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Publication Order of Seacliff High Mysteries Books

The Seacliff High Mystery is a series of novels written by Kathi Daley. The books began publication in 2015 and follow a young girl solving crimes at her new high school.

+The story

Kathi Daley is synonymous with the romance/mystery genre, and few other authors do as effective a job at blending those two elements as Kathi. With Kathi, you do not find fans of the mystery genre complaining that her books spend too much time delving into the romantic elements.

And you will be hard pressed to find readers who think that Kathi’s books are a little too light on the romance, instead emphasizing the mystery above all else. Kathi knows her audience. Her mysteries are solid, and she makes an effort to keep her romances meaningful, and the Seacliff High Mystery series proves as much.

These books center on Alyson Prescott, a modern day Nancy Drew of sorts. Alyson had everything a girl could want. As an A-list heiress, Alyson was living the high life. The security of old money afforded her privileges that most people could only dream of.

Alyson’s days were spent chasing the latest lifestyle trends. But that was before she saw two members of a powerful gang commit murder, changing her life as she knew it. To survive the dangers threatening her family, Alyson and her mother were forced to enter the witness protection program.

That meant moving to Cutters Cove in Oregon and living the life of a middle class girl, devoid of all the sophistication of her old life. For Alyson, there is now more to her life than merely acclimating to the standards of living in a middle class town.

She must also reconcile her past with her present, this while trying to maintain the lie of the new character she must play. Luckily for Alyson, all is not well in Cutters Cove. Crime is rife and there is always a case around awaiting Alyson’s attention.

Along the way, Alyson makes new friends and cements her place at Seacliff High.

+The Author

Kathi Daley is a successful author responsible for series like Whales and Tails, Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery and the Zoe Donovan series. Kathi has the privilege of living near Lake Tahoe, the location affording her access to some truly beautiful landscapes.

Kathi spends her days reading, cooking, gardening and cycling. She also enjoys going to the beach, preferably with her grandchildren.

Kathi writes cozy mysteries. She has a very loyal base of fans who she appreciates for making so much effort to market her books on her behalf. Kathi’s greatest strength is her characters.

She has a penchant for creating some truly impressive casts, people that her readers can easily gravitate to, care for, cheer for and relate to. In fact, while it could be argued that most of Kathi’s books recycle the same old themes, she still manages to deliver some truly entertaining tales because her characters keep readers coming back.

For the most part, Kathi’s books are pretty short, which is probably how she is able to push out so many books in a year.

+The Secret

Alyson is still trying to settle into the dilapidated mansion her mother bought. Standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Alyson’s interest is piqued by the secret harbored by the mansion, a secret that only the previous resident of the property knew before his passing.

Alyson sets her mind to the task of sniffing out this secret. She is joined on this trail of murder and embezzlement by her friends from Seacliff high.

Fans of Kathi Daley will find this book surprising, primarily because the author isn’t known for dabbling in the paranormal, which is exactly what she does here. The book is more young adult than cozy mystery.

And it is clean, free of coarse language. Kathi briefly delves into the complexities of high school life, especially when it comes to maintaining a social life even while solving mysteries. Alyson doesn’t find it as hard to make friends as one might expect.

In fact, the book emphasizes Alyson’s bonds with her new friends, with the mystery acting as a catalyst for the strengthening of these bonds. Everything begins when Alyson and her crew come across a decades old mystery while cleaning out the attic.

They know the mystery is of some importance because Alyson’s attempts to investigate it earn her a threatening note. Someone is getting nervous and they do not like Alyson sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

As one might expect from Kathi, her characters are great. The teenagers act like teenagers. The writing style flows smoothly and makes the reading process easy.

+The Curse

Alyson has a new case. She is determined to find two students that went missing shortly before Halloween. And she isn’t buying the police’s story that they run away, not with all the unexplained things that begin to happen.

The adults won’t listen so Alyson turns to her friends for help.

Kathi’s cast of unique characters continues to grow and develop in the second book in the Seacliff High Mystery series. Alyson’s back story is given more focus, specifically the events that drove Alyson and her mother into the Witness Protection Program.

Things haven’t been easy for them. Alyson wants a normal life. The lying and deceiving are taking its toll. But she has to prioritize a pair of teens that went missing, especially when it begins to look like no one is really looking for them.

The mystery here has an aspect of the paranormal which keeps things interesting, especially for those readers that have closely followed Kathi’s work and who might be looking for a change of pace.

Kathi’s descriptions are amazing. She paints a vivid picture of the small town in her readers’ minds. She also immerses readers in the action, making them feel like they are walking in Alyson’s shoes.

And because the writing is so smooth, this book tends to be an easy read, and it isn’t surprising that so many people think it is too short. It seems to fly right by. But every good book is supposed to fly by.

Kathi writes for both older and younger readers. The novel doesn’t alienate any age group and can be read by anyone.

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