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Publication Order of Scottish Escapes Books

A Secret Scottish Escape (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scottish Highland Surprise (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cottage in the Highlands (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scottish Country Escape (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highland Lodge Getaway (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bookshop by the Loch (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scottish Highland Hideaway (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scottish Island Summer (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Scottish Escapes” series is a set of novels by Julie Schackman who is a bestselling romance novelist.

The author has asserted that since she was very young, she always dreamed of one day becoming an author.

As a kid, she used to have books all around her given that her mother and grandma were voracious readers that often took her with them to the library.
At thirteen years old, she read Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz which would be very significant in her development as an author.

It was also at this time that she started believing that she could actually become an author. But writing had to be banished to the background when she started a family and had two kids.
In college, she studied communication and media studies and would then become a journalist even though an author was always what he had always wanted to do from childhood.
As an adult, she got busy with family and earning a living and it was not until her children were much older that she got back to writing.
It was in 2018 that she published A Secret Scottish Escape the debut novel of the Scottish Escapes series in 2021.

As a full-time author, Julie Shackman spends much of her time penning her blockbuster fiction novels.

She for the most part does this every weekday morning from a local coffee shop, writing in longhand before she transfers everything to her laptop.
To bring some balance to her life, she usually spends the weekends relaxing and chasing her hobbies and writing during the day.

Nonetheless, she will sometimes pen something during the weekend when inspiration strikes or whenever she is chasing a deadline.

Apart from her writing, she is also contracted from time to time to write captions and verses for greeting card companies.

The “Scottish Escape” series of novels by Julie Shackman is a series of novels with all manner of secrets and mysteries that are also full of friendships, music, family drama, and romance.
These are stories with small communities at their heart in which the character can always hope to find unexpected love.

The first novel of the “Scottish Escape” series tells the story of Layla, who is devastated when her fiance dies in the hands of another woman.

She is preparing to leave when she comes upon an unlikely inheritance and meets Rafe Buchanan, a reclusive celebrity who just moved into town.

“A Scottish Highland Surprise” is the second novel of the series that tells the story of Sophie Harkness, who moves to Briar Glen, a highland Scottish town where her grandmother left her an unexpected inheritance.
It is here that she meets Xander North an aloof critic who upends everything in her life.

“The Cottage in the Highlands” is the third novel of the series that tells of Leonie Baxter, a journalist who loses her job. Walking the woods with her dog she stumbles upon a very beautiful cottage.
What she does not realize is that this could change her entire life and lead her in directions she never imagined.

The first novel of the “Scottish Escapes” series of novels is “A Secret Scottish Escape.”

Layla Devlin the lead is a twenty-eight-year-old woman who works as a freelance author. She has been recently having a very hard time as she has been informed that the man she thought was her father was not a few days before her mother left her.
To make matters worse, she has just lost her fiance who had died of a heart attack while cheating on her. Even though her fiance was much older, she believed they had been in love and his betrayal was very painful.
Nonetheless, she makes the decision to remain in the village of Loch Harris as she believes the villagers need her. Surprisingly, Mac, her fiance had left her an inheritance which she intends to use to build a dream music venue.
She intends to turn a rundown boathouse into a place where both locals and tourists can find some much-needed respite.

It was while she was in the process of organizing the opening that she met Rafe Buchanan. He is a celebrity who recently moved into town but who has not been getting out much that he has been nicknamed “The Mask.”

“A Scottish Highland Escape” is the second novel of the enthralling “Scottish Escapes” series of novels.
This is the story of wedding planner Sophie Harkness, who refuses to let one of her spoiled clients sour a friend’s wedding.

Her stubbornness gets her fired and she is at a loose end until she is given some good news. Her grandmother just left her a porcelain shop back in Briar Glen in Scotland.

She packs her things and heads to Scotland for a new start and believes that things are finally coming together for her. She loves her new home and could not be happier at her job running the porcelain shop.
She sells items that tell some intriguing stories but one particular tea set is very peculiar. The tea set comes with a letter which she finds very curious about and she becomes obsessed with finding out the true story behind the item.
Since she is not making any headway, she invited Xander North who is known as being the foremost art critic in the area to have a look. What she never expected was that she would learn some very colorful things about her grandmother.

The third novel of the “Scottish Escapes” series of novels by Julie Shackman is “The Cottage in the Highlands.”

At the opening of the story, we are introduced to a woman named Leonie Baxter who for the past two years has been working at the Silver Ness News as a junior reporter.
There is nothing she loves more than her job and hence she is devastated when she learns that the newspaper is being bought up by a bigger rival.

She loved working with her colleagues all of whom are frustrated by the fact their workplace will never be the same again. However, now that she has lost her job, she needs to quickly find a way to pay for her mortgage and other living expenses.
She has been spending all her days looking for a new job and heads out for a walk for a much-needed break alongside her puppy dog. But then her dog runs far ahead and fails to return even when she whistles.
When she heads deep into the trail to find him, she stumbles into a very dilapidated house deep in the woods. While it is a very shabby house from the outside, it looks very well kept inside which is very curious.

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