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Publication Order of Scorch Books

By: Emily Reed, Toby Jane

Scorch is a series of romance thriller books written by the collaboration of two writers, Emily Kimelman and Toby Neal. Kimelman is American author of romance thriller suspense and mystery and thriller novels. On the other hand, Toby Neal hails from the United States and writes a thriller, romance, and mystery & thriller books. The duo began writing Scorch series in 2017 when Scorch Road, the first book in the series was published. Each book in the series features one of the six Luciano brothers and a woman each one meets along the way.

Smoke Road

For the fans of family romance and romance thriller suspense, Smoke Road, the third book in Scorch series is a wonderful read. It is a gripping and a fast-paced page-turner that will scare, thrill, arouse, and entertain you.

Smoke is a wonderful read in a six book series written at a rate of a novel a month by co-authors Emily Kimelman and Toby Neal. The duo is bestselling authors in their own right and team to write a six-volume book series.

The series features two main characters- one being one of the six Luciano brothers and a strong woman that he meets. The two have to fight their way through the chaos that is unleashed by the Scorch Flu, an outbreak that kills over 90% of the infected people. Along the way, they must gather clues about the source of the outbreak and the elaborate conspiracy that caused it.

In Smoke Road, the hero is Luca, the eldest of the Luciano brothers. He is an alpha male and one of the Special Forces members trained to be like a superhero. Then there is the female protagonist Doctor Haunani Kagawa, an advisor to the United States national security and a medical researcher who has discovered intelligence about the source of the Scorch Flu- a neo-Nazi group in Texas who stole a virus created by the government and unleashed it across the country.

Scorch series plot follows a well-defined apocalypse scenario as most of the people fall sick and die the society and government fall apart. Gangs loot towns, and the communities are reduced to pirates, scavengers, slaves or raiders- think of the walking dead without zombies.

Doctor Haunani is charged with finding the whereabouts of the Noe-Nazis responsible for the calamity and is given a unit of National Guardsmen to protect her- the only military team close to the enemy that has not succumbed to the outbreak- which includes Luca Luciano.

As soon as Luca meets Kagawa, the two are irresistibly attracted to each other, and this is where Luciano becomes a jerk. It’s revealed that he is a man with deep-seated issues, he doesn’t trust women but only uses them for his own pleasure- and to be fair, many women use him for theirs. He is handsome, but he believes that all women are devious. On the other hand, Kagawa is apparently attracted to Luca. She is part Japanese, part Hawaiian and her past is comprised of an evil and nearly abusive relationship and hence carries a piece of beach in her pocket at all times which she holds and rubs to relieve anxiety. The plot is a romance story but with a pandemic apocalypse background. Luca and Kagawa are drawn together by biology and circumstance, and their personalities are so similar that the clash repeatedly. The duo drives each other crazy in different ways thanks to the strong chemistry they share.

Just like in real life- it’s the man who is wrong-. Overall, the book is wonderful, full of suspense, fast-paced action, and truly hot sex scenes. It is a real mark of author’s skill to be able to craft hot sex scenes without coming off as pornographic.

Smoke Road

From the award-winning and bestselling authors whose many reviews call it persistently riveting comes the first book in Scorch series- a romantic action adventure for the fans of romantic sagas, romance thrillers, and apocalyptic sagas. The novel introduces us to one of the six Italian Luciano brothers, JT Luciano. He is a widowed environmental biologist who is preparing for an end of the world he knows is coming. Based at a military survival camp prepared for his family, JT is ready for whatever that might come his way except for one woman.

Then there is Doctor Elizabeth, the senator’s daughter who is also a virologist. She is carrying the valuable cells for a vaccine against the fast-evolving deadly flu that is sweeping the entire nation. Unfortunately, her plane crashes in JT’s field- and she must convince JT to leave the haven and assist her to get to Washington, DC. One by one, the well-built structures of society collapse in the face of Scorch flu’s devastations as JT and his partner travel a long scorching road across the country.

Can the ultimate danger bring them together and make each find one good, true thing in a fast-changing world?

For anyone who loves reading romance books, there is a lot of chemistry between the two main characters and those who love dystopian books, and then there is also a healthy dose for you in Smoke Road. The book is mainly romance – and the main character’s relationship being the main focus of the story. Elizabeth and JT are wildly attracted to each other and fight their intimate feeling throughout the story trying to stay focused on the task at hand- to save the humanity. Emily Kimelman and Toby Neal have written wonderful read that won’t disappoint their diehard romance readers. They have written steamy sex scenes between the two main characters (JT and Elizabeth) that will knock you down off your feet.

The characterization is beautifully done, from the main characters to the secondary characters. JT and Elizabeth are still caught up in their past experiences and have a hard time letting it go and hence get a rough start. But she is beautiful but tiny, but he is handsome and big. Mix together a fantastic supporting cast, romance, surviving the apocalypse, bravery, danger, a little premonition- Smoke Road is an exciting story that you can’t put down.

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