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Publication Order of SEALs of Honor Books

The Canadian author Dale Mayer is a well known and equally well regarded writer of paranormal and romance fiction. Moving between the genres of fantasy and real-life based contemporary romance, she is a highly adept and versatile novelist. Not to mention that she has also written a number of non-fiction works in the past as well, leading to her being one of the most prolific voice within the industry to date. One series that she is particularly well known for is that of her ongoing ‘SEALs Of Honor’ franchise that is an excellent example of its genre. Following in the vein of many similarly themed romance novels and series before it, it provides its own unique twist on the genre, providing something new in the process. Charting the love-lives of various different Navy Seals and their respective romances, as they overcome the hardships and obstacles of the job in order to find happiness.

With over eleven books in the series so far and counting, it is perhaps the series that Mayer has become best known for. Compiled in a variety of different omnibus collections as well, it has caught the attention readers worldwide with it combination of romance and action. Keeping her readers entertained, this is definitely a must for and fans of Mayer’s work as an author and gifted storyteller.

SEALs Of Honor: Shadow

Published though the ‘Valley Publishing’ label, this was set to be the fifth title in the ongoing ‘SEALs Of Honor’ series of novels. Continuing in much the same style as that of the previous titles, it gives the readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series. Not only that, but it also provides some twists and turns along the way too, in this book that was first released on the 7th of February in 2016.

This is not only an exemplary example of the series, but Mayer’s work as a whole, as it has many of the themes and ideas intrinsic in her work. Whilst the romance itself may feature many of the hallmarks and tropes of the genre, it brings in some unique elements of its own to carry it along. The lead character may be a strong and somewhat dominant male, but he doesn’t fall into a caricature at any point. Focusing on the character of Shadow this time, it sees him as the leading arch protagonist of this particular narrative. Working alongside him is the character of Arianna as his ‘love interest’ and a character in her own right, who becomes fully three dimensional over the course of the novel. There are a number of supporting characters as well who also work at elaborating on the central premise of the novel itself. With a clear sense of scope as well, this is a narrative that takes place on a global stage, giving it all a feeling of scale throughout. Understanding the exotic locations well too, Mayer manages to transport the reader, allowing them to feel as if they’re really there. Bringing them to life, she manages to incorporate her locations seamlessly into the action, allowing it to compliment it and elaborate upon it.

With his life being an uphill struggle from day one, the life of Shadow has definitely not been an easy one. Only knowing the life of a SEAL agent, he is one day sent off on a highly dangerous mission: to rescue Arianna and her family after they’re kidnapped in a hostile foreign country. That’s when he starts to develop feelings for her, finding this mission might take more than was initially planned or that he’s used to. Will he be able to save her and her family? How will they deal with their feelings for one another? What will become of Shadow?

SEALs Of Honor: Devlin

Brought out through the ‘Valley Publishing Limited’ label once again, this was set to mark the eleventh title in the ongoing ‘SEALs of Honor’ series. Initially released on the 1st of May in 2017, this continued the franchise in a similar fashion to the books that came before. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have some twists and turn all of its own, though, as it provides plenty of surprises along the way to keep the reader engaged and entertained throughout.

Featuring a lot of the themes and ideas for which Mayer has now become famous for, this is another fine addition to this collection. Showing an in-depth knowledge of the military and how they operate, it provides a great backdrop for the action packed romance. Combining suspense and passion, Mayer proves to be a gifted writer once again, keeping the reader engaged throughout. In much the same vein as what came previously, this title features a strong character in the form of Mason who leads the action. Providing him with an equally strong and independent female lead is that of Bristol, who works alongside him. Coming together over the course of the novel, they are both elaborated upon the supporting cast as well, along with the narrative itself. The locations are also well utilized once again too, making sure the novel really comes to life in the mind of the reader.

Mason’s four man unit, the ‘Keepers’, are not a group of SEALs that are looking for love or romance, but all that’s set to change with Devlin. When he meets Bristol who has been accused of murder in her position of drone designer, he finds himself helping her prove her innocence. It seems someone’s framing her, as she soon loses all her privileges on the military base, and it appears that Devlin may be her only friend. Will they prove her innocence? Can they ever hope to become an item? What will become of Devlin?

The SEALs Of Honor Series

An easy-going yet engaging and highly entertaining collection of romantic novels that never fail to deliver on what they set out to achieve. Telling stand-alone stories that can be picked up at any time, it also crosses over with characters that have been featured in other series such as the ‘SEALs For Hire’ franchise. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon, this is a series that will continue to grow into the foreseeable future for some time yet.

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