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Publication Order of Hard, Fast & Forever Books

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Sasha Burke
Sasha Burke is a romance writer who spent her younger years devouring romance novels borrowed from her local library. For Burke, protective alpha males and smart, feisty heroines are her weakness. The author enjoys writing at night when she can get lost in the world of her characters. When not writing, Burke enjoys hosting her friends for fun fajita nights or taking her dogs for long walks.

Bare Ass Love
Bare Ass Love is the debut novel in the Hard, Fast & Forever series. The story features Summer Davis and Jason Steele. Summer is a construction manager currently working at Steele Development International while Jason owns the company and is the acting CEO. The two hit it off when Jason goes out looking for a dependable person to manage a new project. He believes in her abilities, and her obsessive nature is something Jason could identify with. Apart from a good paycheck, Jason offers Summer a comfortable loft at a bargain. He even gives her a key to his private elevator for easy access whenever there is an issue to discuss. Summer doesn’t disappoint.

Waking him in the dead of night is the only thing Jason doesn’t like about Summer. He is happy that she takes her job seriously and pays her rent on time. Additionally, she is feisty, and unlike most of the women Jason knows, she doesn’t throw herself at him. As the two continue spending time together, feelings start to develop. Jason views Summer as the perfect woman for him, but he is afraid to blur the lines, given that she works for him. He is not the kind that mixes business with pleasure. However, over time, this temptress is going to make Jason break the only rule he vowed to uphold.

Summer is a tenacious woman. She has worked herself up in a field dominated by men, and she is not about to stop. Summer knows her job well, and she takes her time to go over every detail, so there are no mistakes. While Summer shines in the world of construction, she knows nothing about men. At 30 years, she is still a virgin. Her crush on her boss feels odd to her, and initially, Summer thinks she admires him. It helps that Jason is also very protective of her.
Jason is a hot and sexy millionaire, which explains why women keep on throwing themselves at him. While he tries to avoid Summer at work, his feelings get the better of him. A romance between him and Summer starts, and for a good portion of the book, the duo can’t keep their hands from each other. The sex scenes are steamy, and even though Summer came with no skills, she learns fast. Why is this feisty woman driving Jason crazy? How will their relationship end?
This is a fun rom-com that comes with no drama or a cliff hanger. The chemistry between Jason and Summer is epic, not to mention the steamy sex they both enjoy. Some of the scenes will make you laugh out loud while the storyline will have you hooked from the start. Bare Ass Love is quite short, making it perfect when you are in the mood for a quick read.

Hard Ass in Love
Hard Ass in Love is the second book in the Hard, Fast & Forever series. This book tells the story of Logan Reynolds and Nicole Shaw. Logan is a single father raising nine-year-old Hannah. Hannah’s mums died during birth, and Logan swears to be the best thing Hannah will ever know. For the nine years, Hannah has been in his life, relationships have been off Logan’s radar. He spent most of the time raising his daughter and ensuring that she never feels the void of being motherless. The other bit of his time is spent running a business that has grown tremendously over the years. Logan is now a millionaire who finds great pleasure in spoiling his daughter and enjoying the finer things in life.

Nicole is a therapist who incorporates rock climbing in her sessions to help young adults and kids. For these sessions, Nicole has been using Logan’s gym for five years now. Often, Nicole checks up on Logan and Hannah just to see how they are doing. When Hannah gets caught up in a bullying issue at school, Nicole offers to help. Logan knows Nicole’s unorthodox ways, and at first, he is hesitant. However, when he sees how much Nicole cares for Hannah, he gets on board. It doesn’t take long for the feelings Logan was harboring to begin to show.

While this sounds like a simple relationship, there are many people and layers involved. Nicole and Logan also have a history, so this is not one of those insta-love stories. Logan and Nicole are quite a delight. With a single father who feels that his daughter is the only woman he needed and a feisty woman who takes her job maybe too seriously, you can be sure that this is no ordinary story. The banter between Logan and Nicole is enjoyable, and their slow-burning romance is just beautiful. How does Nicole act now that she is in love for the first time? Can a man who has kept love at bay for close to a decade make a good lover? How will Hannah react when she discovers that the most significant people in her life are dating?

Hard Ass in Love is a cute, entertaining, and exciting story. The story will draw you in from the start, and the pace will not ease up until you get to the end. Additionally, the book is loaded with steamy sex scenes and an outstanding father/daughter relationship. While the story is short, the author has done an excellent job of developing the characters. You are going to love meeting Logan, Nicole, and Hannah, among others. Away from the sex scenes, the book is filled with humor, and many laugh out loud moments. The unusual location will captivate you, and there are a few wise words to learn as well.

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