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Scot Harvath Biography:

There are many spy novels on the market, many stories having the same amount of intrigue and danger. There is a formula to the genre so creating both a memorable character and novels is something that is somewhat rare in this type of writing. Scot Harvath seems to be a character that has more depth than many other spies in spy novels. He has a certain passion that is lacked by other spies and has a back story that many people can actually identify with on some level.

Scot Harvath Back Story:

Scot Harvath is the son of a highly decorated Navy veteran. His father served as a Navy SEAL officer. When Scot Harvath was young he began to ski. He became very skilled at the sport and wanted to pursue it professionally. He opted to try his hand at a professional ski career rather than go to college.

Scot Harvath’s father was disappointed in his son’s decision to not go college, but allowed his son to do so. Scot Harvath became quite successful as a professional skier. He won medals on a world circuit several times. He skied in many different places, but after his father died while serving as as SEAL officer he no longer enjoyed the sport.

After his father died Scot Harvath went to college and earned his degree. He did well in college and developed an interest in joining the military. After he joined the Navy he trained and was accepted as a SEAL. He served in the SEAL Team 2, known as the Polar SEALs. He was able to use his skills a skiing champion to his advantage while serving his country.

After serving as a seal for a number of years he finally decided he needed a change in life. He left the military and began a career at the Secret Service. He served in the Secret Service and was promoted to eventually protecting the First Family. When he is first introduced in the series he still holds this position. He protected many other diplomats and public figures before serving for the president directly.

When the character is first introduced he is very happy serving the First Family. He enjoys his work and what he has accomplished and does not want the situation to change. Throughout the series of novels he is put through many different tests of strength and will. He is also forced to make many different decisions which could have a serious impact on the people around him and the world as a whole.

His services become so invaluable that even after he is fired the government still calls on him for very tough assignments. In many ways his professional back story is the story of his personality as well. He is very dedicated to his work and understands and has a strong sense of loyalty.


By all accounts Scot Harvath is a work horse. He is extremely dependable and has a strong sense of justice as well. He is dedicated to the people he works with and takes his job very seriously. Work for him has become his life as he has to travel often to meet the obligations of required to fulfill his position. Protecting the president and his family is the pinnacle of a very distinguished career.

He also has a deep respect for his father as well. His father’s death is what actually made Scot Harvath want to join the military. He wanted to serve as his father had not only to protect his country but to honor his father’s name.

Scot Harvath is also very intelligent. He scored high marks in college and repeatedly uses his intellect to help himself get out of very tough situations. He is also very well trained and disciplined in his approach to solving problems. His resourcefulness has helped him save many lives and his own in many situations.

He does not have many close relationships even though he dates constantly (when his schedule permits him to). Relationships are pitfall of this character like many others in spy novels. As a character he goes through many significant changes in the novels as he is called to do more and more dangerous work.

In some ways he becomes very jaded. Like many soldiers who have seen horrible things he has a darker view of how the real world is. He understands there are bad things that have to happen to save many people. He does not agree with it, but he does what he is ordered to do as well.

He becomes increasingly conflicted as the series progresses. He still maintains the highest resolve and strength possible in any situation though.


Scot Harvath has many traits in common with your typical spy in a novel. He is very brash and has a long, distinguished career in the military. He comes from a believable background and was raised as a normal boy. He had passions that he pursued like many other people. Unlike characters in many spy novels, he does have a back story that strikes a certain chord with many people.

When a character becomes more than a static object people find more meaning in the stories as well. The series of novels published (eleven total) have shown progressively more dangerous scenarios the character must go through, however he approaches the problems in very pragmatic ways.

That pragmatic approach is something many people can also admire because it teaches that resourcefulness is a very important useful tool. The novels are thrillers no doubt, but there are many other aspects to the novels as well. The questions of identity, patriotism, greed, duty, loyalty, and personal integrity are all explored in this novel.

What the series reveals is a resolve that many people respect. Even when everything seems as though it cannot be fixed Scot Harvath finds a way to get the job done. He eventually gets tired of what his work as many people do, but the novels never leave a dull moment for the reader. You will find yourself entertained, thrilled, and amazed while reading this series. It is worth your time to invest in understanding Scot Harvath.

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