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Scott Reintgen is a popular author from the United States, who is known for writing science fiction, young adult, dystopia, fiction, and fantasy novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Nyxia Triad series of books. Author Reintgen was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States, and was raised in North Carolina. While growing up, Reintgen spent a lot of time with his 14 cousins, who used to live on the same street as him and took a lot of advantages of this fact. Author Reintgen managed to get space for himself in the crowded family by throwing some elbows and helped himself become the storyteller of the family. During the initial days, he used to enjoy doing this a lot and was encouraged by his family members to continue doing it. Author Reintgen became so much interested in storytelling that he chose to spend almost all of his school and college time investing in the literature world. The interest of storytelling led Reintgen to pursue a career in Creative Writing and teaching the English subject. He had to move to North Carolina for giving new heights to his career. This move proved to be a beneficial one for him as he continued to grow interest and become successful in the field of literature. Author Reintgen fell in love with North Carolina for all the success he achieved in this great state. And with the passage of time, author Reintgen found a new interest in writing novels. This enabled him to come up with a few mind blowing novels in the last few years. His books went on to do great business all over the globe and helped him establish himself as a noteworthy author.

As of today, author Reintgen resides in North Carolina. He is happily married and lives with his beautiful family. Reintgen spends most of his time writing stories for his fans, and whatever spare time he gets from his busy work he likes to spend them in the company of his family. He considers himself blessed to have achieved successes in every field he took interest in, and also for getting the support of his fans and family members. Author Reintgen is delighted to know that he is still in demand for his stories and his storytelling. He hopes that the demands continue to remain alive & well for many more years to come. Reintgen wishes to keep entertaining his fans with his magical words and storytelling abilities. When Reintgen is not writing or reading, he can be seen at the local coffee shops very often. He likes the peaceful atmosphere of the coffee houses and feels that it helps him come up with interesting ideas that he later developed into exciting stories. This is the reason he loves visiting coffee shops very much. So far, author Reintgen has penned three books in his writing. He is working on finishing the writing part and publishing a few more of his books in the near future. Reintgen knows his fans are eagerly waiting for him and does not intend to keep them waiting for a long time. He is grateful for the love and support given to him by his dear fans. Many critics and fellow writers have also praised his work and have appreciated his character descriptions and his writing style. This has boosted Reintgen’s confidence to a great extent and has kept him motivated throughout his career.

The Nyxia Triad series written by author Scott Reintgen consists of 3 novels, two of which have been published in 2017 and 2018, and the third one is expected to be published soon. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Nyxia’. It was released by the Crown Books publishers in the year 2017. The book features the primary characters in the form of Emmett Atwater. Author Reintgen has done the setting of its plot in Detroit and outer space. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Emmett Atwater gets recruited by the Babel Corporation for a mission in space. However, they keep the mission a mystery to him and only ask him to leave Detroit and come with them. Seeing the large amount of money for signing the contract with them makes Emmett board the corporation’s lightship for space. He hopes to return home on Earth as soon as the mission gets over and with huge money to look after the needs of his family forever. After the mission begins, Emmett Atwater learns that there are nine people like him working for the same mission and all of them also have gone through troubled pasts like him. The recruits are made to earn their right of traveling down to a planet called Eden, which Babel keeps hidden. There, they will be required to do the mining of a substance known as Nyxia. Unknown to recruits, this Nyxia has turned out to be the universe’s most valuable substance. Fearing that they might never make it back to Earth, the recruits start looking for means to withdraw from the mission. But, none of them seems to find any success. Emmett realizes that the lightship of Babel has numerous secrets. He knows he has to find what the corporation wants from and earn his freedom or else he will be left wandering in space forever.

The next book penned by Reintgen in the series is called ‘Nyxia Unleashed’. Once again, Emmett Atwater is depicted as the lead character with several other supporting characters as well. The book follows the journey of Emmett Atwater and his companions as they travel across Eden and try to survive the many obstacles coming their way. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is mentioned that Emmett realizes all the promises made by Babel were false and the mission is not as easy as it was told. Every competition that he and the crewmates come across on Eden appear to be darker and damaging. Emmett rallies the survivors and asks them to work out a plan to forge their way through the unknown planet. While extracting Nyxia, they must act softly in front of the Adamite population or else they might cause life-threatening problems for them. Soon, the survivors get caught between the powerful forces of Adamites and Babel. As the desires of the two large forces clash, the team and Emmett feel much more threat than ever. But, they do not lose hope and keep working out plans to come out alive and return their families on Earth.

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