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Scott Bartlett is a published author of fiction from Canada.

Bartlett was born in Newfoundland in St. John’s and lives there to this day. He is a fiction author that writes novels that are usually in the genre of science fiction. He has also tried his hand at literary fiction and stories that have a bit of humor.

His novel Royal Flush was a comedy novel that would win the H.R. Percy Prize. His novel Taking Stock focused around a writer that is younger and their struggle with depression. It would win him a first novel award from Percy Janes and Lawrence Jackson.

He has always enjoyed reading as well as writing science fiction, but ever since he caught the bug, this author says that he is putting down new novels at the speed of light. He particularly enjoys writing science fiction in the dystopian genre.

Bartlett has been trying his hand at writing for a while and got started when he was fifteen years old. He has written several novels and series since then. His novel Taking Stock would end up receiving arts funding and would also win awards and he would receive funding as well from the ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ Arts Council for a dystopian story called ‘Air Earth’ that would be set in the fairly distant future.

He has also written some short stories and his fiction work has made him the recipient of various awards. He also placed second in the ‘Short Grain’ competition of short stories by Grain Magazine. The contest took place in Canada all across the nation. In 2014 Bartlett would also make the short list for the Cuffer Prize.

He also won an international competition for blogging in 2012. He would go to the city of Rio de Janeiro and would participate in the U.N.’s environment program as part of ‘World Environment Day’.

Scott Bartlett is the creator and the author of the Ixan Prophecies series. This trilogy first became available to readers for the first time in 2016. This is when the debut fictional novel in this series, Supercarrier, was published. He would quickly follow that up with the sequel, which is titled Juggernaut. The third book in this series came out in 2017.

Supercarrier is the first science fiction novel in the Ixan Prophecies Trilogy by Scott Bartlett. If you are looking for a cool sci-fi story to check out, this might be it!

Readers get to meet the main character of Captain Keves. He has a problem in that the public absolutely loves him but Command hates him. He is the captain of the U.H.S. Providence. The ship is a supercarrier, but there is no question that it is aging.

It also happens to be the last ship run by humans that is not totally dependent when it comes to using dark technology. This is the term used for the tech that the human race has put to work to help them rule the galaxy. This has been true ever since they defeated the Ixa as part of the First Galactic War, and even then they just barely came out on top.

However, the dominance that they have enjoyed up to this point has certainly had its price. The past decades have seen allies from the past getting resentful. Things are certainly about to heat up. Then the dark technology actually fails, and it is then that the captain will start to see all of the predictions that he has made begin to come true.

The allies of the past have now changes sides and have become their foes. But when it comes to gut feelings or predictions, Keves may not be alone in his accuracy. The galaxy is getting ready to plunge into the bowels of war headfirst unless something changes. Meanwhile, the various Ixan Prophecies are coming true one at a time.

Now the human race must face up to the fact that one of their oldest enemies is starting to rise. On top of that, they’ve got new weapons that no one has ever seen before. Can Captain Keves do his part to try and save the galaxy? With his ship and a crew of oddballs ready to go, the captain may just find that the galaxy’s fate rests in their hands.

Can they get the job done and come out on top? Or will the captain come to regret trying to embrace what he sees as his potential destiny? Pick up the first book in the Prophecies trilogy to find out what happens!

Juggernaut is the second novel in the Ixan Prophecy series by author Scott Bartlett. If you enjoyed the first book then check out this engaging sci-fi sequel for yourself!

Captain Keves always was good at forging alliances. Now he has been successful when it comes to making an alliance– but it may have made him some enemies too. The alliance is uneasy and the enemies that he has risked making may just be more powerful than he initially bargained for.

Meanwhile, he is a wanted man and it appears that the galaxy is onto him. He is finding this out in real time and realizes that people are after the ship– his ship! There’s no doubt that his UHF foes have by now realized that when it comes to this fight, it is only the Providence that could potentially get in their way.

Determined that no one stop them, the prophecies of Ixan just keep coming true. Now the risk of doom to humanity is starting to shape up. When it comes to the public, they’re starting to quickly panic the more time that goes by.

The UHF willfully ignores this because they are obsessed with going to war. The prolonged battle is up against a former recent ally, but now that species is their temporary foe. The UHF is getting busy attacking the allies while the enemy approaches.

The Captain sees only one way to try and make sure humans can fight this onslaught that’s arriving and must take the UHF down for good. The juggernaut’s on the way– can they fight it? Pick up this book to find out!

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  1. Tim: 4 months ago

    I was one of the unfortunates who put cash upfront in the kickstart campaign for the forever, ship. It seemed as though all I’ve done is donate to Scott Bartlett’s lifestyle!

  2. John Dinsmore: 1 year ago

    Just finished book 10 of Spacers Command. It did not disappoint to say the least. I was thinking that Captain Thatcher was going to end the the xanith threat. When I read that he woke up at home and his wife was there and that he took sugar instead of cream, it left me with the thought that he was changed and all the mistakes he made could now be erased as he will start anew. Good ending. Left me with hope that next time the hammer would do it right.

  3. Leed: 3 years ago

    Is there no prequel to supercarrier? It seems to reference a lot of information about dark tech and Dark stream, the wingers and AI. But I can’t seem to find it.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Hi Leed – just to confirm that there is no prequel.


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