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Publication Order of Scott Finn Books

Written by Boston lawyer David Hosp, book series about the Scott Fin has won the hearts of many passionate readers mostly loved in detective books. It seems that David while he worked as pro bono lawyer had a lot of time for writing about young attorney Scott Fin who resolves every case.

His childhood in the New York, primarily in the Manhattan, gave him the interesting episodes and stories, while the studying and graduating from Dartmouth College and The George Washington University Law School and additional learning in the London School of Economics surely has the influence on his understanding the world of law and economics and the habits in the Boston, where David lives and works.

After the practicing in many law firms, like Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts (now Pillsbury Winthrop) and Goodwin Procter, he found his position in Trial Department at Goodwin Procter LLP, one of the Boston’s largest and oldest law firms as a partner. He still lives in Boston with his wife and children.

The story about the attorney Scott Finn starts with the book “Among thieves” in 1990 and the stealing the one of the famous and very valuable painting. The painting was placed in Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The secret stealing happened on the night of the St Patrick celebrations and nobody has mentioned it in public since then.

At this moment, Boston’s attorney Scott Finn comes into play, first as the defender of the small burglar Devon Malley. Hoping that it’s a small and simple case of petty theft he faced with the underworld of Boston’s crime gangs connected with the IRA organization and possibly connected with the theft of the painting from few years ago.

To make things worse, Devon gave him one more duty, to care for his teenage daughter Sally but that is not that simple for an attorney and there suddenly appears an Irish avenger who saw the murdering of the whole his family when he was nine years old. Things became hot and perplexedly in front of the readers despite the plot haven’t properly started.

After this book, the writer became faster and more creative, heated for the new stories and grown and mature. His second book, Innocence, is one of the most popular books from him and had three editions in very short time.

In this book, Scott Finn is discerning, but the responsibility is much tougher now. The book starts with the cop’s murder in the Charlestown streets where the Scott has grown up. Story interrupts the memory from his childhood and young ages when he worked many jobs just to survive the tough world. This life has the good sides, like gaining life experience, but that which will come next is totally unexpected.

The attempt to a murder he must resolve happened fifteen years ago when a female cop was attacked with her revolver. She identified illegal immigrant Vincente Salazar and doctor and unfortunately, that testimony is confirmed by his fingerprints found on the murder scene. Even he desperately persuades the police in his innocence, things didn’t go in a right way. He has remained as an attacker for years since the story actually started in the book and that is when the Scott came into it.

Now, he has to resolve both why the Salazar had been accused of a murder attempt and who is a real attacker. Starting the new trial with new evidence and clues, as he thought at the start, he actually opened a box of evil, lies, corruption and secrets expanded from Boston to Central America. There is also a suburban culture, criminals, and underground as in the previous book, surely as the one of the David’s fixations. At the end, the famous attorney found the plot for the endangering the safety of the nation and the whole organization under the regular Boston’s life. Finally, neither the Scott could define the thin line between innocence and guilt. As the Lee Child wrote in the first edition of the book – “Red-hot fiction rooted in stone-cold fact – a legal thriller to rival the best from Grisham or Turow”.

This book also shows the writer’s progress in writing style, descriptions, and observing the details. His world in the book is more colored, vivid and of course, convincing.

After those two books, and surely after the great success of the Innocence, Scott Finn became older and sophisticated, knowing that nothing wrong can be said about him, but still opened for the new jobs and adventures. The third book shows the Boston’s toughest neighborhood from where Scott Finn actually came in the famous law firm. This part of the city hides the awful secrets, suburban stories, criminals and offenders and many unresolved murders.

In the Boston’s harbor is founded a body of Scott’s closest colleagues and former lover Natalie Caldwell floating in the water. The famous and proven attorney now has tough job – to resolve the case in which he is involved emotionally. Symbolically, the heart of his old love has been removed from her chest by the surgeon, which makes whole crime mysterious. Here, as in previous books, the whole crime becomes complicated and linked to terrorists and conspiracy. On the other hand, the murder’s act looks like the serious killer called “Little Jack”, who with the Jack-the-Ripper-style murderers terrorizes Boston.

This time, Scott became the suspect too, finding himself confused by the old feelings for the Natalie and new evidence he had in the arms. He learned much about the new Natalie and her life after knowing him but more about himself and his capabilities in the law. At the end, the most important participant in this crime which Scott had to get to know is actually the serial killer with his darkness in the soul and unimaginable thoughts. With this dark details and descriptions, this book became “a legal thriller to rival Grisham or Turow” as the reviewer Lee Child said in the first edition of the book.

Even some readers describe this series book as a little slow and not remarkable and Scott Finn’s features found similar to the other book’s hero James Grippando, the fact is that these books had many editions and as popularity and acceptance as the criticism provided. Nobody should expect the highest quality and style but the numbers of readers of these books say that it’s worth of our attention.

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