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Scott Kelly is an American author that writes thrillers. Scott first got big on Wattpad before he finally found his stride as a published author of thrillers and fantasy novels that do not quite fit into any particular genre.


Scott Kelly was a nerd as a kid. A child of the eighties born on the Gulf of Texas, Scott remembers standing out because of his glasses and the tone of his skin. He also liked to read, a habit that his parents encouraged.

Scott Kelly’s first literary love was fantasy. He started out reading ‘The Belgariad’ by David Eddings before moving on to Terry Brooks and his Shannara novels. Unfortunately for Kelly, his nerdy tendencies did not extend to his studies.

The author was an average student. He wasn’t terrible at school but he also wasn’t very good. But Scott was fortunate to attend a school that encouraged his reading habits. And it wasn’t long before the author found his way into an accelerated reader program that introduced him to a myriad of novels, some of them science fiction, most of them fantasy.

Scott cannot really determine whether his obsession with reading made him a social outcast or if it was the fact that he was a social outcast that drove him to read so voraciously.

Either way, by the time Scott Kelly was in middle school, he was spending a disturbing amount of time buried in books. The writing bug struck him around this time. The author initially experimented with poetry, and he will be the first to tell you that he wasn’t very good.

But that never discouraged him from writing. And that was partly because Calhoun High School, which he attended, had English classes that had the uncanny ability to spark his interest in literature. It was during those high school years that the author’s reading tastes began to develop.

He started yearning for more mature literary pursuits and his thirst manifested starkly via his fervent participation in literature class. Scott Kelly was shocked by the emotion that could be expressed through books and he yearned to know more.

As with most authors, the more books Scott read, the more writing he did. By the time he was fifteen, the author had made up his mind to write a novel. It didn’t matter that he didn’t really know what he was doing.

Scott was determined to start his journey to publishing success. Of course, none of the concepts in Scott’s head ever materialized quite as pristinely as he imagined.

Scott’s literary attempts were all written in the first person. And they all focused on a particular philosophical issue. The author remembers the mindset that dogged him during his initial attempts at writing because he experimented with so many novels.

Scott was writing at least one novel a year. He experimented with all sorts of genres. He touched upon every subject that had ever piqued his interest. To Scott’s credit, the fact that his novels weren’t that good did not dissuade him from writing.

He kept churning novels out, with each new story bringing a couple of improvements to the table. And it isn’t like his efforts were in vain. Scott Kelly’s big break came when he was 19.

He elicited the attention of a small independent press in the UK which published ‘Jimwamba’, his first novel. Any other writer would have been ecstatic. However, Scott Kelly wanted more. The attention of a small press did not tickle his fancy.

So he started chasing after mainstream publishers and agents. Some of them took the bait but no publishing deals ever materialized. Eventually, after years of fighting and striving and pushing and persevering, Scott Kelly gave up.

He was burned out and it didn’t look like the traditional publishing landscape was any closer to giving him the shot he thought he deserved. However, fortune smiled upon the author.

Digital publishing began to gain momentum around this time and Scott Kelly realized that it was within his power to write and get his books published online without the involvement of a third party like a publisher.

Scott Kelly eventually succeeded because his initial desire was to reach readers. The resulting financial rewards were secondary. Scott was primarily occupied with the notion of getting his stories read. And after a hefty marketing campaign, Scott Kelly garnered the interest in his books he needed to finally start writing full-time. Scott spent so many years writing and giving his books out for free that it took him a while to get his fans acclimated to the concept of actually paying money to read his content.

But author’s tenacity has seen him through far worse challenges.

Scott Kelly has come far. His first book only ever sold a few dozen copies. But he eventually learned to use his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature to produce hard hitting stories with unique hooks.


It begins with a game, one that has six teens obsessed. And the rules are simple. Once you are tagged, you must change your life in the next fifteen minutes. The game is constantly evolving, forcing players to take bigger risks and suffer greater consequences.

What starts out as a little bit of fun takes a dark turn when a player kills David Bloom, the teen that created the game. And now the wrong person has been blamed for the crime. His only choice is to investigate his lifelong friends and figure out which one of them is the murderer.

This book is a teen murder mystery that looks at the lives of the criminally dysfunctional.

+Keep the Ghost

When Kayla decides to fake her death, she realizes that she will need Sean’s help. Kayla is determined to disappear and wipe her slate clean, surfacing somewhere else as someone completely new.

But she needs a witness to cap off her plan and Sean agrees to play along. Unfortunately for Sean, things do not play out quite as planned. While Kayla succeeds in faking her death, the police grow convinced that what they are looking at is murder rather than an accident.

With Kayla having vanished, Sean is facing prison unless he can find Kayla and unravel her ploy.

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