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The standalone novel Russo's Gold had an extensive rewrite and is now Blood Money.

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Scott Pratt is a native-born American author from the state of Michigan. He was born in 1956 and was later relocated to Tennessee; where his love for writing became apparent during his high school years. His Bachelor’s in English and Doctorate of Jurisprudence, in combination with his experience as a columnist and a criminal lawyer, have shaped his career as an author of legal thrillers. He won the McClellan award during his college years for excellence in writing; a very talented individual. In addition to the aforementioned academic and professional accomplishments, Pratt also earned the title of United States Veteran for his time served in the United States Air Force.

Despite Pratt’s busy academic and professional life, he managed to find some time for a personal life. He fell in love and married his wife, Kristy. They settled down in Johnson City, Tennessee and raised two children together. Pratt enjoys a variety of hobbies when he is not enthralled in writing; such as exercising and reading. He also has a love for his four-legged friends and devotes much of his time at home caring for them.

Scott Pratt has written a variety of legal thrillers. The Joe Dillard Series is, perhaps, his most significant works. It is a fictitious serious comprised of six books; in which Attorney Joe Dillard is the protagonist or main character. The series is written from a first person perspective, and the protagonist reflects the author himself. The first three books in the series are “An Innocent Client”, “In Good Faith”, and “Injustice for All”. Ironically, there were issues with the initial publishing of these three books, and Scott Pratt temporarily lost the rights to his own material. His publisher decided to relocate and refused to continue publishing Pratt’s series. In addition, the publisher refused to give Pratt back the rights to his own series.

It became apparent to Pratt that he was going to have to take legal action to remedy the situation. He decided to hire an attorney and take the issue to court. Eventually, he won back the rights to his own novels. Then, he chose to self-publish; in hopes of avoiding any further issues where his original material was concerned.

The Joe Dillard Series:

“An Innocent Client” begins the Joe Dillard series with a captivating story about a dead priest. The presumed killer is a strip club employee whose boss pays over 250 thousand dollars in legal fees to prove her innocence. The defense attorney just happens to be the exhausted, burnt out Joe Dillard. The series is written from a first person perspective, and the protagonist reflects the author himself This murder case, which just landed in his lap, is enough to keep him in the legal field a little while longer. This mystery keeps its reader’s enthralled until the very end.

“In Good Faith” is the second novel in the Joe Dillard series. In this novel, Attorney Joe Dillard is no longer defending the guilty; he’s prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law! This is a must read novel about a family that was horrifically murdered in the state of Tennessee. Two people have been charged for the murders; however, Joe feels there is more to the story. A person he believes played a huge role in the mutilation of this family is walking free, and he intends to change this. His refusal to let anyone get away with murder endangers his own life and the lives of those closest to him.

“Injustice for All” is the third novel in the Joe Dillard series. This is a captivating and enthralling mystery in which the protagonist must figure out who killed a judge. It is hard for him to face the possibility that someone he views as a friend may have a hand in this atrocity. His friend Ray Miller and Judge Green had bad blood between them; which ended in his friend having suicidal tendencies. Is his friend capable of murder?

“Reasonable Fear” is the fourth novel in the Joe Dillard series. A suspense filled novel about the murder of three women. District Attorney Joe Dillard quickly learns how one’s clout and financial position can manipulate the system; even when it comes to murder. His perseverance puts his own life in jeopardy. The series is written from a first person perspective, and the protagonist reflects the author himself

“Conflict of Interest” is the fifth novel in the Joe Dillard Series. In this story, Joe Dillard represents the family of a kidnapped child. He must work quickly to help this family find their child before the unthinkable happens. However, he is also plagued with his own problems as his wife fights a serious illness. Will she survive, and will he find the missing child in time?

“Blood Money” is the most recent novel added to the Joe Dillard series. This is a very intriguing and surprising story. Joe Dillard hires himself an associate; bringing a new character to the series, Charleston Story. She finds herself in a dangerous mess after she inherits an item from her first case. Her new boss attempts to advise her on the situation, which is turning uglier by the minute.

Scott Pratt has a habit of incorporating his own life experiences and personality into his novels. He is literally “one” with each novel he writes and this is what makes his work so enthralling; so captivating. He allows his personality to thrive in each novel. He used his protagonist, Joe Dillard, as his vessel; a way of mirroring himself. Pratt and Dillard both defended more guilty clients than innocent. They both struggled with the aforementioned, from a moral perspective. Their initial intentions were to defend the innocent not help the guilty remain free; which seemed to be all they were doing. It is not surprising that Pratt incorporated his wife’s own struggles with a serious, life-threatening illness into his novel “Conflict of Interest”; when his protagonist finds himself defending the family of a kidnapped child while coping with his wife’s serious illness.

Scott Pratt’s ability to become “one” with his words is what makes him a successful author. He is a rarity among those in the writing community, and will continue to captivate his readers!

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8 Responses to “Scott Pratt”

  1. Luann Hoberman: 6 months ago

    Blood is Back was a wonderful book. I read many of Scott’s book and was thrilled to find this one. I am so sorry there won’t be another one to tie up the end of this book. I hope Dylan might give it a shot.

  2. bill shanks: 1 year ago

    I noticed that “Blood Is Back” came out this year
    supposedly authored by Scott Pratt, who died five
    years ago.

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      Yes it was written by Scott as a manuscript prior to his passing, and his son worked on getting it published.

  3. Cynthia (McAdoo) Brennan: 1 year ago

    I am always looking for new authors and recently discovered Scott Pratt. I am reading the last book of the Joe Dillard series. I was checking the web site to see when the 10th book in the series would be released. Imagine my surprise when I found out Mr. Pratt had passed away in November 2018. I couldn’t put the books down and read the whole series in order as fast as I could. What a talent and he will be missed.

  4. Danny Brushett: 2 years ago

    Read all the joe Dillard series and loved them well written and now just starting to read his Darren Street books. Great and captivating writer

  5. Joan Isenberg: 2 years ago

    The very best of the best tracking the worst of the worst. I have all his books and was heartbroken when I read he had died snorkeling.

  6. Annie Frey: 3 years ago

    I find all of Scott’s books amazingly and wonderfully written, engaging the reader in each book. I have found each book to be better than the last and in each one, I find myself praying for some medical miracle for Joe’s Caroline. I have read all of his Joe Dillard books and am currently starting number 9, the last, over the last 13 days, finding they are tough to put down once you start. It wasn’t until just before starting #9, that I found out each book was a parallel to his own life, including having a son and daughter, as well as a beloved wife that was fighting for her life, as was Joe’s Caroline. It was then too that I was became aware of both Kristy’s and Scott’s deaths. I followed up and read everything I could find, realizing that his son, Dylan (and other authors) were in the
    process of completing the books he had been working on. Wow, Dylan, I am proud of you, and I am only an anonymous reader…I can only imagine how proud both your mom and dad are of you!

  7. Dick: 3 years ago

    Always enjoy the Joe Dillard books


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