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Publication Order of Wild Books

Under a Wild Sky (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
In a Wild Wood (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Across a Wild Sea (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Wild Wind (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
In My Wild Dream (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Angel (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sasha Lord is an American author of fictional novels in the romance genre. She has had an interesting life that started largely when she dropped out of high school. She has traveled to many places and done many things!

Sasha has worked as a sheep rancher, jumping competitively, working as a fisherman, a dog and horse trainer, and a dancer, to name a few. Currently she works as a vet to small animals when she is not writing romance stories.

In addition to writing, Lord has parlayed her interest in animals and healing them into a veterinary hospital of her very own. It may be small, but the hospital treats small animals too! Their patients include cats, dogs, reptiles, and small mammals. she also helps to support local societies and runs a fund out of her practice. She is also active in church.

Sasha’s love of animals also translates to her books. In her Wild series of fictional novels, she writes about main characters that have animals as friends. This active author also has plenty of opportunity to hang out with animals outside of work as well. She particularly enjoys spending time with Cashmere, her silver thoroughbred.

Lord always enjoyed writing but chose to pursue different majors at school. She graduated from Mills College with honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She then attended and graduated from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. Her family is Irish and Italian and there are more than a few writers and doctors in her family, so she is not the first to go into these career fields!

Sasha Lord has always loved writing. When she was young, she wrote quite a bit and even went to literary conferences. Even though she is busy both writing and running an animal hospital full time, this writer always finds time to spend with her husband and children.

Sasha Lord’s Wild series kicked off in 2004 with the publication of the debut novel. It is titled Under a Wild Sky. The series continued with the publication of the sequel in the same year, titled In a Wild Wood. The third book was titled Across a Wild Sea and would come out a year later. There are six books in the series; the sixth, Wild Angel, was released in 2008.

Under a Wild Sky is the exciting first book in the Wild series by accomplished author Sasha Lord. Kalial is the main character in this book, and she is a beautiful golden princess that lives in a forest. She spends her life among the trees and disguises her womanly figure by wearing clothes that men wear. Kalial is blessed to have a jaguar that walks by her side, which may not be so surprising when you find out that she has the ability to converse with wild animals.

She also has the special and very valuable ability to stop anyone she wishes from intruding on her land. No one can walk onto it without permission. She has no idea that one day someone might stumble onto her land that she might actually want to be there.

The other character in this book in Ronin, and he is the male lead. He is a warrior who has been through a lot; his family was murdered and the castle that he lives in was reduced to ruin. Ronin has his enemies following closely behind him as he goes into the wild woods– wilderness that is rumored to have claimed the life of every person that ever walked into it.

He is hardly prepared for the forest dwellers that decide to ambush him in the woods. He has no choice but to quickly take a hostage. Little does he know that the boy he thought he was taking would turn out to be a woman. Instead Ronin thinks he has gained a squire of sorts and has no idea that the squire is actually someone who may just have the same spirit for life– and love– that this warrior does.

If and when he does find out that his squire is actually someone that he could fall in love with, they will work together to take on their enemies as they try to fight their feelings for each other. If they get together, this may well be one of the most tumultuous relationships of all time.

Can Ronin and the squire known as Kalial finally embrace each other in the arms of full and complete passion! You’re going to have to read this romance novel to find out!

In a Wild Wood is the second novel in Sasha Lord’s engaging Wild series. We meet up with another warrior in this installment. His name is Brogan O’Bannon. He has a spirit for wanderlust and somehow always finds himself involved in family conflict.

He often finds himself fighting with his brother. Brogan and his twin share a magical connection. Brogan has come home to Scotland at last after a long period of exile to take his birthright. But when he comes across a beautiful woman, will he get distracted from his quest?

The daughter of Kalial is more beautiful than any woman within a hundred miles. Her name is Matalia McTaver, and she is as proud as she is stunning. She also is fiercely independent and wants to find her own way in the world without giving over her entire identity to a man.

Matalia is determined to never get married. But will all of that change when she sees a handsome stranger in the forest? She never expected that someone like Brogan would come into her neck of the woods, but now that he has, she can’t seem to let him out of her sight!

Even though she doesn’t want to get married, is it only a matter of time before she falls victim to temptation? The better question is whether she will be able to resist falling in love. This independent woman is about to come to the crossroads of a lifetime.

Will the two lovebirds find happiness everlasting together? You’re going to have to pick up this incredible romance novel from writer Sasha Lord to find out!

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