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Saul Black is the pen name used by the critically acclaimed British author named Glen Duncan. He is well known for writing thriller, mystery, and horror novels. Author Saul was born in the year 1965 in the city of Bolton, Lancashire, England. His family belongs to the Anglo-Indian community. In 1994, author Saul had visited India along with his dad. He used to travel in Amtrak trains and visited a number of famous places in the country. Later, he continued his journey and reached the United States. Saul used the vast experience that he gained during his traveling for writing his debut novel titled Hope. This novel was published in 1997 and achieved critical acclaim across the Atlantic. As of now, author Saul resides in London. His recent novel, ‘I, Lucifer’, that was released in 2002 has been chosen to develop into a film. The film rights have been sold to a leading production, which has signed actors like Jason Brescia, Vin Diesel, Ewan Mcgregor, Daniel Craig, and Jude Law to play the major roles in the upcoming movie. Saul has studied literature and philosophy at the Exeter and Lancaster universities. He visited London for the first time in 1990 and worked there for a period of 4 years as a book-seller. Saul used to write during the spare times that he used to get apart from his job. Saul’s 2002 book, I, Lucifer, has been given a soundtrack by his longtime friend named Stephen Coates and the band called The Real Tuesday Weld. This collaboration of the band and Saul’s friend was repeated again for his other book called The Last Werewolf. Author Saul has toured with the band and Stephen Coates on many occasions and performed at a number of festivals and live events together. On one occasion, they got the chance to perform at the Institute of British Film. As Glen Duncan, he has written the successful trilogy series called ‘The Last Werewolf’, while under the pseudonym of Saul Black he has penned down the popular novel series, The Valerie Hart series. This series is also included among the successful ones of author Saul’s writing career.

The Valerie Hart series written by Saul Black is comprised of a total of 2 books so far, which were released between the years 2015 and 2016. Each of these two books of this mystery and suspense series features the chief protagonist in the role of Valerie Hart. She is depicted as homicide detective living in San Francisco. Valerie always looks to catch the criminals and provide justice to the victims. The first book of the mystery series is entitled ‘The Killing Lessons’. It was released in 2015 by the St Martin publication. The main characters described in this book include Rowena Cooper, Nell Cooper, and Valerie Hart. At the start of the book, it is depicted that a couple of strangers arrive the isolated farmhouse of Rowena Cooper in Colorado. Their sudden arrival makes Rowena feel that everything is about to come to an end. But, for the 2 driven and haunted men, Rowena’s farmhouse is just another halt in their long bloody journey. They know that they have a long way to go as they have to sacrifice the lives of many more victims before they could finish their work. These two killers carry out a pattern in committing their crimes. They abduct women, torture them, and then leave them dead with some random objects inserted inside them.

When Valerie Hart begins her trail for the brutal killers, she realizes that the trail has taken her to the edge of psychological and physical destruction from obsession. As she is unable to find any clue about the killers, Valerie begins to lose hope. However, the incident at the farmhouse of Cooper did not quite do as planned by the men. Rowena Cooper’s 10 year old daughter named Nell Cooper survives the murderous attack. Valerie Hart sees a ray of hope in catching the murderers as she knows that Nell can play an important role recognizing the killers as well as catching them. When Valerie finds Nell, she is badly injured, terrified, and in a state of shock. Nell becomes so shocked by the whole incident that she is unable to decide what to do next. But, Valerie Hart assures her that she is safe under her protection and asks her to help catch the murderers. Through the pulse pounding and extraordinary plot of this novel, author Saul has tried to take the readers deep into a psychopath’s mind. He has also given the description of a woman’s troubled heart who is very much dedicated in stopping the psychopath.

Another mindblowing novel written in the suspense series is called as ‘Lovemurder’. The Orion publishers released this novel in 2016. Author Saul has mentioned the primary characters in this story as Valerie Hart and Katherine Glass. At the beginning of the novel, it is shown that the troubled homicide detective from San Francisco Valerie Hart is thinking to take a weekend off from her job. But, she receives the call of duty once again and is informed that a dead body has been discovered in the city. This body is of a woman who appears to have been brutally murdered. The case becomes even more important for Valerie because the killer has specifically asked for her to try and catch him and has left behind a cryptic note near the dead body to intimidate her. Initially, Valerie Hart is not able to establish the identity of the victim. But, as she begins to analyze the scene, several clues turn up that point towards a disturbing direction. Valerie Hart learns about a prison with maximum security where a lady named Katherine Glass is about to get executed for several gruesome killings committed by her. Valerie was the detective who had caught her and put her behind bars. Valerie Hart has no wish to enter into the twisted world of Katherine Glass once again. However, with the discovery of another dead body along with a puzzling clue in the form of a note left behind by the murderer, Valerie realizes that she does not have any other choice. Later, she discovers that Katherine holds the key to both the killings. Valerie wonders how she is related to the killings even though she was staying inside prison and was awaiting her execution. Valerie knows that she has a long road ahead of her and has to find out what Katherine knows. Also, she needs to find it out before the any other victim loses his life. Valerie Hart does not fear to play the deadly once again, in spite of knowing that the psychopath murderer has all the cards in his hand once again.

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