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Scandalous Highlander Books In Order

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Publication Order of Scandalous Highlanders Books

One Hot Scot (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil Wears Kilts (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue with a Brogue (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some Like It Scot (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

This is a fast-paced series that will leave you so much in love with the characters in these books and love itself.When you start reading these books you will fall in love with the plots, the twists, and turns but above all will fall in love with the surprises in the series.Once you start reading be sure to have the next series at hand because you just won’t want to stop. The books in these series are filled with intense characters you will want to associate with after reading especially with Suzanne Enoch’s choice of intense drama, love and passionate sex and hilarious characters leaves you hanging to your seat while you read the next chapter.

Scandalous Highlander Series are books of historical romance novels from best-selling writer Suzanne Enoch. The book series revolves around a group of smart young sexy heroes and heroines whom you will feel and wish to associate with after reading their stories.The stories are set in era of the medieval England.My two greatest reads are passions and historical romance. So when I get the chance to read a book combining the two, I’m truly in love!

The first book in these Scandalous Highlander series is titled One Hot Scot.

The story starts with a lady by the name Julia Prentis, She is kidnapped by a man who literally sweeps her off her feet for her fortune while she had gone to attend the wedding for her Aunt in Inverness but later she succeds in escaping the man’s highlans estate prison.She then finds herself alone and lost in a strange but that is not all she is also being hunted by the man she escaped from.By accident or luck, She comes a cross a handsome naked man in the lake and starts feeling like her luck is just getting worse little does she know her adventures are just about to start.

Another hero in these series is Dan Lenox who has lived all his live in danger and surrounded by enemies.He is a Macklaury in the land belonging to the Campbells. Being the sole breadwinner of the family with three sisters who depend on him he cautios to his bones but when beautiful English lady stumbles upon him naked in the lake ,he throws caution to the wind and decides to help her. While running from enemies these two end up spending a whole night in a cottage that was abandoned when the storm starts raging outside.BUT not only do they spend the night but also find themselves with passion for each other that could either save them or doom them.

The story is full of intrigue, sexual tension and above all love that conquers all. After reading you will wish to be at least one of the characters because of their strength and faith plus devotion in each other you will want to repeat reading this book over and over because of the emotions you feel with them and how Julia is willing to brave danger and run away from the man who had kidnapped her in the first place.I love the character Duncan as he proves to be dependable and man enough to stand up to the man who has made Juli’s life a living hell thus protecting her.You will both cry and laugh when you open and read page after page of the story of these two love birds.

The second book in the Scandalous Highlander series is titled The Devil Wears Kilts.

This book starts with another of the Maclawry brothers called Ranulf Maclawry who is a Marquis of Glengask.He is on a mission to rescue his young sister who ran away with some people who lured her away with their sweet words of flowery compliments and snooty titles and clad in satin. He comes into to the British society like a storm on the highlands only to later realize that satin has its appeal especially when it is covering a certain lady who has god curves called Charlotte Hanover.

Lady Charlotte has lost he fiance in a duel that was unnecessary so she feels like she no longer wants to associate with hot-headed men like her fiance. She knows brawn can never triumph over brains.But the minute, she sees the brush highlander in a ballroom looking dangerous as if he has come to a battle, she sees something solid and very appealing about him. He looks bigger than the English men and she feels big looks good on him.

I really liked the hero Ranulf, he is very protective of those he loves, I like the way he stands by his highland traditions but also work working with the English law and customs, I also love the way he talks with Lady Charlotte especially when sparks that start flying between them. He is strong, handsome, and a character anyone would love to have as a man they want to marry.

The book series are well worth reading the way the characters have been woven into their roles you just love them.The drop dead gorgeous heroes.The characters ae very engaging and compelling, once you start reading them you will not stop until you finish all the Scandalous Highlander series.Suzanne Enoch outdid herself with these series if they were made into movies you would never stop staring at the screen. For people who love romance especially highland historical romance then this is the book for you. The serie are full of seduction, some wit included and a lot of passion who wouldn’t love that.

Suzanne Enoch breaks down the story into very easy parts one can quickly understand and these makes these series the best when it comes to reading every Scandalous highlander series story flows into the next seamlessly without confusion and this makes her a good writer. The books in these series are very engaging and amazing and at the same. They can be read by young adults but also by anyone that loves historical romance.They are a must read on your list.

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