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About Sasha Chapin
An American award winning journalist and writer, Sasha Chapin is well known for his unique and informative style of writing. Producing content both online and off, he’s written for a variety of highly prestigious publications over the years. This has all helped to build his profile as an author, making him the writer that he currently is today, putting out work regularly. Engaging readers from around the world, he’s known for writing in a compelling manner, drawing in readers regardless of their background. Making his work relatable, his writing is universal, as it has become accessible for a wide range of readers that grows day-by-day.

Largely writing from his own experience, Chapin has produced mainly non-fictional work, providing an insight into his own experiences. This has proven to be hugely successful, drawing in readers from all over the world, with his witty and intelligent style of writing. Knowing his audience, he writes in a direct manner that gets straight to the point, allowing his story to come to life on the page. Often writing about subjects close to his own heart, such as chess, he sets himself apart with his unique approach to the form. This rings true from the places he depicts, through to the people that he portrays, giving them all a sense of both weight and heft.

Capturing people as they actually are in his work too, he shows a great level of insight quite unlike any other. The people he depicts feel wholly real and authentic on the page, speaking to the reader in a manner that’s direct and to-the-point. They really come to life on the page, allowing his audience a feeling of fully getting to know them and who they are. This gift for establishing an immersive quality in his writing is something that has served Sasha Chapin well over the years. There’s plenty more to come yet too, with a lot more set for release in the future, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life
Always showing a strong passion and love for writing from early on, Sasha Chapin would always be interested in the written word. This would develop throughout the years, as he would continue to both hone and refine his craft, along with his voice. Establishing himself and his profile he would begin to find his niche, writing about his own interests, as well as putting forth his point of view. With a strong articulate approach to writing, this would be heard by many across the world over the following years to come.

Continually writing online as well as off, he’d fast find an audience of readers from all across the world. Producing essays as well as autobiographical writing, he would go on to draw from a number of different sources and inspiration. This would include writing for various different publications as well, as he’d write a number of articles over the years too. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, he continues to write to this present day, with a lot more expected to follow.

Writing Career
It would be in 2019 that Sasha Chapin would write his first novel for a wide audience, bringing out ‘All the Wrong Moves.’ The book would also go under the subtitle of ‘A Memoir about Chess, Love, and Ruining Everything,’ showing an insight into his interest in the game of Chess. Later he would follow this up with ‘Love and Losing,’ which would also chart his passion for the game, and how he has experience it over the years. These books would be non-fiction memoirs, written in a humorous in in-depth style, getting to know him as a person, and how he has enjoyed playing Chess.
Not writing any series as such, Chapin would largely be known for his stand-alone work, focusing on individual titles. Writing for publications such as The New York Times, along with Hazlitt, he’s garnered himself a lot of acclaim too. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, as well as coaching writing to others, he’s continues to grow as an international household name for many.

All The Wrong Moves
Initially released through the Doubleday Books publishing label, this would first come out on the 13th of August in 2019. It would mark the literary debut of Sasha Chapin, as he would leave an impression with his audience for the very first time. Not a part of any overall series, it would stand-alone, working as a memoir for the author, with it being a non-fiction title.

The descriptions and imagery come fast and hard, as Chapin definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to the metaphor. Often giving readers an intense experience, he builds a sense of mania around the game of Chess and what it’s like to be involved competitively. Pushing the pace almost to breaking point he always retains full control, knowing exactly how much tension is needed and when.

First finding a love of the game through his high-school Chess club, Sasha Chapin would take to the game with much passion. This would become an obsession over the course of his life, as he focused intensely on the game, as he’d meet Chess hustlers in the streets of Kathmandu. Travelling around the world, he pursues this interest, meeting countless different people, all the while participating in his love of the game. Celebrating this, he finds a whole host of colorful and exciting characters, all the while looking for his next big tournament and match.

Love And Losing
Released through the Doubleday publishing label, this would further look into the world of Chess and Chapin’s experience of it. Looking at his love of the game and his foray into the competitive Chess scene, it really captures the sense of excitement he feels for the game. Meeting a range of characters, he sets about bringing the world to life, giving the reader a real sense of what it’s actually like. Looking at the psychology and the people behind the game too, he shows what Chess is really about, making for something quite special in the process.

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