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Publication Order of Sea Haven: Drake Sisters Books

Magic in the Wind (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Twilight Before Christmas (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oceans of Fire (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Tides (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Safe Harbor (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Turbulent Sea (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden Currents (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sea Haven: Sisters Of The Heart Books

The “Sea Haven” series also known as the “Sisters of the Heart” series are a paranormal romance series of novels by Christine Feehan. The series of novels get their name from their setting in the small community called Sea Haven. Feehan the author is an American paranormal romance author with more than five series, 40 novels, and numerous novellas to her name. Her novel include the “Dark Books”, the “GhostWalker”, “Leopard People”, “Sea Haven”, “Shadow”, and “Torpedo Ink”. The inspiration for the “Sea Haven” series that has the leads as seven sisters is from her upbringing in a family that had thirteen siblings. The author was born Christine King in California and spent her childhood growing up among ten sisters and three brothers. While in school, she was often reprimanded for writing stories when she should have been doing schoolwork. She was soon forcing her sisters to read her short stories as she believed she was born to write. Married to Richard Feehan, the couple has a large family of eleven children who help in editing her novel drafts. Her novels have been published in more than a dozen languages and have won several prestigious awards over the years. Among some of Feehan’s awards are a Romance Writers of America RITA Award, Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, and a Paranormal Excellence Award.

Christine Feehan’s “Sea Haven” series are novels full of mystery, magic, and soul stirring nature. Each novel of the Sea Haven series tells the story of one of seven women who come together because of their experiences – all of them have had to live with the trauma of violent crime. The “Sea Haven” series of novel are a spin-off from Christine Feehan’s very successful “Drake Sisters” series of novels. Since they are spin-offs, many of the characters and story arcs of the Drake Sisters novels overlap with the plot-lines in the Sea Haven series. The first novel of the “Sisters of the Heart” series was “Water Bound” that was first published in 2010 to much critical acclaim and commercial success. The six women of the series are of varying ages though they come together to from a special group to counsel each other for their trauma from violent crime, from which all of them had been victims. Each of the women have had to live with unbelievable loss and it is only through trusting and learning to love each other that they work through their grief. They pool together their resources and buy a huge farm which they divide into cultivation and home areas. They share the cultivation part of the farm and subdivide the rest into five acres for each woman. They refer to themselves as sisters of the heart and form a loving community even though they have no blood relations among themselves. Each of the seven sisters has their own special talent which they showcase in their novel. While each novel may be read as a standalone, reading the Drake series would provide an even better understanding of the series.

The “Sea Haven” series of novels are enticing romance stories about characters with some of the most intense connections. The male protagonist is typically a fierce man whose anger and ferocity is calmed down by the love of the woman who makes him feel safe and loved. The intense chemistry between the leads jumps off the page with the powerful sensuality that often confirms them as soul mates even as they fight a lot during the early stages of their romance. But it is not all about romance as their story-line and especially their dialogues are infused with humor as they tease and taunt each other making for some unbelievable tension. What makes the romance so intriguing is that neither of the lovers try to change their partner to fit them. Rather, they find their place in each other’s lives and adjust to fit what their partner wants. Most of the women want routine and stability and by understanding this the men are able to get them under their spell by offering some of the most incredible bonds that ties them together in love. The men are your ultimate alpha male being loving and gentle towards their lover, but also the dangerous hero everyone wants delivered to them as a Christmas wrap. They are like a fierce wolf whenever anything threatens their lover, and turn into a gentle Golden Retriever when it comes to matter of intimacy and love.

“Water Bound” the first novel of the “Sea Haven” series is an enthralling romance that will have the reader flipping through the pages. Lev Prakenskii remembers nothing but being tossed about the currents of the sea before being sucked into the deep black water just off the small coastal town of Sea Haven. He was saved by what he deemed more of a miracle than fate, when a beautiful stranger got him out of the water and onto the beach. But he has lost his memory and does not know why he seems to have the violent instincts that he for the most part associates with a trained hit man. But he fears for his life and that of the beautiful stranger who saved him from drowning. She is a sea urchin diver named Rikki that has always loved the charming pull of the tides and anything to do with the sea since she was young. She now feels just as irresistibly drawn to the strange and enigmatic man from the sea. What she does not know is that they will soon be bound together by an even stronger force as their deepest secrets drown them in inescapable danger and dizzying passion.

“Spirit Bound” the second of the “Sea Haven” series is a great novel about a man possessed with just as many skills to pleasure a woman as he has to kill a man. He is on a mission to go to Sea Haven, where he has learned that one of the most elusive of women he had tried to woo in the past lived. He wants nothing more than to seduce and make her his even if he spent the rest of his life doing it. Judith Henderson has once been a haunted and ethereal woman – an artist on the rise that had captured the heart of two men who had become obsessed with her. Judith had spent years waiting for the right man that she could spend the rest of her life with – a man that could unlock the fire and passion she had within her, a man she could fully surrender to. But there is only one man she can trust with her secrets, only one man who can live with the shadows the secrets in her life are sure to cast over their lives.

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