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Sassy Mates Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sassy Mates Books

Scent of a Mate (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Mate's Bite (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unexpectedly Mated (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sassy Wedding (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mate Challenge (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sassy in Diapers (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fighting For Her Mate (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fang in the Sass (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sassy Ever After Books

Fighting For Her Mate (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fang in the Sass (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call of Her Mate (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magical Midlife Mating (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magical Midlife Shift (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Sassy Mates” series by Milly Taiden is a romance series that involves women being mated with werewolves. It also involves the packs as they pick their mates and get into different kinds of trouble throughout the books. Each of the novels follows different male and female leads in the books. The males come from the Wolfe family. Each novel here in the series stand on it own.

This series of novels is not for those who do not like to read about sex or graphic language. It is meant for readers who are mature and like to read about dirty sex, action, and humor.

“Scent of a Mate” is the first novel in the “Sassy Mates” series by Milly Taiden that was released in 2013. Jordan Alvarez made promised her best friend. It meant that she had to spy on the local scenting ceremony being performed by the wolf pack. She had to record everything that happened, in all its graphic glory. She is both gutsy enough and the writer to finish the story. Four human women sneaked proof that their rituals had taken place, something that only they would know about. That was supposed to be how things were supposed to go until a Wolfe named Aric showed up. Aric got the idea that his little sister was doing something, and also figured that Jordan, his sister’s besty was in on it, too. It was here that Aric was able to claim his mate, one that had been around and under his nose for a long time now. Her scent appeals to both sides of him, the animal part of him and the male part of him. It was now that he face what he felt for her and time for him to claim what he wants. Jordan has a woman following her, who wants Aric for herself. Now Aric is going to have to pick sides and fight Jordan’s very strong personality so that he can keep her alive. It will divide people and make them pick sides, with love being put up to the test. Two hearts, both alphas, will get one of two things:the balance that they need. Or risk losing each other until the end of time.

Fans of the novel felt that this was another winner from a writer who is able to top herself with each novel that she writes. She never disappoints but is able to do something new with each book. There is more here than just erotica and romance; there is suspense, and mystery, and friendship too. Some liked the plot line that was found in the book. Some liked Jordan’s character, feeling that she is strong and able to protect herself from the bad guys in the book. She is not the typical character that you meet in one of these novels, and she also lovable and sassy too. Jordan is able to stand on her own two feet and defend herself.

“A Mate’s Bite” is the second novel in the “Sassy Mates” series by Milly Taiden that was released in 2014. This book is set at the same time as the first book, with some of the events of that book, but from another character’s perspective. Karla Alves spends one night of passion that takes place during a local scenting ceremony. She is sure the whole thing was a one time thing with the man that she had had a crush on for years. Karla teased and pleased the man, but Nate has not turned up since then. She did not want to seem clingy, so she did not think she should push for more than just some time of pleasure. Nathan Wolfe marked her. Now she is his. Making her his mate. He has had to keep his distance because he is quite involved in the politics of the pack. His sister tells him that Karla needs Nathan around more than he realizes, and he will discover secrets that his wolf side and only his wolf side will be able to sense. Getting Karla to let her guard down may just be his undoing here. He will have to fix his priorities, what with Karla’s sister making a mess of things and his friends are needing him more and more than they ever have, if he wants to gain her trust. There is only a promise made by a wolf and true love can help keep a relationship alive that was made with a bite, scenting, and hope for a future.

Fans of the novel found this read to be the best that Taiden had written so far. It is full of great development of each and every character found in the book, romance, great action, and erotica. Some really Karla, who you really get to know and sympathize wit throughout reading this book. By this point in her career, she is firmly in control of her writing and she is able to get better and better as she goes. She gets better at honing her abilities with each book. You will be taken on an emotional roller coaster with this read.

“Unexpectedly Mated” is the third novel in the “Sassy Mates” series by Milly Taiden that was released in 2014. Nicole finally got experience what it was like to be with the bad boy and dirty talker Jake Wolfe after she spent years of lusting after him. At a scent ceremony, Jake showed what happens when she is with him and the fire that is there between them. Nicole is not able to do love, or even know what it is. That being said, how is she able to know that having something with Jake is what is right to do? Jake wants Nicole more than he wants to breathe. Nicole is a mouthy, hot, and curvy. So much so, that she makes his blood boil, and that is just when he is thinking about her. She keeps her distance with him though. This makes Jake sick of what she is doing. He thinks all he has to do is get her to Vegas, and anything will happen. She winds up married to him, after they drink all night, with another shifter wanting her too. Nicole either has to face how she feels or suppress them for the rest of her life. The bond she has with Jake is either going to make her better at opening her heart and love or abandon Jake. The latter would leave him without a mate, however.

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