild is a mystery fiction author that is best known for her debut novel “Blood Sugar.”

The author grew up in Florida’s South Beach and was a very good student in school even if she was often causing a lot of trouble. Her defiant teenage years would later on be chronicled in “This American Life,” the national radio show.
Rothschild would, later on, go to Boston College and majored in playwriting before graduating with her degree. Sascha would then move to LA where she began working in television.

She had her big break in the film and TV business when LA Weekly published one of her humorous personal essays and she was noticed by several movie studios.

Universal Studios was the first to take action as it optioned her very popular article “How To Get Divorced by 30.” It was also at this time that Penguin came to offer her a book deal.

Soon after, she got on the Hollywood map when she was employed to write a feature for her bestselling article. With a lot of demand for her skills, she would then sell features to the likes of Fox, Dreamworks, Disney, Paramount, and Sony.

Rothschild would then shift to her original goal of working in television and it was not long before NBC bought a comedy pilot she had written. She would then become a consulting producer and staff writer on “The Carrie Diaries,” the CW Show.
Over the years, she has developed original series for the likes of Netflix, Freeform, HBO, ABC, and The CW. By 2014, she was named on Variety’s list of top ten writers to watch.

Sascha Rothschild is now a co-executive producer of “GLOW,” the Emmy Award-nominated Netflix show. She is also the producer and writer of “Huge,” the Netflix show that is very popular in France.

Sascha is the co-executive producer and writer of “The Bold Type,” the lauded Hulu/Freeform show in addition to writing and executive producing “The Babysitters Club” on Netflix.

In addition to writing for TV for a variety of companies in the space, Sascha has also been writing personal essays. Several of her works have appeared in “Elle Magazine” in addition to several other magazines.
“Blood Sugar” her debut novel was first published in 2022 by Putnam.

Sascha Rothschild came to write her debut novel under a very unusual circumstance. She is married to a diabetic which meant that if he got low blood sugar in the middle of the night he could die in bed.

One night when she could not sleep she started wondering what would happen if he died. Would the police respond to her 911 call and think that she had killed him?

While it does seem like a weird leap, it is just how her mind works as she is a huge fan of true crime and knows that the spouse is more often than not the prime suspect.

She would then start thinking about her movements, her week and her day, and what things would make the police believe she had killed her husband.

But then she started thinking what if she has actually killed other people in the past and had managed to not get caught? But now that her husband is dead, the police are leaving no stone unturned.

In that moment, she finally hit upon the plot for her debut novel “Blood Sugar” that she started ideating.

Just like many authors, Sascha Rothschild did not have it easy getting her novel published. She first had the idea for her novel five years before she published it.

However, she was too busy writing for TV that she did not have time to sit down and write her novel. But then she finally had some free time when she was in between writing jobs and she decided to finally write her novel.
After she collected her playlist of mood music, she sat down and started writing. It would take Sascha four months to be done with her first draft.

But then she was interrupted when Netflix offered her the lead writing role in “Glow,” which meant her manuscript would gather dust in her laptop for a while. The plot and idea did not change a lot, even though she changed the structure several times.

Whenever she got the time she used to go back to her manuscript and rewrite what she did not like. Soon enough she signed with a manager who believed in her and soon after she was getting it to book agents.
Things then started moving very fast and in a few months, she had a book deal with Putnam. It would take six years before the novel went from idea to printed hardcopy.

Sascha Rothschild’s novel “Blood Sugar” introduces Ruby who is certain that she is not a sociopath even though she just may be a murderer.

She has a thriving animal therapy practice and she has felt sympathy and empathy many times in her work and life. She has had long-lasting relationships and friendships and adores and loved Jason her husband.
Still, the Miami Beach Police Division detectives are not convinced that her marriage was that blissful. At the novel’s opening, she is interrogated at the police station as she is accused of killing her husband.
This is one murder she never committed even if the public and her mother-in-law believe she is guilty.

As she is being questioned her mind is racing back to the many events that have led her back to this moment in time and the several bodies she has to her name. While no one knows it, she may not have killed Jason but innocent she definitely is not.

Sascha Rothschild writes a story that alternates between the present and the past as she gives insight into who Ruby isn’t and who she is.

She is a lovable character who you want to see succeed in what is a clever and twisty debut that combines the sweet and the sour.

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