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Sasha Peyton Smith is young adult fantasy and the New York Times Bestselling author of The Witch Haven series. She loves tales about complicated girls and soup recipes and is passionate about road trip playlists.

The Witch Haven
The Witch Haven is the debut in the series by the same name. It’s set in 1911 New York City featuring Frances Hallowell, a seventeen-year-old young lady working as a seamstress. After her brother’s untimely death, Frances moves on to working as a seamstress.

It’s not a good job, and she is always miserable, but she has to do it since she has no other option. Frances is attacked, and a man ends up dead next to her, and her scissors are in his neck, and she has no idea how they got there.

When the incident catches the attention of the law enforcers, Instead of getting arrested and charged for the murder, Frances is taken away by two nurses who inform her that she’s very sick and should report to the Haxahaven sanitarium

However, the sanitarium happens to be more than it appears. She discovers that the sanatorium is used as a cover for an entirely different kind of institution. It’s a witch school for girls and has been named Haxahaven. Frances and her peers are provided with shelter, taught their craft, and kept safe from the outside world that wants to harm them.

The more Frances stays in her new home, the more she feels unfulfilled. She’s craving to expand her powers and explore far beyond Haxahaven’s walls. In a time when women are fighting for equality, Frances is excited to find out she holds magical powers. Still, she isn’t happy that the school only teaches how to control the powers instead of becoming more powerful.

She also finds sisterhood inside the walls, but the headmistress warns her that the magic is very dangerous. However, the locked doors of the institution leave her no option but start making her rules. She feels that there’s no need to hold power that one will never exercise.

Frances isn’t interested in her school’s limited and safe magic and is charmed by Finn, a boy with magic power who visits her in her dreams and assures her he can teach her all she yearns to know. He assures her that the lessons might bring her close to uncovering what happened to her brother.

Soon Frances’ new powers catch the attention of the leader of an early order who craves to have magical control of Manhattan. He will stop at nothing until he has Frances by his side. It’s now up to Frances to decide what matters more to her, either keeping the city and other witches safe, getting justice for her late brother, or her feeling for Finn.

What if she finds out that the truth is more traumatizing than she thought?

The Witch Haven is a compelling story of a lady trying to find her purpose in the world as she looks for the person who killed her brother. Sasha Peyton focuses on the power of women and how they’ve chosen to use it to protect themselves and those that they care about.

Sasha has crafted the novel in a way to keep the reader engaged from the first page to the last. The world-building was excellently done. It combines magic, witches, and historical fiction to make a captivating and fascinating read.

The author crafted the mystery to keep the reader at the edge of their seats, trying to find out the suspect. The whole cast of characters was amazing, and reading about the friendships and the slow burn romance kept the story interesting.

Fans of historical fiction and fantasy novels will enjoy the story more. Sasha brings 1911 New York to life with beautiful and simplistic writing. The magic spells and control of a witch’s power are intriguing to read. The novel throws some light on the intrinsic misogyny present in the society showing how witches weren’t allowed to become more powerful.

That explains why Frances and other witches were taken away to be kept safe while being trained in a school concealed as a sanitarium. Throughout the novel, Frances mourns her brother, which drives her decisions no matter how odd there are. Sasha has written and explored the story well, bringing out her emotions.
Frances is full of hope and is desperate, craving one more last time to see her brother and at least get the closure she has been looking for. She works to become more powerful enough to perform a spell that will allow her to talk to her late brother. Who will do it if she doesn’t solve the mystery?
Maxine and Lena’s friends are her most incredible support system as they help her figure out the mystery of her brother’s death while still looking out for her.

The novel brings out the power of female friendships, which are so passionate and full of life. The three girls became so close and formed a family inside the school. The world-building was a blend of magical and realistic, making it a great read.

The Witch Hunt
The Witch Hunt is the second in the Witch Haven series. Months have passed after the fight between the witches of Haxahaven, and the sons of St. Druon and Frances have decided to live a quiet and safe life for her own sake. She teaches young witches and tends to her garden within the Haxahaven Academy.
However, she’s afraid since her magic has started acting weird. When Frances gets a chance to visit Paris, she jumps to the opportunity after she has been yearning for an adventure to seek answers concerning her magic power.

Once they arrive in the streets of France, She realizes that the spell she used to communicate with her dead brother had dangerous consequences. Her recklessness tore the veil between the living and the dead and realized some magicians used the situation to their advantage but at a terrible cost.

To correct her mistakes and save lives and gain her magical powers, Frances has to look for answers in the halls of the Louvre, the parlors of Parisian secret societies, and the catacombs’ tunnels. The only option remaining is to come together with the one she had sworn never to trust while risking more betrayal and her life in the quest.

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