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Publication Order of Brad Jacobs Books

Track Down Africa (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Alaska (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Amazon (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Iraq (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Borneo (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down El Salvador (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Wyoming (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Track Down Thailand (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Scott Conrad is an American author of mystery, thrillers and suspense novels best known for his A Brad Jacobs Thriller series of books. He loves the life of action and adventure and spends most of his time on his boat in Lake Mohave and cycling the nature trails of Santa Ana Mountains. Conrad became a published author in 2013 when Track Down Africa the first book in Brad Jacobs’s series was released. Brad Jacob’s series features Brad Jacobs, a retired Force Recon Marine and his team of veterans on various international search and rescue missions across the world. Their assignments are simple, Track Down and rescue innocent victims. Along the way, Brad’s team find themselves facing fierce, powerful adversaries and severe conditions. The novels in the series can be read as standalones, feature non-stop action, mystery and adventure and the team never loses their sense of humor even in the most difficult missions.

Track Down Africa

The first book in Brad Jacob’s series Track Down Africa introduces us to Brad, a retired Force Recon Marine working as a bounty hunter who’s more concerned after he receives a call from his Uncle Jack with news about Jessica who’s more sister to him than a cousin. Jack informs Brad that Jessy missed her check-in call done every week and he’s now worried since he knows that she always makes that weekly check-in call regardless of the situation.

Brad soon learns that his cousin Jessica is on a diamond hunt mission in the jungles of Central African Republic and doesn’t understand the danger she has put herself in. Also, he also knows that this is one of the dangerous places on earth and so he has no other choice than to locate her before she gets herself in trouble or she gets killed.

Brad gathers a team of retired Recon friends who agree to take part in the mission of bringing back Jessica home. The group consists of his good friend Ving, Jared and Pete who are all retired marines. Ving compiles the information needed to rescue Jessy, but he soon discovers that Jack has some dirty dealings with an African rebel man Ostrigamo who is in charge of diamond mines where Jessica went hunting. When faced with this accusation, Jack confesses about a tentative deal he had with Ostrigamo from many years ago, and he fears that the rebel might have abducted Jessica to negotiate for ransom money.

The real action part of Track Down Africa begins when Brad and his team of Ex marines land in Africa and are confronted by rebel forces armed to the teeth. To survive this mission, Brad and his friends will have to form alliances with a group of Pygmies who are enemies to the rebels’ forces and seeker of justice. With the clock fast ticking, he will have to whatever it takes to bring his more of a sister than a cousin, Jessica, back home safely.

Scott Conrad’s series debut novel is a fast paced action packed story full of rapid gunfire and plenty of adventure reading. Reading the story can be compared to watching a big screen movie. Fortunately, the novel can be read as a standalone. If you read David Archer, Lee Child, Mark Dawson, Blake Banner, Matt Rogers, Tim Tigner, L.T. Ryan, and C.G. Cooper, you will like this full-speed action, real-life characters, exotic destinations, and breakneck adventure novel by Scott Conrad.

Track Down Alaska

When Charlie and Pete vanish in the Alaskan wilderness, it’s not the treacherous terrain, the freezing temperatures, lack of supplies or dangerous wildlife that are their worst threat. It’s their accidental discovery that proves to be one of their biggest problems. Now they are hunted down like mad dogs and are fleeing for their lives.

Can Brad and his team of retired Force Recon Marine help track the whereabouts and rescue Charlie and Pete in time? Is the team prepared for the unexpected and take down this heavily armed and formidable enemy armed to the teeth? Follow Brad and his friends on this yet another fast paced and action packed epic adventure as their search and rescue mission turns into war and battle for survival in Alaska’s untamed wilderness.

Track Down Amazon

The third in the series Track Down Amazon follows Brad’s team on an epic journey and a desperate track down mission for Ving’s brother, an agent working for the D.E.A kidnapped by a drug smuggling, and child trafficker group known as the Shinning Path.

This time around they still face their worst enemy yet, the Senderistas also known as the Sendero Luminoso deep in the Amazon jungles.

Can Brad and team match the wits of their enemy’s leader’s Rodolfo Guzman? Can the team track down and rescue the missing DEA agent before it’s too late? Will they succeed in against all the odds?

Track Down Iraq

Brad Jacobs has just found out that Sunni extremists abducted one of his good friends. Brandon Murphy, a retired Force Recon Marine is now a mercenary for an organization called the Belus.

The United States has covertly hired Belus to help Iraqi forces in the 2016 war to help regain control of Mosul. But soon Brandon is captured and taken a hostage, and a video emerges where the extremist threatens to behead him unless the prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay are released.

The United States government has turned its back on Brandon, and it’s now up to Brad and his team of world-class retired marines to help him save their friend. The clock is fast ticking as Brad and his team head for Iraq on a deadly mission to track and rescue their friend. At the end of it all are two big questions- will the crew make it back home alive? Can the crew save their friend before the extremist cut off his head?

Track Down Iraq is the fourth in Brad Jacob’s series by Scott Conrad. It’s a pulse-pounding military thriller series with non-stop action and authentic characters.

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