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Sasha Dawn is a published author of fiction.

When she is not busy writing another book, Sasha Dawn has lots of hobbies and things going on. These include collecting fabric swatches, tap shoes, and survival stories. She teaches at community colleges in what other subject than writing and also offers writing workshops for free at various schools in the local area.

She resides in the state of Illinois, someplace that has been her native home for some time now. She lives in the northern area of the state. She has a somewhat unusual crush on the historical figure and American president Thomas Jefferson.

Sasha Dawn first became a published author with the release of her debut novel in print in 2016. The novel is titled Oblivion. She would come out with several more novels after that, including Tightrope, Splinter, Blink, and Panic. The debut novel was a selection for Illinois Reads and was also named one of the top books out there for teens by the New York Library.

Oblivion is the first novel from talented author Sasha Dawn. If you are looking for a story that is full of mystery, intrigue, romance, and more, it is all there in this psychological thriller! Check it out and get a crash course in what contemporary suspense is all about.

It all started when a young woman named Callie was discovered in an apartment that had been abandoned. It happened one year back, when she was there in that apartment with the writing on the wall spelling out a chilling message. It was scrawled on the wall that someone had confessed to killing someone referred to as ‘him’. the message says that the blood of this person is on their hands and their heart is in their soul.

It appears to be a confession, but she has no idea what happened that night. She’s probably lucky to be alive but if something happened that night or in the past 36 hours, she cannot remember it at all. Maybe that’s a good thing, but the one thing that she knows to be true is that the reverend is her father and he’s missing.

He belongs to the church and all she knows is that he’s gone and so is another young girl named Hannah. She also belongs to the parish, so could they have something in common? Callie thinks that the two disappearances when they both are part of the same exact church has to be more than just a chance coincidence.

Callie thinks that they’re connected and while she is hopeful that the two of them are going to return, she cannot guarantee it. In her heart, she also knows that perhaps her father was not as righteous as someone may believe a man in his position to be. She is thinking what could be behind it, but she’s not a police woman and doesn’t have access to the type of technology or resources that one would realistically require in order to take these types of things on.

Ever since that night happened, she’s been going through something strange. It’s called graphomania officially, and it’s a term for a compulsion to write that never ends. It goes on to the pint where it is debilitating and in many cases it never ends. Callie’s finding that the words that come out of her mind just do not make sense to her at all.

But she’s starting to find that the words that come out are starting to come together after all. Does this mean that she is going to be able to figure out what’s going on when it comes to the disappearances? Or does it only seem like she will find out what happened to Hannah or her father?

When the anniversary of Hannah’s disappearance starts to come up, Callie finds that she is amazed at the words and the memories that are starting to come up to the surface. When the school’s new guy must have something to do with it, Callie starts to think that he’s the key to the puzzle. But when she starts to dig up the secrets that have been buried for a long time, it might just turn out to be a huge mistake.

Will she be able to figure out what happened regarding her father or the girl from their parish? Are the missing persons cases connected? This young woman must do her best to find out. Find out too by picking up a copy of Oblivion for yourself!

Splinter is a 2017 novel from author Sasha Dawn. If you love thrillers or if you loved the first book to come out from this author, check out this suspense thriller too!

Sami is a young woman and a teen in fact at just 16 years of age. The crazy thing about her life is that she has no idea where her mother is. It’s been a decade since she has been able to see her. No one has actually glimpsed or spoken to her mother in the same amount of time. Ten years is a long time to go without anyone seeing you.

It’s the normal state of things for Sami now. But when the police start to wonder whether her father might have been involved in the disappearance of her mother, she doesn’t believe it. It seems clear to her that her mom would choose abandoning her daughter and family for a new life instead of anything like that ever being possible.

She may be forced to open her mind and change her opinion when new evidence comes out. It regards a missing woman in another case. The woman was supposedly involved heavily with Sami’s father. Is this the proof that the police were right, or just another way to stir up Sami’s emotions?

Sami needs to find out some answers and so she decides to go out and do a little sleuthing on her own. She’s been wondering about the parent that has always been in her life and whether her mother really did leave or not. Can she find out what happened in the end? Read this book to find out!

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