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Publication Order of Sea Breeze Books

About The Sea Breeze Series of Books:

The Sea Breeze Series, written by Abbi Glines, is a series of young adult romance novels that explore the wide varieties of relationships that can exist in today’s modern world for those just coming of age. There are recurring characters throughout the books that make reappearances later on in each part of the series, providing detailed and real character development that can’t typically be found in any other young adult romance series. Each book entails a different relationship between various characters, which not only keeps the reader intrigued, but provides them with a rich array of character personalities and back stories to play to anyone’s emotions.

Sea Breeze 1: Breathe

Breathe is the first book by Glines to be published, and has been described as a modern-day Cinderella story. The main character, Sadie White, gets a summer job, but not the kind one would expect. Instead of working at the beach being a lifeguard or manning rental booths along the boardwalk, she’s tasked with working for one of the wealthiest families in the area… as a domestic servant. She takes the task upon herself when her mother, who is a single parent, is entering the late stages of her pregnancy and is finding it increasingly difficult to work. Due to these circumstances, Sadie has had to do a lot of growing up in order to help make ends meet in their household, and is much more mature for her age. Despite this, she is still caring and protective, especially when it comes to her mother. Taking care of responsibilities has become second nature to her, making it easy for her to undertake her mother’s job.

The Famous Jax Stone

But this isn’t just any wealthy family. This is the family of Jax Stone, the famous teen rocker in the entire world. Any teenaged girl would probably fall over themselves at the prospect of being so close to a famous musician, but Sadie isn’t like any teenager. Though surprised at the initial news, she’s wholly unimpressed by the musician, too busy with actually getting the job done cleaning their home, as well as taking care of her mother, to care much about his fame and fortune.

Her Lack of Interest

This lack of enthusiasm for his career does not sway Jax, however. Despite Sadie’s lack of interest in him, he can’t help but feel drawn to her in a way. Her dedication to her work is only one of the things he admires about her, but he fights as much as he can against the initial attraction. Jax is used to being in the limelight and has seen firsthand what fame does to people. Having never had any real friends in the business, he’s also seen how relationships under the scrutinizing eye of the public can suffer. Jax convinces himself that his way of life isn’t for Sadie, and wants something more for her, but by the time her summer job is over, his infatuation with her has taken over his life.

Problems in Paradise

The attraction between Sadie and Jax soon becomes mutual, and it isn’t long before the media starts to hounder Sadie about their relationship. Her plate already full with the responsibilities of her life and her job, it isn’t long before Sadie starts to feel worn down about the whole relationship altogether.

Sea Breeze 2: Because of Low

Marcus Hardy made an appearance in “Breathe”, and now his own story for readers to enjoy. Marcus heads off to college for a year, hoping that the humdrum of classes and credits would be enough to distract him from the events of last summer, when Sadie chose a rock star musician over him. However, it seems he can’t escape his fate, as he finds himself right back in the place he thought he’d never come back to. The draw isn’t the sand and the beaches, however; a family crisis is what draws him back to Sea Breeze, Alabama. His parents are undergoing marital problems: his father starts seeing a woman who is only a few years older than Marcus, while Marcus’ mother is mentally falling apart at the seams. It’s all his sister can do to keep her from losing her mind entirely. But never let it be said that every grey cloud has its silver lining, and that lining takes the form of a beautiful redhead named Willow that sleeps at his place several times a week. The big problem lies in the fact that she is dating Marcus’ roommate, Cage York. As much as they are good friends, the problems between Marcus and Cage are just beginning.

The Woman with Red Hair

Willow isn’t without her own problems. She seeks solace in Cage’s apartment and bed every time her sister kicks her out. This makes it difficult for her to have a stable lifestyle, especially while she’s attending the local community college. Only able to find a part-time job in the area, she’s finding it difficult to make ends meet. But for some reason, having Cage’s new roommate around seems to make everything not feel so bad. But that doesn’t mean Willow is so quick to leave Cage for Marcus. With the way Willow seems to lose everything in her life, Cage is the only one that has stayed with her through it all, and she feels that she owes him in some part for being a stabilizing force. He’s been a constant, and Willow has latched onto that to ensure that she still has something (or someone) to fall back on.

The Jealous Boyfriend

This does little to sway Cage’s jealous streak, as he seems to “stake a claim” over Willow, despite the fact that he uses his college baseball career to catch the eye of every woman he’s interested in sleeping with. Marcus is aware of Cage’s womanizing ways, however, and he sets the gears in motion to show both Cage and Willow that maybe, they’re just not meant to be together.

Take It Or Leave It

However, all of Marcus’ plans come crashing down around him, leaving him with an ultimatum that he has no choice in avoiding: it’s either Willow or his family. Personal family demons aside for both parties involved, the struggle to figure out what Marcus and Willow can really do for each other during these troubling times is always at the forefront.

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