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Publication Order of Scott Fenney Books

Scott Fenny Series
Scotty Fenny is a fiction series by Mark Gimenez. The series follows the life of Scott Fenny, an attorney who is determined to succeed in the legal world. Where others would choose shortcuts and other unethical means to scale the ranks, Scott is not afraid to do it the old-fashioned way. He will always stand for the truth and let the other details take care of themselves. This will get him in trouble at some point, but his resilience will keep him going. Here, we see how life turns out for a man dedicated to his clients and family. There will be different clients to defend and a lot of sacrifices to make, but it is all worth it in the end.

The Color of Law
The Color of Law is the first book in the Scott Fenny series. The book introduces Scott Fenny, a man who is forced to choose between doing the right thing and living his enviable lifestyle. Scott was a football star in college who went on to become a top-notch attorney in a Dallas Firm. Everything is going great until Clark McCall, the wayward son of a powerful Texan politician, is murdered after a night of drugs, booze, and sex. Scott is chosen to represent Shawanda Jones, a drug-addicted hooker who also happens to be the main suspect. Clark’s father wants Shawanda convicted, and it is no secret that the outcome of this case will determine Scott’s future in his firm. Scott finds himself between a woman who is about to be prosecuted for a crime she did not commit and a grieving father who wants to see his son’s killer rot in jail.

Clark’s father is Senator Mack McCall. The politician is eyeing the presidency, so he is careful to keep family secrets and dirt under wraps. Scott’s boss Dan Ford is looking forward to being the next president’s attorney. This can only mean that Scott has to meet the senator’s demands. When Clark’s past starts to come to light, the senator moves into action, and Dan requests Scott to throw out the case. His conscience gets the better of him, so Scott refuses to follow his boss’s demand. This marks the beginning of his downfall.

What follows throws Scott’s life off-balance. Now he has to convince a jury that Shawanda is not Clark’s killer. He also has to protect himself and his family. On the one hand, there is a boss who is motivated by nothing but money and then a senator who will go to any length to get what he wants. Aside from representing Shawanda, Scott also takes her daughter Pajamae into his home. Fortunately, Scott has people to support him when life seems bleak entirely. There is his daughter Boo, his good friend from law school Bobby and off course, his client.

The Color of Law is an excellent choice if you are a courtroom drama fan or if you love courtroom mysteries. The storyline is intriguing, the pace is just right, and the narration is epic. A lot is going in the story, and some scenes will leave you in stitches, while others will make you cry. How does this case end? Can Scott continue dreaming of a successful career in law, or is this the end for him? Is it possible that the good guys will win this time around? You will find all these answers in this captivating book.

Accused is the second book in the Scott Fenny series. This story starts almost two years after the first one. We meet Scott who’s now moved to another firm, Boo is now 11, and the family has grown to include Pajamae. The future looks bright for Scott now that he is handling new clients. It will not be long before he can start making a decent paycheck home. A call from Rebecca, Scott’s ex-wife, changes all that. Rebecca is in trouble, and she begs Scott to help her.
Trey, Rebecca’s boyfriend, a pro golfer, is dead. Rebecca is the main suspect, and when she reaches out to Scott, the police are already holding her in a cell. This case is bigger than anything Scott has ever handled. Scott is still in love with Rebecca, and he wonders how to defend her in a case involving the man she left him for. If Rebecca is found guilty, a death sentence awaits her, which will devastate both Scott and his daughter. So, how does this hot-shot lawyer help the mother of his child? What options are open for him?

Scott will be forced to reconsider everything he knows in search of the truth. How does he explain the knife found in Rebecca’s boyfriend’s chest, considering only Rebecca was in the house when the killing happened? How about the fact that Rebecca’s fingerprints are all over the knife that killed Trey? Is it possible that the mother of his child was capable of murder? Scott moves his family to Galveston, where it will be easier to collect evidence and defend Rebecca. After doing his investigation, Scott discovers that Trey was not as perfect as his agent wanted people to believe. The guy had been involved in drugs and gambling. There was also a parade of women plus many people who would want him dead.

The dialogue between Scott and the prosecutor is intriguing, and an unexpected plot twist towards the end will reveal the truth of what happened to Trey. Another notable thing is the relationship between Trey and his daughter. He is raising strong and smart women who understand the value of integrity and truth. Follow Scott on yet another journey of transformation in a case involving a woman he has always loved.

Accused is just as intriguing as The Color of Law. While Scott doesn’t have to deal with a politician and an unreasonable boss who cares little about him, there is a high-profile case involved. Scott’s emotions and tenacity will be put to the test as he works to defend the mother of his child. How will Boo react to the news that her mother is a murder suspect? How about Scott’s friends who believe that Rebecca is guilty? Discover this and much more in this captivating book.

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