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Publication Order of Savannah Books

The Night Before (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Morning After (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Grave (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Lisa Jackson writes this series that began being published in the year 2003, when “The Night Before” was released. The last book in the series was released in the year 2013 when “Tell Me”, the third book, was published. The series is from the romantic suspense genre. Each of the books is set in Savannah, Georgia and feature Detectives Sylvie Morrisette and Pierce Reed, as well as Nikki Gillette, a reporter.

“The Night Before” is the first novel in the “Savannah” series, which was released in the year 2003. There is a serial killer lurking in the shadows of the southern town. This is a work of sinister precision that has occurred many other times. Every victim serves as a feeding to a killer’s hunger that no one can sate.

The morning after, Caitylyn Montgomery Bandeaux wakes to find that she is covered in blood. She has zero memory of what happened the night before. This is the night that her estranged husband was killed brutally like many others that she has known.

She is wanted by the cops and is haunted by some fragmented, terrifying memories and turns to the new psychologist in the town, named Adam Hunt. Can she really trust him all that much? As this twisted killer keeps on striking, Caitlyn is about to find out that the ones that seem to be the most innocent are the most evil.

Fans of the novel found this to be fast paced, with an intense story line that is going to keep the reader flipping the pages quickly until they get to the end. Some enjoyed all of the turns and twists this book had in it, and it proved to be quite the roller coaster of a story. Some are unable to patiently wait for the next book from this series.

“The Morning After” is the second novel in the “Savannah” series, which was released in the year 2004. A woman becomes frantic after she wakes up in a closed and dark space. Up above, she hears muffled and cruel laughter, followed by dirt splattering on top of her. She is filled with pure terror once she realizes that she is being buried alive, and the last breath she lets out is from a scream that only the sadistic killer is going to hear.

Nikki Gillette, a journalist, this awful story is her ticket out of the small town of Savannah and on to bigger things. She has dubbed this killer The Grave Robber and she spends all of her time dogging Pierce Reed, a tough cop, while he investigates the crime. She trails him all over the deep thickets and run down cemeteries in Savannah. Although she starts wondering about all of his secrets.

There are more bodies discovered. Each of these gruesome discoveries disturbs Nikki more and more, yet there is something that rings familiar about the whole thing. Like there is something that she is supposed to know. While a killer pulls her even closer into the sick game he has been playing, she does not know how deadly this is going to get or how close she is to finding out the truth.

This is a book with likable characters and a plot that keeps readers guessing as well as on the edge of their seat. Fans of the novel found this to be quite suspenseful that takes the reader on a wild ride the entire time, and it takes the reader to a surprising ending. This is a book that will keep you up at night, and make you finish it. Lisa Jackson has a great writing style, and this one is a great example of that.

“Tell Me” is the third novel in the “Savannah” series, which was released in the year 2013. The most hated female in Savannah, Georgia is close to being released from prison. Blondell O’Henry got convicted twenty years ago of killer her oldest daughter and wounding her two younger kids. The prosecution’s argument was that Blondell was both beautiful and selfish and wanted to kill all of her kids so she could be with her lover.

Niall, Blondell’s son, recanted his testimony and it wrecked the case. Nikki Gillette is looking to get the real story, and it is not just for professional reasons. This is due to Amity, Blondell’s daughter that was murdered, was friends with Nikki when they were kids.

On the night she got killed, Amity had begged Nikki to meet up with her, while insisting that she had something she wanted to tell Nikki. Nikki didn’t go. Her guilt is made worse by other things that complicate things. Like her favorite uncle, Alexander, was Blondell’s lawyer that helped keep her from being executed. Rumors are going around that he was one of many lovers that Blondell had.

Nikki’s fiance, Detective Reed, has concerns that she is comprising the entire case. She hunts for answers during the hottest summer in the history of Savannah, and he worries about her safety. All involved seem to have their secrets. From an old boyfriend of Blondell and his snake handling, fundamentalist in-laws to the cop that headed up the original investigation.

Somehow, what happened that tragic night are linked to Nikki’s fractured family. Now, there is more killing. Is Amity’s killer still out there? Or is this a much darker and newer danger? Before long, Nikki is going to find out what actually happened twenty years back, but she may get the answers too late to save her own life.

This is an enjoyable book to read, and some were saddened when they finished it and were unable to stay in this world. Fans of the novel liked how there are many suspects who could be the killer, but it is tough to tell until the reveal at the end. This is a book that has some good suspense and full of tension in it. The book is hard to put down, as you have to know who the killer is and how things will end.

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