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Publication Order of Scarlet Books

Many readers are familiar with the story of Robin Hood, but they will be swept away by Scarlet, which is a new version of the story that is full of action, secrets, and romance. The main character in this series is called Scarlet and she poses as a thief in Robin Hood’s gang. She does this in order to avoid what might befall her should Lord Gisbourne find out who she really is. Her identity is kept secret and only Robin Hood and the other gang members know the truth. Even though she is posing as an agile boy, she is really a fearless woman who has a hidden past that might come back to haunt her.

The people of Nottingham are suffering because their sheriff is corrupt and by helping them, Scarlet is putting her life in real danger. She is fiercely loyal to Robin Hood, who has a quick smile but a sharp temper. He has a rare ability to unsettle Scarlet and this is what keeps her going and it also makes the fight for justice a cause that she is ready to die for. There is drama because Gisbourne is closing in but the good thing is that Scarlet can easily care for herself.

The main character in this story is not Robin Hood but Scarlet, which seems a bit odd but only adds to the drama. Her identity is mysterious and only a few people know she’s a young woman. Other people think that she’s a young boy running around the place. However, what they don’t know is that she’s a tough cookie who can tumble with the meanest of them all. When you delve into her character, you discover that she can actually be quite mean. Sometimes when people are good to her, she will push them away by being mean towards them, which can be a complete turn-off for some readers.

Apart from being ill-mannered, she was also unappreciative and I guess this is the author’s way of letting the reader know that she is an independent woman. However, some people might construe this as being stuck up, full of herself and generally being a bad person. If someone was to act like Scarlet in real life, there are many people who would not take it kindly. The way she talked also left a lot to be desired. She did not have good grammar even though Robin Hood and his gang spoke perfect English.

However, everything is not what is appears to be and there’s no need to spoil your reading pleasure. After you read the book, you will finally get to understand why Scarlet acted and spoke like she did. One good thing about her was the fact that she was a selfless person. Sometimes she sacrificed too much in order to save other people. You might even say that she had suicidal tendencies and maybe she tried too hard to be a martyr. If you would like to learn more about the character of Scarlet, grab yourself a copy of the fist installment and you will thoroughly enjoy reading the book.

The second book in the Scarlet series is called “Lady Thief”, and in this story, we find that Scarlet’s true identity has finally been revealed and so her future remains uncertain. She is forced to marry Lord Gisbourne, which threatens the love she shares with Robin Hood. The royal court comes to Nottingham in order to appoint a new sheriff. The people living there hope that Robin Hood would be appointed by Prince John. However, the prince has very different plans for them, and it involves Scarlet’s secret past, one that she is not even aware of yet.

Scarlet therefore finds herself being forced to participate in the activities of the royal court. Her ruthless husband expects her to act like a noblewoman, and this is a sacrifice that she is ready to perform if it will mean helping Robin Hood’s cause. She is also hopeful that by biding her time, she will finally be with the one person that she loves. There is more intrigue in Lady Thief, and the author takes passion to the next level. This second chapter in the Scarlet series is sure to keep readers entertained, and everyone will be talking about it.

What the reader will like most about the second book is the fact that the author gives the series an absolute twist and you will not see it coming. Maybe some readers were hoping that it would come true and so they should thank the book gods for the stunning twist in the tale. Without giving too much away, the book ends in a manner that many people will not anticipate. The main characters in the book will have to consider how far they are willing to go in order to save themselves.

There is some shocking news in the story and I guess you will have to read for yourself to find out what happened. This second book is full of action, drama, passion, love, hate, deceit, and everything else that you would need to have a really remarkable story. If you’re a fan of the fairy tales and finding prince charming, perhaps you should steer clear of this book. Happily ever after is not a buzz word in this series and after reading it, you might start to appreciate your life like you never did before.

Perhaps the book will end on a happy note or perhaps it will end on a sad note. I don’t want to give too much away and so you are going to have to get yourself a copy of this book to find out what happens to our heroes. The author is a true master at giving a story line twists and turns and that is what keeps the readers engrossed. If you’re looking for a book that you can’t put down, the Scarlet series is exactly what the doctor ordered. The good thing is that the book is a trilogy and so there is yet another book to keep you yearning for more.

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