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Scott Shepherd is an American author of horror, mystery, and thriller books. His books include Austin Grant of Scotland Yard series, which debuted in 2022 with The Last Commandment. Scott was born in New York City and moved to California by the time he was crawling. He has lived in the Golden State ever since. His years in Los Angeles saw him watch plenty of movies and Dodger games before finally moving North, where he majored in B.A. in English at Stanford University. Besides writing, Scott is a prolific producer and showrunner with years of experience running network series.

Some of Scott’s popular works include: “Tru Calling” “The Equalizer,” “Miami Vice,” “Quantum Leap,” and “The Dead Zone”. He’s collaborated with several bestselling authors on a variety of T.V. projects, including Stephen King, Karin Slaughter, and Harlan Coben. Scott is a lecturer at the University of Texas, Austin, teaching television writing in the graduate program. You will find Scott traveling with his wife when not writing or trying to make a television deadline.

The Last Commandment is the first novel in the Austin Grant of Scotland Yard series by Scott Shepherd. The story unfolds across two continents, the U.S.A. and Great Britain, weaving a tale that stands out as one of the most captivating novels in its genre this year. The story kicks off with the murder of Billy Street, the lead singer of the British rock band The Blasphemers, after a cozy house show. The murder shakes the city and introduces us to the protagonist, Metropolitan Police Commander Austin Grant. Nearing retirement, Grant finds himself unprepared for such a crime, especially during the holiday season.

Unbeknownst to Austin, Billy’s murder is just the start of a terrifying spree that will not only grip London and New York City but also strangely link back to him personally. The horror escalates with the murder of a visiting Oxford Professor specializing in Greek Mythology. The professor’s body is found with a chilling signature: a bloody line across his forehead, mirroring the deep gash on his throat. In his quest to solve these heinous crimes, Austin confides in his brother, Everett, a brilliant Philosophy Don at Oxford. It’s Everett who first discovers that the murders eerily mimic the pattern of the Ten Commandments from the Bible. This revelation leads Austin to a startling discovery: the marks left on each victim correspond to Roman Numerals, each representing a different Commandment.
Grant receives a call from NYPD Detective John Frankel about a murder in New York City. The victim, a priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, was killed in a manner strikingly similar to Grant’s current London case. This link necessitates Grant’s journey to N.Y.C.. This trip also presents an opportunity to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Rachel, who moved there following the death of her mother from cancer.

In New York, Grant joins forces with Detective Frankel. Together, they investigate what they suspect is the work of the ‘Commandment Killer.’ Their prime suspect is Timothy Leeds, a man with a dark history, recently released from prison for murdering his parents.
Before they can interrogate Leeds, they find Timothy dead, marked with a Roman Numeral V on his forehead. The timing is suspicious – Leeds’ death occurs shortly after he was scheduled to meet a British journalist for an interview. Coincidentally, a journalist known to Grant from London is also in N.Y.C., adding another layer of intrigue.

Grant’s list of suspects includes not only the British journalist but also Prior Silver, an ex-convict who found religion after his release from prison. Silver holds a grudge against Grant, making him a potential suspect. The question lingers: are these murders driven by personal vendetta, and why are they occurring during Christmas? Amid the investigation, Grant’s relationship with his daughter Rachel slowly mends. Complicating matters, Rachel begins developing feelings for Detective Frankel. Their dynamic changes as they plan to return to London, following Prior Silver, who was spotted leaving J.F.K. Airport.

Back in London, one of Grant’s apprentice stumbles upon a gruesome double homicide. The discovery turns deadly when the killer, still present at the scene, attacks, making Grant’s protégé another victim. The murder becomes personal for Grant, especially after receiving a posthumous text from his fallen colleague. Another subplot unfolds around Rachel’s estrangement from her father. She harbors a painful secret: her mother was attacked and nearly sexually assaulted months before her death, a truth Rachel promised to keep hidden from Grant. Could this attacker be connected to the Commandment Killer? As the body count rises, the trio – Grant, Frankel, and Rachel – confronts a chilling realization. The final commandment murder seems intended for Grant himself, evidenced by a newspaper cutout found in N.Y.C. with ten Xs across Grant’s face. This discovery propels them into a desperate race to uncover the killer’s identity and motives before it’s too late, adding a critical urgency to Grant’s last case before retirement.

The intertwining of religious symbolism, international settings, and Commander Grant’s impending retirement adds suspense and intrigue to Shepherd’s masterfully woven narrative. The Last Commandment is not just a tale of murder and mystery; it’s a deep dive into the psyche of its characters, particularly Austin Grant. As he navigates through the intricacies of the case and the personal connections that emerge, Austin is forced to confront his own beliefs, fears, and the impending end of his career.
Scott Shepherd’s novel challenges readers to unravel the mystery alongside its characters, making it unputdownable.

Should I Fall is the second novel in Austin Grant of Scotland Yard series by Scott Shepherd. Austin Grant and his daughter Rachel are on a mission to clear her fiancé, NYPD Detective John Frankel, of murder charges. The drama unfolds when Frankel’s ex-wife is found dead in his apartment, with evidence linking him to the crime, including a matching gun and a motive. Despite the growing evidence, Frankel flees, and Austin and Rachel are adamant about his innocence.

The narrative takes the duo on a tense, cross-country pursuit to save Frankel, stretching from Hawaii’s beaches to a cemetery in Maine. Amidst this high-stakes chase, they unravel a complex murder plot involving several victims, keeping the readers engaged until the end.

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