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Bending All the Rules (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breaking All the Rules (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Banishing All the Rules (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattering All The Rules (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Savannah Rylan

An American writer, Savannah Rylan is a massively well-regarded writer due to her unique and engaging stories. Often writing romance novels, she understands what it is that her readers are looking for and how they are entertained. A hugely popular author, she ensures that they return to her work time and time again, looking for more from her stories each and every time. It’s truly a testament to her skills as a writer that her books have gone on to be appreciated universally, reaching a worldwide audience.

Knowing precisely how to create a unique turn of phrase that really works for her stories and characters, she has something different to offer. Her writing is singular and really stands on its own, as she provides readers with something that is entirely idiosyncratic to her. Gifted in the art of suspense, too, she has a clear gift for keeping readers on the edges of their seats, constantly reading. Typically writing passionate stories about attractive bikers, she provides a clear sense of escapism through her work and writing.

Creating well-crafted characters is also something that’s important to Rylan, as she ensures that everyone remains believable. This approach gives her work a real sense of immediacy, as it instantly draws the reader in and holds them there for the duration. Often using the conventions of the thriller novel as well, she would come to use suspense as her narrative driving force on many an occasion. With so much more to follow, too, she really is a writer who keeps on gaining more readers, as there’s no stopping her yet.

Early and Personal Life

It was always the case that Savannah Rylan would be keenly interested in everything literature from an early age. Focusing herself on her craft, she would come to find her own voice in time, allowing her work to speak for itself essentially. Setting her sights on the romance genre, she would, in time, come to make it her own, providing her own unique perspective in the process.

Always on the lookout for fresh new ideas, she spends a lot of time at the beach, as well as in the gym or doing Yoga. All of this is something that she draws heavily from when it comes to her and her work, creating a vast library of stories. Currently living in Southern California, she lives with her husband and her cat Gris, as she continues to write regularly.

Writing Career

The first book that Savannah Rylan would make her big debut with was titled ‘Bending All the Rules,’ and it would come out in 2015. That same year she would release another three books in the same series, which would be titled the ‘A List’ series of novels. Following this, she would go on to write a number of other series, many of which would also be romantic thrillers and suspense-fueled novels.

Her series would include ‘Righteous Outlaws,’ ‘Bad Disciples MC,’ ‘Road Rebels MC,’ and ‘Marked Skulls MC’ to name just some of them. Many of them would return to the theme of bikers, with them being romances set around the premise of different motorcycle gangs and clubs. Keeping a strong profile both offline and on, she regularly communicates with her fans, continually ensuring they’re updated at all times.


Initially released in 2018, this was first published through the ‘Pink Empire Publishing’ house, with an already eager audience awaiting its arrival. The fifth book in the ‘Marked Skulls’ series of novels, the book would be another romance novel set in the same motorcycle club as the previous books. Its romance is self-contained and stand-alone, so it’s easy to enjoy as a stand-alone, but it does feature elements from the previous books for fans too.

Looking to become a member of the Marked Skulls Motorcycle Club, Dash is a new prospect seeking to make a name for himself. That’s when he’s kidnapped following an assignment to protect a girl, as he’s taken away and held prisoner by a rival motorcycle club. Meeting Harley, who’s also enslaved with her daughter, she soon develops feelings for Dash, as they both hope to make their escape. Can they break away from the Hell Drifter’s Motorcycle Club, will they end up together, and what will become of Dash?

Providing such a thrilling ending to an already intense and exciting series, this really does manage to deliver on every level. There’s so much here, not only for fans of the series but for those that enjoy well-written romance stories with strong characters. Everyone feels wholly believable, as the reader resonates strongly with both them and their plight throughout, rooting for them all the way.


First coming out through the ‘Pink Empire Publishing’ imprint, this would originally be released in 2019 on the 27th of March. The sixth and final entry into ‘The Black Hornets MC’ series of books, the novel provides a great stand-alone romance while also building upon what came before. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed, whilst any newcomers will also appreciate it, especially if they enjoy thrilling romance titles.

Feeling like an outsider, Jagger is the new prospect looking to become a full member of the Black Hornets Motorcycle Club. Meanwhile, Mari wants to break away from the difficulty of her upbringing, as she seeks to put the past behind her and become her own woman. Coming together, Mari and Jagger begin to develop feelings for one another, all while facing off against the Rojos Drug Cartel. Will Jagger ever get to join the gang fully, can Jagger and Mari overcome their differences, and what will finally become of Jagger?

As an exciting conclusion to an already thrilling series, it really does develop the overall world of what came before. It can still be read on its own, but there’s so much for fans to really enjoy here, as it definitely makes the most of its intensely compelling premise. There’s also plenty of action here, too, as the story is brought fully to life at an exciting pace, never once letting up at any single point.

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