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Stephen Coonts is an American author of fiction. He primarily is known for writing novels that fall into the genre of either thriller or suspense.

Stephen Coonts was born on July 19, 1946. He grew up as a child in West Virginia, in a small town. It was known for its industry of coal mining. He attended West Virginia University and studied political science, graduating and earning his B.A. degree in 1968.

The next year, he joined up with the Navy. While he was in service, he participated in the Vietnam War, where he flew an attack plane. He also served two combat cruises and accumulated over a thousand hours in the plane that he flew, an A-6 Intruder model. Along the way, Stephen accumulated Navy commendations that include the Distinguished Flying Cross.

When the war ended, he worked for two years serving as a flight instructor for an A-6 aircraft. He then got back into the action working on a tour as an arresting gear and assistant catapult officer. Stephen Coonts was honorably discharged in 1977 from duty working as a lieutenant.

After leaving the military, Stephen then attended the University of Colorado where he studied to get his Juris Doctor degree. He would go on to graduate in 1979. Stephen has been working for several companies as a lawyer for oil and gas interests and when he is not busy working or pursuing his hobbies, he likes to write when he has some free time.

Stephen Coonts is the creator and author of the Saucer series. The series kicked off in 2002 with the publication of Saucer, the debut novel that shares the name of the series. The Conquest came out in 2004 and the series was made into a trilogy with the release of Savage Planet, the third book, in 2014.

Saucer is the debut novel in the intriguing series of the same name by accomplished author of fiction Stephen Coonts! When it comes to the methods of travel, some people go by wheel and others take to the sky.

Rip Cantrell makes his living as a Seismic Surveyor. Essentially, he checks out the land and looks for interesting discoveries that can give him clues to the past. He has no idea that his biggest discovery of all is about to happen and change everything.

Rip is thrilled when he discovers something that most surveyors would dream about. He’s found a flying saucer, and it appears to have been buried for a long time. The relic is stuck firmly into the Saharan sandstone, and Cantrell is sure that it has been there for ages. It’s certainly not anything that would have been invented in current times, judging from the way that he found it.

The saucer appears to have sophisticated technology and the equipment features a working computer. That means that it probably was not invented by humans. It’s up to Rip to figure out what’s going on and whether this relic has hung onto any information.

If the surveyor can find the proof that he’s looking for in the memory bank of the ship, he’s going to have evidence and content that could totally change the face of civilization forever. It may also make him famous in the process. But along the way, he’s going to have to deal with a number of surprising enemies that pop up that want to take advantage of what he has found.

This may include a shady billionaire that wants to steal the saucer technology as well as the Libyan Army, whose goal is to stake their piece of potential history. Rip must look for backup and allies wherever he can. This may come in the form of Charlotte Pine, an attractive test pilot that is interested in helping him protect the relic.

They must work together to come up with a way to protect the relic and whatever secrets it holds inside. All they know for certain is that other people are out to get the saucer and will stop at nothing until they get their hands on it.

It’s a battle for the relic unlike any they ever anticipated. As the two of them race across the continents, can they find clues to the past? Or will they discover that the saucer is building them a bridge to the future? Will Rip go down in the history books or will his findings come up short? You must read Saucer, the intriguing debut story in the series by Stephen Coonts to find out!

The Conquest is the second novel in the Saucer series by Stephen Coonts. If you loved the science fiction fun and adventure contained in the first installment of the series, then you’ve got to check out this exciting sequel!

When Rip Cantrell first discovered a flying saucer stuck into the stone, he was amazed. Now he’s back with Charlotte Pine and doing his best to navigate the situation that he has found himself in. As it turns out, someone may have gotten their hands on some of the technology information regarding the saucer that was deemed top-secret.

Now someone has that information, sourced of course from Area 51. Things are getting interesting, and in the middle of all this, Charlotte had decided that she wants to take the challenge to fly planes in outer space all the way to the moon. This would be to help the French’s project of building a lunar base.

It is while she is at the moon that she finds out about a dangerous anti-gravity beam that could threaten the world and the crazy person that wants to use it. With weapons and a mad man at stake, Charlotte is finding out quickly that she needs friends to help her out.

Rip is the only person that will be able to assist her. She needs his help, and the flying saucer that he and the government have– it may be her only shot at foiling a mad man and saving the world as a result.

With deals being made and the Earth in danger, a handful of people must work quickly to save the Earth and stop a wicked plot before it is too late. What will happen? Check out The Conquest to find out!

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