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SEAL Team Hawaii Books In Order

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Publication Order of SEAL Team Hawaii Books

Finding Elodie (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Lexie (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Kenna (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Monica (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Carly (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Ashlyn (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Jodelle (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Stoker is a published American author.

Susan Stoker is a best-selling writer who has topped the list of publications such as USA Today, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. She resides in the great state of Texas and says that she has a heart as big as her state.

Susan is an All-American woman that spent over a decade living in different states. For fourteen years, she has resided in California, Colorado, Indiana, and Missouri. She is married to her husband, who has retired from the Army and whom she says now gets to follow her all around the United States.

Her first series came out in 2014. She would follow that up with a new series called SEAL of Protection, which she says helped to solidify the love that she has for writing and creating unique stories designed for readers to get lost in.

Susan Stoker is the creator and the author of the SEAL Team Hawaii series. The series started in 2021 with the publication of the first novel in the series, Finding Elodie. That same year the second novel would come out, which is titled Finding Lexie. It was followed by the release of the third novel in the series, Finding Kenna. The fourth novel in the series would come out in 2022, Finding Monica. The fifth novel in the series is called Finding Carly. It is followed by the sixth novel in the series, called Finding Ashlyn.

Finding Elodie is the first novel in the SEAL Team Hawaii series by Susan Stoker. If you have been looking for a thriller novel and something new to read, check out this book!

To main character Elodie Winters, she thinks that everything is finally working out. She is known for being a chef, and she finally landed what she thinks could be a dream job. She’s serving as a private chef in New York to a powerful family. But what should be a great job ends up turning out to be a nightmare in the making through no fault of her own.

It turns out that the person that is employing her also happens to be the head of a mob family that is quite well known. She takes off and while on the run comes up with her own personal plan for what to do. She finds herself smack dab in the center of the Arabian sea and finally feels safe in some way. She’s serving as a cook for a cargo ship called the Asaka Express.

Things take an unexpected turn for the worse when the ship gets boarded by pirates. Elodie cannot believe the luck that she is having, but the good news is that things are about to turn around. Little does she know that Scott “Mustang” Webber is on the way. Scott’s been pulled from his current mission, and so has his entire SEAL team, to respond to an act of piracy somewhere in the Middle East.

The team is all surprised when the first individual to reach out to them on the radio for help is a woman. She says that her name is Rachel Walters, which is obviously a fake name. While speaking with her, Scott senses that the anonymous woman must be hiding something. He offers up his help.

Months later, Rachel Walters comes looking for him. Or should we say, Elodie. Elodie manages to track him down in Hawaii and Scott is pleasantly surprised when she does. While they were talking and she was on the cargo ship, he thought that he had sensed a connection. Now he has the chance to possibly explore that connection even more.

Elodie is pleasant to talk to and he makes it his goal to keep her safe while she’s there. That turns out to be a task that is relatively easy to do, until it isn’t. It doesn’t help that he’s been spending days in paradise, which has a tendency to make one more complacent than may be advisable. Mustang now has the task of taking on his most important mission to date to find Elodie. It’s a race against the clock, and it’s of vital importance to Scott that he track her down and make sure that she’s safe.

Can the military man achieve what he sets out to do and find Elodie and protect her? Or will he find out that he’s too late? Pick up a copy of Finding Elodie to discover how this story ends!

Finding Lexie is the second novel in the SEAL Team Hawaii series by Susan Stoker. If you liked the events of the first book, check this one out too! This follow-up to the debut does not have to be read directly after the first book as it is a stand-alone, meaning it can be read as the first book in the series if readers wish without having to read the first novel to understand what’s going on.

Main character Lexie Greene has not thought about her former classmate Pierce Cagle for a long time. They knew each other in high school, when Pierce was the popular kid and she was just Lexie. So when he appears in some part of the Somali desert as one of the SEALS in a SEAL team that is showing up to rescue her, she can hardly believe it.

Pierce and his fellow SEAL team save her and her coworker from kidnappers, and she’s surprised by the coincidence. She has a lot of respect for Pierce for rescuing her, but then that quickly turns to attraction. Especially when he rescues her another time before the group makes it back to a US Naval ship. Soon he has departed from her existence once more, saying goodbye and promising her that he will keep in touch.

Pierce “Midas” Cagle never thought about Lexie until he rescued her abroad. When he knew her, she was a nice girl and fairly shy. He’s not shocked to discover that she now is an international aid worker, working with the impoverished both in America and abroad.

He is surprised to find that he’s very attracted to the woman that she is now. Midas didn’t want to leave her after the mission was complete. However, he’s thrilled when he finds out she’s chosen a branch in Hawaii to work with next. When they meet up, they have instant chemistry just like in Somalia. The two are happy together. But someone’s not happy that Lexie survived the desert. Will their happily ever after ending be wrecked by an interloper bent on vengeance? Read this novel to find out!

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