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Satan’s Fury MC (Series by L. Wilder)
L. Wilder writes the “Satan’s Fury MC” series of romantic suspense novels. Each novel is a stand alone, however you will get a much better idea of all the characters if you read them in order.

The books are intended for readers 18 years or older because of violence, explicit sex scenes, and bad language.

“Maverick” is the first novel in the “Satan’s Fury MC” series and was released in 2015. Maverick is a man that is scarred by a past filled with deceit. He was forced to make this choice, one that keeps him held in darkness, he’s a prisoner of his own regret and doubt. The Satan’s Fury MC is the one and only thing that he lives for. Being their new Sergeant At Arms gives him the needed distraction for him to endure. He knows that he’ll never forget, however with the help of his brothers, he will try and move forward.

Henley’s life was just like she had always planned. All of her studying and her hard work finally paid off for her with a full ride to college. Everything seemed to be on the right track, until the night that she witnessed this crime which puts her directly in danger. Suddenly she finds she needs Satan’s Fury to protect her and this enigmatic biker called Maverick.

Henley is drawn immediately to Maverick. The anger and pain in the man’s eyes hides something. Despite all of the walls he keeps putting up, she knows there is a lot more to him than merely the brooding biker that makes her body crave his touch. She’ll stop at nothing until she can make all of these walls come crashing down.

Once the lies of his past unfold, is she going to be the light which pulls him outta the darkness?

Maverick and Henley are smoking hot together and readers found themselves rooting for them the entire time. Maverick’s a sexy, brooding, and dark man, and fans love that he’s finally getting his own novel.

“Stitch” is the second novel in the “Satan’s Fury MC” series and was released in 2015. Stitch, as the club’s Enforcer, is the man selected to protect the club. There aren’t any limits to his brutality, and no lines drawn into the sand. The club’s his life, and he will do whatever it takes in order to keep his brother’s safe. He is a man that keeps to himself, guarding the walls which he secured so very long ago. And then, one moment, this one chance encounter, changes it all.

Life for Wren and Wyatt (her son) is not all that easy. But Wren faces each day with bravery and determination. Wyatt’s her motivation and her joy; for him, she’ll figure a way to make their lives better even when the obstacles continually get thrown into her path. The very last thing that she needs is yet another complication, however what’s life without complications?

Stitch shows up when they need him the most, keeping them both safe when nobody else is able to. Wren is unable to understand it. She should really feel threatened by the guy’s menacing tattoos and bulging muscles, however she is able to somehow see past this mysterious biker to the guy inside. She’s drawn to him for reasons that she cannot even start to understand. All that she knows is that her body craves the man’s touch.

Can Wren see beyond the scars of her own past just long enough to allow him in, or is her fear going to push him away? Can Stitch possibly let his guard down and let these two strangers into his heart?

Fans of the novel loved Wren and Stitch together and loved how Stitch was with Wyatt. It was very sweet.

“Cotton” is the third novel in the “Satan’s Fury MC” series and was released in 2016. It was a bittersweet moment for Colton when he became the President of the Satan’s Fury MC. His Uncle Saul died, he passed the gavel on down to him, and even though Colton took his death pretty hard, he instantly assumed the role with pride and integrity. He considered leading his fellow brothers to be an honor, and the MC soon became his primary focus, until Cassidy came walking into his bar and became this distraction that he couldn’t deny any longer. She captivated him in this way that no other woman ever had before.

He attempted to just resist her, and keep his walls up, however it was futile to resist. Always seemed as though she saw right through him. All that it took was just one night of passion with her, and he knew that he would never be able to get enough. He was determined to have her.

He believed that he had everything all figure out. He believed he could let his walls down and have everything, until his past came crashing suddenly into his future.

Anytime Cassidy walked into a room, everyone’s eyes instantly were drawn to her. She exuded this youthful energy and beauty that lit this spark in everybody she met. She was a woman that knew exactly what she wanted and was willing to wait to get it. The minute that she met Colton, she was drawn to him. He was more mature, older, and so incredibly good looking that he took her breath away.

Where most folks just saw a hardened MC president, she saw this man that lived his life with determination and strength, filled with this unwavering sense of loyalty, and who’d earned the respect and admiration of his brothers. She longed for Colton, longed to be close to him. So when he started to allow her in, she did not hesitate.

She wanted him. All of him. In this man’s arms, she felt protected and safe. She trusted him with her heart, until he broke it, which almost destroyed her in the process. Can she ever learn to trust him ever again?

This is another good ride in this excellent series, it hooks you right from the first page and doesn’t let you go until it’s over.

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