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Publication Order of Savage Secrets Books

Savage Secrets is a series of erotic romance novels written by Cassie Edwards. The books explore the love affairs of white women and Native American Men.

+The Story

It is generally agreed that if you’ve read one Savage Secrets novel, you’ve read them all. The novels feature different heroes and heroines and most of them take place in different locations.

In fact, in some cases, Cassie Edwards will experiment with new timelines. But for the most part, the formula remains unchanged, though that hasn’t made the Savage Secrets series any less popular, at least amongst fans of Edwards.

The series began publication in 1987 with Savage Surrender. The book introduces readers to Brenda, a beautiful, strong-willed woman whose pioneer family has been murdered.

For all her anguish and rage, Brenda does not have the strength to survive in the wilderness on her own. She is forced to find solace in the arms of a Native American warrior. Most women might balk at the idea of being an Ojibwa soldier’s love slave.

But not only does the heroine acclimate to her new situation but she grows to love it, with her lover’s physical and sexual prowess overcoming any hesitation she might have felt the first time she saw him.
What follows is a series of intense sexual encounters followed by the semblance of emotional turmoil as Brenda and her Ojibwa warrior struggle to overcome the barriers separating their two people.

Savage Surrender creates a template that Savage Eden, Savage Bliss and every other novel in the Savage Secrets series eventually replicates. All these novels take readers back to the savage days of the United States when American pioneers were still attempting to explore and conquer new territories, and Native Americans still stood in numbers large enough to oppose them.

Edwards plays on the open hostility that existed between the white man and the Red Indian. The heroines she creates are innocent little Caucasian women. They seem wimpy enough at the start.

In fact, they spend a considerable portion of their novels whining about one issue or another. But when they are faced with the savagery of a Native American foe, they somehow find the courage to stand their ground, going so far as to verbally assault the savage men that have seen fit to invade their comfortable lives.

The heroes are always Native Americans. They are either great chiefs or warriors of considerable renown. Their physical attributes are without rival and the heroine always falls in love with them from the moment they meet.

The heroine fights her romantic instincts because she has been taught to hate Native Americans. She also fears that the man she desires could bring harm to her.

Eventually, a situation develops that either sends the heroine running into the hero’s arms, or the hero is driven to take the heroine out her home. Regardless of the circumstances, when the dust settles, the hero makes a point to claim the heroine as his love slave.

His goal is to sexually use her in any way he desires. On a few rare occasions, the protagonists will willingly run into one another’s arms.

But more often than not, every Savage Secrets novel comes down to the heroine being the hero’s love slave. The hero expects to encounter some resistance. He doesn’t know that the heroine already loves him and, thus, does not really mind being his love slave.

After a few sexual encounters, and after the protagonists have admitted their feelings for one another, they must contend with the challenges of being a white woman and a Native American man in a romantic relationship.

They encounter challenges both from the woman’s family and the man’s Native American tribe. They engage in a few fights, call it quits on more than one occasion, but they always find a way to make it work in the end.

Cassie Edwards has been praised for her simple, straightforward writing style which is likely to appeal to readers of all ages. She has been criticized for her improper punctuation, in particular, her excessive use of ellipses.

Her novels do not deliver anything particularly new. They place a lot of emphasis on sex, an area where the author’s readers believe she thrives, though a lot of the statements she uses to describe her characters’ genitals are dated.

It is generally agreed that the Savage Secrets books succeed as erotic literature and fail as romance. The author’s protagonists tend to fall for one another way too quickly. The woman rarely makes an effort to resist the advances of the hero.

She develops such an intense crush on him that she wastes no time in forgiving him even when he commits the most heinous grievances.

+The Author

Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author that writes erotic romance with historical settings. Born in 1936, Edwards has over a hundred books to her name. Interestingly enough, the majority of them revolve around Native American tribes.

The pattern is imputed to the fact that Edward’s grandmother was Native America. After a successful writing career that saw her win a litany of accolades, Edwards’ reputation suffered when she was assaulted by a litany of plagiarism allegations, with the likes of Nora Roberts coming out to condemn her.

+Savage Surrender

Brenda thought her life was over when her pioneer family was murdered. She managed to escape the brutal assault, though. Beautiful and strong-willed, Brenda knows that she cannot survive in the wild on her own.

As such, she willingly falls into the arms of a Native American warrior, a powerful man that has the capacity to unleash terrible passions in her. Brenda cannot fight the urge to give everything she has to him, include her body. Her only hope is that their love will overcome the hatred between their people.

+Savage Whispers

Marilla is the lieutenant’s daughter. And that is a problem because the man she loves is her father’s prisoner. Every time the beautiful woman catches glimpses of the savage warrior in her father’s dungeon, her passion is ignited.

She vows to force her way past her father and into his arms.

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