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The Juliette Society (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janus Chamber (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mismade Girl (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Short and Sexy Stories (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sasha Grey is an American author of novels. She has put out nonfiction books in the form of her photo book. This made her a published author and photographer with the 2011 release of the photo book called Neu Sex. Her first forays into fictional work have been received fairly well and she was an officially published author with the 2013 release of her novel The Juliette Society.

Sasha Grey might be more well known to readers because of her entertainment career. Grey has worked as a pornographic film actress and began appearing in porn when she was 18. She appeared in over three hundred movies by the time her career was drawing to a close and directed two of them herself. Grey starred in the films and she was retiring quickly by the age of twenty-one.

Grey had artistic ambitions and has always had an ability to be flexible in her career. Soon Sasha Grey ventured out of porn and began appearing on television and in movies in a more mainstream capacity that didn’t involve sexual acts. Sasha worked on a number of projects, some of which she appeared in as herself.

Sasha’s original name was Marina Ann Hantzis. She has worked as an actress, pornographic actress, musician, model, and writer. she has also appeared in several popular culture magazines and t.v. programs as herself. Grey was the recipient of multiple awards from the AVN from 2007 to 2010. She has been in music videos as well as other advertising campaigns out there.

Grey appeared in her feature film debut starring as the lead character in the movie The Girlfriend Experience, led by Steven Soderbergh. The film became a television show sometime after and Grey was not attached to that project. After she appeared in The Girlfriend Experience, Grey put renewed effort into acting and began to book roles where she was appearing as fictional characters in addition to a version of her real-life persona.

She did quite well and landed a role playing April Carson in the horror movie Smash Cut. She also appeared on the popular HBO show Entourage in a supporting role playing herself. Grey has appeared in various independent films such as The Girl from the Naked Eye, Quit, Life, and I Melt With You by Mark Pellington. Grey is not just an actress and writer; she also used to belong to an industrial music band called aTelecine.

The first novel in the Juliette Society is of course called The Juliette Society. The story starts off with the main character Catherine. She is a film student at college and she is seriously dating her long-term boyfriend Jack. Jack is a workaholic and that probably plays into why their sex life is so nonexistent. This is also a bit of an issue because Catherine really enjoys sex and she is very adventurous when it comes to intimacy. Even though she and Jack are not having sex, she has some dark and erotic fantasies that she would like to act out.

Catherine is just trying to keep up with the busy lifestyle of college and getting all of her grades up, even if life with her boyfriend couldn’t be more sexually boring. When she discovers a secret and elite sex society that allows members to indulge their twisted fantasies and fetishes, it seems all too strange to be true. But could someone like her in a sexless relationship find out what her fantasies and limits are in a place like the Juliette Society, or is she too afraid of the taboo and ruining her relationship with Jack forever?

When Catherine meets Anna, a fellow student, she feels herself going into an entirely new world of seduction, pleasure, and even kink. With Anna’s help, Catherine must navigate her way through a totally dynamic and intriguing new world where the rich and the well-connected love to play. She takes Catherine to visit a lab of sexual pleasure where anything goes that is so wild that it’s way beyond anything you can find on the Internet. The factory is a place where individuals can explore their desires.

This is a world of sex far beyond what is happening on websites or in strip clubs. Anna also introduces her to not only the factory but the Juliette Society. Can Catherine resist the allure of this strange new world, or will her desire to be tantalized be something that tempts her far too much?

The society says that they share their philosophy and are united in the pursuit of pleasure, having common goals, interests, and means. Is this world a threat to the world that she calls her life, or is Catherine finally getting a chance to spread her wings and find who she is and what she wants in life– a chance that she will never have with the workaholic Jack? Is she willing to change her life totally, or will the society make her realize that the things she values were already there? Pick up the scintillating erotic debut novel from Sasha Grey and find out!

The second novel in the Juliette Society series is called Book II: The Janus Chamber. Catherine is back in another erotic novel from Sasha Grey. This sequel brings back things hot and heavy as ever, with the sexual need in Catherine still present. She’s been wanting to feel truly alive again for a long time, and when her love life goes stale it feels like she has definitely hit a rut. Feeling alive again is something that she wants desperately, so when she explores her sexuality all of a sudden it feels like she’s being swept into a lifestyle that she never really wanted.

Is the life that Catherine thought she wanted proving to be too much? Is she ready for this type of life or is our heroine more conservative than we and even she thought? It takes a lot to go after your dreams and what you want, and maybe when Catherine wants sexual ecstasy The Juliette Club is just the place to get it. See if Catherine gets what she wants or is officially in over her head by picking up the second book in the series, The Janus Chamber!

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