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Schuyler Sisters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Schuyler Sisters Books

The Secret Life of Violet Grant (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tiny Little Thing (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Along the Infinite Sea (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Beatriz Williams is a best-selling author that has been featured in USA Today and the New York Times. She has had international success with her works as well, including her books A Hundred Summers, The Golden Hour, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, Her Last Flight, The Summer Wives, and Our Woman in Moscow. She is known for writing books in the historical fiction genre and has collaborated on three novels with authors Karen White and Lauren Willig.

Beatriz attended Standford University and graduated, going on to get an MBA in finance from Columbia University. She worked for a while as a communications and corporate strategy consultant in London and New York. Then her first novel came out and was published in 2012. Beatriz kept going and now has several novels under her belt! She has won many different awards and has had the pleasure of seeing her books be translated into over a dozen languages while seeing her works top different best-seller lists all around the world.

The author was born in Seattle, Washington. She is married and has four children with her husband. She resides near the Connecticut shore and when she isn’t busy spending time with family, she splits her time between laundry and writing.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant is the first book in the Schuyler Sisters series by Beatriz Williams. If you’re looking for an engaging story with redemption, passion, and an old suitcase that’s full of secrets, look no further!

The time is 1964 and the place is Manhattan. Vivian Schuyler has been attending Bryn Mawr College and has recently graduated. She’s also gone against the privilege of her Fifth Avenue family to do what would be otherwise unthinkable for a coming of age socialite in the Kennedy area and go into the world of the stylish Metropolitan magazine.

When Vivian gets a big overseas parcel that has come for her in the mail, the contents of it pull her into the past of the family, and the life of an aunt that she never met, who has had her existence wiped from history’s records. Her aunt was Violet Schuyler Grant.

When she was alive in Berlin in 1914, Violet was in the midst of enduring her marriage. She had gotten married to Dr. Walter Grant, a scientist who is older than her and has his philandering ways. She puts up with all of this for one reason, because even though he has many faults, he gives the support that she needs to go on as a young female physicist American working in pre-war Germany.

Things start to change when a former student of Dr. Grant’s arrives at the start of a fateful summer in Europe. His presence gets in the way of this conscientious balancing act. Lionel Richardson is a captain in the British Army and encourages Violet to get away from the hold that her husband has on her.

As their world goes closer into war, it is only a matter of time before the shocking nature of Lionel’s true intentions become apparent. Still, Violet is closer than she has ever been to take that huge step of choosing freedom and going after a life of her own conviction. Possibly with a man who may have a cause just as strong as her own.

As Vivian looks more into the past of Violet and what happened to her in the end, she goes further into Violet’s story of desire and determination and finds out more, showing more light on the dark nature of her years abroad as well as teaching Vivian how she should move forward with grace into the future for the things and the love that she wants more than anything. Read this book to absorb all the magic of this novel!

Tiny Little Thing is the second book in the Schuyler Sisters series by Beatriz Williams. If you liked the first book in this series, give the follow-up novel a chance too!

It is the summer of 1966. Christina Harcastle is known as Tiny in her family, and she is on the brink of a wonderful future. Out of the three Schuyler sisters, she is the one that has been raised to find a man who will be a leader and marry him. She would make a stunning wife, as she has great style and a natural elegance. As such, Christina is a camera-ready lady in the politics world where television presence and appearance is becoming increasingly important.

It seems that Tiny has achieved all that she was raised to do, since she ended up finding an important man to marry and support as his wife. She along with Frank, her husband, are a power couple as classically as can be. They are rich, intelligent, and very attractive, on their own and together. The two are well-poised to achieve quite a bit. It appears that not much can get in the way of Frank from rising through the ranks and sitting in national office, and he is planning on getting a senate seat when November comes around. Things are poised to go quite well for the couple.

However, as the season gets going in Cape Cod at the family estate, the last thing that Tiny anticipated were visitors showing up and throwing everything out of whack. Three different visitors appear in the middle of Christina’s perfect life and they are all unwelcome. One of them happens to be her sister Pepper, known for being volatile and someone that she doesn’t want around for obvious reasons.

Another is an envelope that ends up containing an incriminating photograph inside. Then there’s Caspian, the intimidating Vietnam war hero and cousin of Frank’s. He knows more about the interior life about Tiny than others do in her life. As Tiny tries to keep up the fancy facade that the Hardcastle family has built their ambitions on, she starts to have her doubts.

Tiny begins wondering whether her husband is covering up an entanglement of his that has the potential to unravel her life as well as the upcoming potential career of her husband. Will the two of them be all right? Read this book to find out!

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