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Seal Team Seven Books In Order

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Publication Order of SEAL Team Seven Books

By: Keith Douglass, Chet Cunningham

William Keith is an American author who was born on 8 August 1950. During the Vietnam War Era, William Keith served in the US Navy as a hospital corpsman. William and his brother Andrew Keith had seen an advertisement in the Journal of The Travelers, which had indicated that GDW, Game Designers Workshop was on the lookout for authors. Loren Wiseman brought the two brothers to the opening of the GDW in the year 1978. The three authors thus set up the tone for the Travelers Universe. William Keith also played a key role in the definition of the graphical vision of that specific era. After working for some time, the two brothers were making a lump some of the money that they could even afford to become full-time freelance writers. Towards the end of the year 1980, William and his brother began working for FASA.

William was in charge of providing art for High Passage a magazine. William became a writer and a professional artist working in the gaming industry. Much of the early works by Keith include the Warstrider book series, the Cybernarc series, Freedom Rangers book series and Invaders of Charon book series. He is also one of the early authors of Battle Tech. Keith has also peened down several books using several pseudonyms such as H. Ray Riker and Ian Douglas. He is also the shadow author for several books for different celebrities. He has also written extensively in the book series, Bolo and also contributing numerous anthologies in the Bolo anthologies, together with three full-length books, Bolo Strike, Bolo Rising and Bolo Brigade. Using the pseudonym of Ian Douglas, William Keith writes stories in the military science fiction genre such as the Galactic Marines book series, which is made up of books such as the Legacy Trilogy, Inheritance Trilogy, and Heritage Trilogy.

Using the pen name of H. Jay Riker, he pens down military fiction; various book series about the progression of the US Navy Seals from World War Two to Desert Storm, Vietnam War, and the Iraqi Freedom. Some of the author’s other works include the Diplomatic Act and Two Minds which received a nomination for the Newberry Award. William has also continued Retief’s Peace by Keith Lameur. His very first non-fiction book is The Science of Craft, which was published in the year 2005. The book is about the link between science and witchcraft. Keith Williams most recent book include the Deep Black Series which is a police procedural series set in the Android Universe, together with a future Navy Hospital Corpsmen.

Seal Team Seven is the first book in the Seal Team book series by William H. Keith. The book begins with a set of torpedoes are released from an Iranian Submarine. The crew that was aboard the Yuduki Maru can do nothing but to look in disbelief and horror. Some of the cargo that they are transporting includes more than two tons of weapons-grade uranium. Armed with more than enough nuclear firepower that can be used to fuel a country to become a superpower, is now in the hands of an alliance. The alliance is more than determined to ensure that they destroy an entire continent. In this book, the author introduces the reader to the protagonist. Lt. Blake Murdock, who is the leader of a seven-man seals team unit. The seven-man seal team unit is led into a bulkhead battle with some high tech Buccaneers who have nothing to lose at all.

With that said, Seal Team Seven is an excellent read. The author, William Keith has penned down this book in such a manner that you will feel connected with the key characters together with their struggles. This is an action-packed and fast-paced military thriller that will keep you intrigued. Specter is the second book in the Seal Team Seven book series. The premise revolves around a group of extremists who attempt to run away from Greece. The group not only kidnap a member of the United States congregational delegation but they also threaten to execute him as well. It is now up to the protagonist of the series, Lt. Blake Murdock together with his team of seals to come up with an effective plan to not only ensure the member of the delegation is rescued, but also the group of extremists is stopped for good.

Nucflash is the third book in the Seal Team Seven book series. After the immense success, of the Carrier series, author Keith Douglas came with the Seal Team Seven book series. The New World Order there only exists one fear. A renegade state is going to gain control of a nuclear-based weapon and was planning to incinerate an entire city with the nuclear weapon. A team of extremely cold and psychotic rebels is about to do the unthinkable. Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his entire team of seals are up to the challenge. It is up to them to ensure that the bad guys are taken down at whatever cost. Murdock not only knows who the group of insurgents are but he also knows where they group is hiding. However, Murdock faces a double jeopardy. Not only does Murdock and his entire team go face to face with the team of fanatics that match their training and experience but also somewhere in an unknown location there is a thermonuclear device that is planning to be used.

Direct Action is the fourth premise in the Seal Team Seven book series by Keith Douglass. During a planned attack that was being executed in Port Sudan. The attack was focused on a group of terrorist. Blake Murdock and his team of assassins can find more than three thousand dollars in counterfeit money. The officials can link the money to a group of terrorist. The terrorist was planning to use the currency to destabilize on the United States currency system. However, to this problem, there is only one solution, Team Seal Seven. The team head to Lebanon, where they have to destroy the factory that has been producing the fake currency. This book is full of action, humor, and harmony between a majority of the main characters.

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