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Saskia Serginson is one of the most famous authors of UK and her books have been translated in about 15 languages.Saskia lives in London but she spent most of her childhood time in Suffolk. During her childhood days she use to live with her brother, sister and mother in the midst of a beautiful pine forest.

Saskia loves Tango dancing and is fully passionate about it. She has been dancing Tango for more than 13 years. As a matter of fact she wants to introduce Tango in one of her creations. Another thing which Saskia is crazy about is dog walking which gives her great relief.Saskia have been writing short stories and poetry since her childhood days but it took hard work and long time to become a professional fiction writer.

Popular books written by Saskia Sarginson

The Other Me

This book is about the story of a woman who lives not one but two lives and has a lie which she cannot hide from. The main character of the story is Eliza Bennet who happens to live a life which she always dreamt of. She even became what she wanted to be in life and above all she is with the man whom she loves. The irony is that Eliza is not living the truth of life as her name is Klaudia Myer. She is running away from her old life and also has a secret to be revealed.

The story of this book is full of suspense with a deep feeling as the girl is living two lives in the 1990s.This book has been honoured with many awards.

Without You

The story of this book revolves around a 17 year old girl, Eva.She goes missing at sea due which everyone believes she has drowned. As a result there is a feeling of guilt and grief between her parents due to which their relationship is on the verge of break. The good thing is that her younger sister Faith cannot think of living without her and wants to get her back alive at any cost.

This story has very mysterious locations which has the shape of island and huts. Nobody has the clue that Eva is present in one of these huts as she has been held captive by somebody. Moreover she is fighting to survive as well as return home. The characters of this book are very strong and the atmosphere is very intense.

The writing style of Saskia Sarginson

Every writer has his/her style of writing and Syskia Sarginson uses different techniques for the same.

•Synopsis is one of the essential ingredients of Saskia’s way of writing. It helps you to understand as well as structure your story in an effective manner. It is a good practice to spend time on Synopsis before you start to write.

• The next thing which you will find in the writing of Saskia is time line which helps her to sketch as well as plot the main points.Saskia always prefers to write in first person and third person apart from writing in different type of tenses.

• Saskia always writes and even advises to write about something which you have a passion for. In order to do you need to love your story and characters. As far as editing is concerned Saskia re- reads the article and also refines the content and a great story is a result of hard work and effective editing.

• Saskia always make it a point to take a break of a week or so from the story. She comes to rejoin the work with a fresh mood.

• In order to get the best of the best she prefers to be in the company of a literary friend. This would of great help as far as the important observations and comments for the story are concerned.

• Last but not the least Saskia likes to read novels which have a different genre than her own books.

How Saskia Sarginson got published

Saskia Sarginson has written “The Twins” which is her best selling debut work and the best thing is that it has been translated in more than 15 languages.

Till the time the books of Saskia Sarginson was published she was always eager to know about how the authors happen to get their work printed.Saskia realised at the time of her publishing that it is not one debut novel you have to write but it could be three or four. As far as publishing is concerned it does not comes with only hard work and talent but even luck plays a vital role. You should be able to write a right story for the right time.

Saskia use to write poetry and fiction since her childhood but at that time she was not serious. Things changed drastically when Saskia took admission in the Lucy Cavendish College to study English Literature. At this point of time she was a mother of three but took writing on a serious note and got positive response from people..

After taking a degree Saskia was successful in completing her first novel. In the first year Saskia found an agent but he was not able to publish her novel. The same thing happened a year later and Saskia got a bit upset.

On seeing all the activities Saskia felt the need to do M.A. in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway. This particular course encouraged Saskia and she groomed her skills in editing. But even now the agent did not found the novel worth to be published. At this point she met Eve White who took her book to five publishers but no one was interested.

It was only in the year 2012 that Saskia Sarginson met Emma Beswetherick and published “The Twins”. This book became the top most selling book and it was selected by Richard and July Book club. Thus we see that in spite of the great talent of Saskia it took a good amount of time to get her books published but all is well that ends well.

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