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Publication Order of SBC Fighters Books

SBC Fighters is a series of romance novels written by Lori Foster and set in the world of MMA.

+The Story

Mixed Martial Arts is a pretty popular contemporary sport with a wide-ranging fan base. So it is hardly surprising to find novels making use of MMA fighters as characters. Though, in the years leading up to the release of the first SBC Fighters novel and even beyond, it was fairly common for MMA athletes to be negatively portrayed.

They were typically cast as overly aggressive individuals who used MMA as a means of channeling their rage. They also had a tendency to physically abuse the people in their lives.

When the SBC Fighters series premiered in 2007, it was hardly the first novel to cast MMA Fighters in a positive light. However, it was definitely swimming against the tide.

The SBC Fighters series explores the lives of the fighters of the Supreme Battle Challenge. The MMA outfit plays host to a diverse offering of athletes, all of them well-trained, physically toned and mentally determined.

It is from their ranks that Lori Foster draws her heroes. The series kicks off with ‘Causing Havoc’. Published in 2007, the book introduces readers to Dean Conor, a handsome fighter that was separated from his family at a young age.

While Dean has given some thought to his sisters on occasion, he was never sure how he felt about the notion of reuniting with them. Dean is forced to reclaim his role of big brother when he receives a letter warning him of trouble back home.

He must swallow his uncertainties and take action to rescue his siblings from their bad decisions. This is as he gets caught up in the fiery passion generated in his heart by Eve, his sister’s good friend.

‘Causing Havoc’ is pretty effective in its efforts to kick-start the SBC Fighters series because it not only tells a relatively independent story but it also introduces many of Lori Foster’s future protagonists to readers, not to mention setting the template for the rest of the series.

Each new installment in the SBC Fighters series finds a different SBC Fighter falling in love with a girl. The heroes in the series typically have some knowledge of one another because they tend to populate the same locations when executing their duties as SBC fighters.

The women come from very disparate backgrounds. Some of them are strong, successful, willful women. Others are weak, vulnerable, uncertain girls. Either way, something always draws them to the hero.

The pair normally encounters one another when some unexpected occurrence upends the hero’s life. In some cases, the hero will venture out of his comfort zone and, in the process of resolving some personal issue, collide with the heroine.

In other cases, the heroine bursts into the hero’s life, charged with accomplishing a separate mission only to become enticed by the hero’s physical and mental attributes.

As is often the case, Lori Foster’s heroes are the peak of human masculinity. They are alpha males in every sense of the word. Yet the author refrains from injecting them with any misogynistic tendencies.

Dean, Simon and the like might seem tough on the outside. But they are as soft as butter internally. Barring a few exceptions, they are very respectful of the women in their lives and they are more than happy to make sacrifices to accommodate the heroine.

And whenever they get ferocious, it is typically in defense of their love for the heroine. Lori Foster doesn’t bring anything new to the table when it comes to the romance. Her protagonists are very attractive people. As such, they tend to fall in love with one another from the moment they meet.

The hero tends to be at a disadvantage because he is a womanizer. His physical appearance and confidence have always allowed him to bed any woman he could possibly want. And he was happy to abuse that power because he had no interest in a relationship.

Unfortunately for him, his reputation precedes him and the heroine is always on guard around him. However, the hero is always very forthright about his feelings. He knows from the moment he meets the heroine that he desires to claim her for himself, and he does not hesitate to tell her.

This leaves the woman in a position where she must decide what she wants. Lori Foster tries to find a decent balance between the romance and the fighting. A critical aspect of every novel is the MMA career of her heroes.

Some of them are only recently getting back into the ring. Others have experienced considerable failure in the ring. All of them want to succeed. But they also need to find the love of a good woman.

More often than not, it takes the love of a good woman to give them the strength to attain victory in the ring.

+ The Author

Lori Foster was first published in 1996. She has since become a bestselling author. When Lori isn’t writing sizzling romance, she’s organizing and supporting events that finance the causes she cares about.

+Causing Havoc

Dean Havoc was orphaned early on. He was taken from his baby sisters and sent to live with his uncle. He has since learned to live without his immediate family. Dean doesn’t know what he really feels for everyone that he left behind—and everyone who left him.

However, there’s enough love in him that he cannot help but respond to a letter from his sisters asking him to come back home to Kentucky. Dean gets back in time to learn that an unpleasant individual intends to marry his sister.

If Dean wants to save her, he must join forces with his sister’s friend, Eve. But Eve’s beauty is starting to become a distraction for Dean.

+Simon Says

Simon had a perfect life, not only a great job but an amazing girl. But then the girlfriend cheated on him and everything changed. Now Simon is itching to get back into the ring. He needs something to hit.

Dakota is going to make it difficult for him to focus, though. His father, who walked out on his family, sent her to find him and forge a connection between them. But Dakota is doing so much more for Simon.

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