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Saul Herzog
Saul Herzog is the pseudonym of one of the publishing industry’s most sought after and successful thriller writers. His plots focus on realistic and timely scenarios, and mix military tactics, espionage, and high-octane action. His characters are compelling and deep, just the sort of people that stick with you long after you turn the last page.

The Lance Spector series is a private passion project. But it’s also more than just that, as it is also the culmination of years of research, working in the trenches of the thriller genre, both in film and in publishing.

“The Asset” is the first novel in the “Lance Spector” series and was released in the year 2020. Montana, USA. Lance Spector quit the CIA, and swore that he was out for good. Just one more government lie and he’d go off the deep end. They could find somebody else to do their dirty work. As far as he was concerned, Langley, Washington, the Pentagon could all just go to hell.

Yekaterinburg, Russia. A secret Russian expedition returns with this devastating new pathogen, which is being harvest out of the frozen corpses of mammoths. It is the biological super weapon they have been searching for, an apocalypse-level pathogen, it’s a virus more lethal than anything ever to come from a Russian lab. Something that’ll stop NATO and the Americans right in their tracks. A Biological Chernobyl.

Washington DC, USA. One mysterious vial, sealed in a titanium case, shows up at CIA headquarters. They’ve no idea who sent it but it comes with a note saying they’ll only talk with Lance Spector.

This is the first of the jaw-dropping new series, setting the stage for a franchise set to break all of the records. Coming from the brain of one of the most versatile and creative authors working in America today, this novel is certain to go down as a classic of the spy thriller genre.

If you read just a single book this year, make it this one. Adventure, action, rebellion, provocative foreign agents, characters that you can sink your teeth into. Anybody looking for a new spy thriller series which will stick with you after you turn the final page, look no further.

Recommended for fans of Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.

This is a well developed spy thriller, with intrigue, action, and intelligence which can lead to several targets, with many double crosses and twists along the way. The story is deftly plotted, and Saul is able to pull together the many threads of this complex narrative by the end.

“The Russian” is the second novel in the “Lance Spector” series and was released in the year 2020. Moscow, Russia. The Kremlin activates a lethal assassin. Across the city, a massive bombing kills hundreds.

Washington DC. The President believes that the Kremlin is preparing for a new Cold War.

Langley, USA. With the world right on the brink, the CIA has just one asset that is capable of preventing a catastrophe, however that man’s gone AWOL. They must find him, however some men do not want to be found.

Fans of the novel found this to be a well written, impossible to put down novel with an interesting plot, fast paced action, and believable dialogue. Herzog’s in depth knowledge of Russia and its government and how the Pentagon and Langley each work make for another page turning thrill ride.

“The Target” is the third novel in the “Lance Spector” series and was released in the year 2021. Latvian Border Region. A policewoman finds something rather horrifying. Deep in the forests just along the border, there’s proof of a huge Russian invasion plan.

US Embassy in Berlin. Somebody’s desperately trying to get the CIA a message. However Kremlin assassins have been activated across three different countries to stop them.

In New York, there is a Kremlin sleeper agent that is activated with rather precise instructions.

The Kremlin’s set its plan in motion. Its goal is nothing short of reestablishing the USSR, and it is willing to risk World War III in the process. There is just a single man that can stop it. However this mission might just cost him his life.

This is an entertaining, thought provoking, chilling, and emotion grabbing novel. These books not only make you think, but also make you realize that they are actually quite possible and could happen in real life. Saul’s imagination and storytelling is top tier, and his knowledge of Russian geography and history is outstanding. For any readers looking for a new hero to root for, check out Lance Spector.

“The Sleeper” is the fourth novel in the “Lance Spector” series and was released in the year 2021. Narvik, Norway. A remote NATO seismic array in the far north of Norway has detected the biggest nuclear detonation since the days of the Soviet Union.

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway. The biggest icebreaker in the Norwegian Navy, and one of the most high tech vessels operating in the Arctic, vanishes without a trace.

Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. During the chaos after the explosion, the lead scientist for a top secret Russian military research program vanishes along with his daughter. Rumor has it that there was sabotage.

The Kremlin in Moscow. A Russian asset, who is embedded deep inside of the CIA’s London Station, sends out a coded message. It says that the missing scientist has made contact and they can lead the CIA right to him.

Saul’s books are a fun roller coaster ride and difficult to put down, and they get better with each one. With a fast pace and action from beginning to end, and it’s great seeing each one of these characters develop over the course of the series, allowing you to get know them a little better in each one. Since these characters feel so real, it also feels like you are invading their lives. All of the twists and turns keep you guessing until the final chapter, and readers cannot wait to pick up the next in the series.

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  1. Peter: 1 year ago

    I was given The Asset as a present,hadn’t read your books before.Wow what a present,I througly enjoyed the book and will definitely read more of your adventures. Thank you.

  2. Glenda Morgan: 1 year ago

    Very well written. I just finished The Target and am ready for #4. I am so glad this writer found me.

  3. Mimi: 1 year ago

    Wow! Love the complex web, the deep development of Lances personality…he is such a bad a**.don’t know who you are Saul …but a wicked tale you tell!!

  4. Lois A Atkins: 2 years ago

    My son-in-law finished The Asset and gave it to me to read. I no sooner finished the last page than I immediately ordered The Russian and will probably order every book in the series. Herzog’s knowledge of Russia’s hierarchy, geography, history and the whole CIA spy network is almost beyond belief. Totally mesmerizing!

  5. Howard: 2 years ago

    Have purchased all your books in hardback. They are fantastic thrillers. I think the best in a long time. I believe you are the best in this genre.


  6. lhoward: 2 years ago

    Have purchased all your novels in hardback. I only do this for a special author whose books are fantastic thrillers. In my estimation I believe you are the best in this genre. Please keep on writings these books. They are awesome.
    Thank you,


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