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Scott Matthews is a popular writer from the United States, who is famous for writing thrillers and suspense novels. He is particularly renowned for his widely successful Adam Drake series of books. All his Adam Drake books are very popular among the readers having interests in thriller stories. Author Matthews has made a large number of fans through his mind blowing writing style. His books are sold and read in many foreign countries, and have been translated into multiple languages throughout the world. Author Matthews has been praised by a large number of critics in various literary magazines. His books have received tremendously great reviews from one and all. The critics and readers have particularly liked and appreciated author Matthews’ character descriptions, plot depictions, storylines, and the overall settings of the stories. Even many fellow writers have written praising words about Matthews on various platforms, including social media and literature magazines.

The writing career of author Matthews is only several years and he has already established himself as a writer with great potential. Some critics feel that if he continues to work hard and make some improvements in his style of writing, then he can go a long way and even become a bestselling author. Author Matthews just hopes that he can prove his worth with all his upcoming works as well. He feels content with whatever success he has achieved so far and he considers his fans as an added bonus. Sometimes, he feels that he has a lot to offer and needs to explore himself as a thriller novelist. Author Matthews feels very grateful for the love and support offered to him by his fans. He wishes that they continue to like all his future work as well and keep supporting him in good and bad times. He likes to interact with the fans directly through various social media platforms. Author Matthews keeps them updated with the recent happenings in his life and career. He even informs the readers about the release dates of his upcoming novels, so that they don’t have to wait impatiently. Currently, author Matthews is at work on his next novel’s development. He is thinking of writing a new thriller series as well as exploring other genres of stories.

The Adam Drake book series written by author Scott Matthews is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2017. Each of the books of this series consists of the lead protagonist in the role of Adam Drake. Author Matthews has introduced Adam Drake as a patriotic lawyer living in Oregon, who is a former operator for the special forces. He is specialized in military and combat training and uses all his skills and intelligence to help keep his country safe from foreign as well as internal attacks of destruction. A very exciting novel of this series is entitled ‘Call It Treason’. It was released by the Guardsman publishing company in the year 2015.

The central plot of the story revolves around the terrorist attacks on the American soil and the efforts of Adam Drake in preventing a greater catastrophe from taking place. Author Matthews has done the setting the plot in Oregon and Washington, United States; and Syria. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a terror strike is orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood against the use of commercial airlines for traveling. The attack does not lead to any casualties and only happens on a small scale. But, it spreads fear among the people of America. The president puts the blame of this attack on Syria and says that the country is training terrorists to cause harm to the U.S. He even declares a war against the terrorist groups and prepares to launch a major strike soon.

When Adam Drake comes to know about the terror strike and the upcoming American response to it, he decides to get to the bottom of this matter and find out the real culprits to blame. His shocking discoveries make it clear that there are some powerful Washington people, who have acquired campaign money from foreign entities illegally. He finds more information about their corruption and illegal dealings. Adam Drake traces the source of all the campaign money and establishes its link with the funding of several terrorist training camps spread across the country. He wonders whether the attacks on America are happening from the inside and if countries like Syria are falsely framed? He prepares himself to unravel the ones betraying their own country and reveal their identities to let the people decide what must be done with them.

Another interesting book of this series is called ‘Special Counsel’. It was also published by the Guardsman publishers. The setting is again done in Washington as well as in Russia and Iran. Adam Drake is again depicted as the main lead and he is supported by several other secondary characters, who play important parts in carrying the story forward. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a new form of cold war has caused two of the oldest enemies of America, Iran & Russia, to enter into an alliance. As each of the enemy prepares to build their old empires again, the American government sees it as a very dangerous alliance.

Iran seems to be preparing to attack the United States with its deadly sword, while Russia gets busy in arming the proxies for fighting the war against America for them. Seeing their union as a great threat to the country’s safety and security, the US government orders its spies and special agents in both the enemy countries to keep a watch on their activities. Iran makes the first move and becomes all set for retaliating against America for the repeated attack on their nuclear facilities by their ally country Israel. Russia assists Iran in planning and executing the attack. It provides all the necessary weapons to make a greater impact.

Both these countries wish to destroy America’s very foundation and affect it badly. If they become successful in annihilating America, they will go on to fight against themselves for becoming the only dominating country of the world. They have to be stopped before they do anything like this as it would affect the entire world greatly. Adam Drake gets into action and discovers the treachery leading to the plans of the deadly attack. He stops them well before any major damage could take place and affect the world peace. The book got appreciations from one and all for its unique content and interesting set of characters. It gave author Matthews a great boost to proceed ahead on the path of writing thriller stories.

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