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Satya Nadella is a published author and business executive.

Nadella was born on August 19, 1967 in Hyderabad. His full name is Satya Narayana Nadella. His father worked as a civil servant for the Indian government. His mother was a scholar of Sanskrit.

Satya would attend public school in Hyderabad and would go on to study electrical engineering. He studied and graduated in 1988 in Kamataka with his bachelor’s degree.

He would then go to America for the purpose of studying computer science. He was studying in Milwaukee at the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1990 with his M.S. degree. The author would later attend the school of business at University of Chicago Booth and received his MBA upon graduating.

He is Indian-American and is known for being the CEO of Microsoft. He achieved the position in 2014 and took over for Steve Ballmer. Before he was CEO, he ran the Cloud and Enterprise Group for Microsoft as their Executive Vice President. His responsibility was building as well as running computing platforms for the company.

He recounts that he always had a desire to ‘build things’. Nadella states that when it comes to electrical engineering, it was a good way for him to figure out what would turn from a discovery to a passion for computer science. He belonged to Sun Microsystems, working there as part of the tech staff before he would go on to work with Microsoft back in 1992.

While he was there, he was the leader of some big projects. These included the move of the company to go to cloud computing. It also includes development for a large cloud infrastructure, one of the biggest in the world. He has also been the R&D senior vice president for Microsoft’s division of online services and their business division as vice president.

He would also become the president later for Microsoft’s Server and Tools, a nineteen billion dollar business. Satya would lead the business and tech culture and transform it from being largely based around client services to incorporating services into the cloud infrastructure. He was credited with bringing the developer and server tools as well as database from Windows and Microsoft to the Azure cloud too. Revenue surpassed 20 billion in 2013, up from 2011’s sixteen billion dollar-plus revenue.

It was announced in 2014 that he would also be Microsoft’s new CEO. He would be the company’s third CEO in history after Bill Gates and the second CEO, Steve Ballmer. He would gain controversy in October that year when he states that women should ‘trust’ the system and not “ask” for raises. He apologized on Twitter after criticism for the statement made at a Phoenix event for women working in computing and circulated a public email to employees saying that he was wrong.

Satya continued to work at the company. He emphasized working with other companies and being open to that as well as tech with which they compete. The company also proclaimed their love for Linux and joined as Platinum member of the Linux Foundation in 2016. Microsoft revised their mission statement under his terms, empowering others to achieve more, in what Nadella describes as an ‘enduring’ mission that is designed to create a culture of valuing growth and continual learning.

His time at Microsoft has been well received. He is generally viewed as performing and having done a good job. Stock went up and the growth continued at a favorable rate. He has also shifted the focus of the company to buying acquisitions of various companies, including LinkedIn, Mojang, and more. He was named top CEO of a U.S. large company by Comparably in 2018.

Satya Nadella married his wife Anupama in 1992. They share three children together and lived in Bellevue, Washington and Clyde Hill previously. He reads Indian poetry and American poetry as a hobby and enjoys cricket. He first became an author in print with Hit Refresh.

The book is an exploration of his life, his career, and his belief that technology will be able to help to shape the upcoming future. The profits from this book went to Microsoft Philanthropies to nonprofit organizations.

Hit Refresh is a book that came out in 2017. It is authored by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft is of course one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

This is a story involving the corporate world, and the process of change as well as reinvention. It is also the story of Nadella’s life and journey through this world. The adventure’s taking place inside a tech company, all while having an affect on the lives of everyone in the world.

Intelligent machines have been incorporated and integrated into our lives more and more as the popularity, availability, and ability has grown. Intelligent machines have become more ubiquitous and ambient than ever.

This is a book that examines how organizations, people, and societies all over the world have the ability to hit refresh. They must hit refresh and transform along the way if they are on a quest that involves tracking down new ideas, energy, relevance, as well as renewal for themselves.

At the heart of it all, this is a story about human beings and the human race. It is about the unique qualities that most of us are able to possess. One such quality would be empathy. This is something that is becoming increasingly valuable in our modern world as it changes.

With the integration of more smart technology than ever, the stream and torrent of this technology has the potential to disrupt things and shake things up in a way that history has never seen before. He may be the chief executive of a huge company, but Nadella is as interested in the ways that technology may affect our lives negatively as he is positively.

A technologist but also a humanist, this is Nadella’s mission statement that defines his life as well as the company that he runs. Leading the charge into the future, this is someone who is not only leading a company but helping to empower people and organizations to achieve even more.

Read Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella to see what he has to say for yourself!

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