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Seals: the Warrior Breed Books In Order

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Publication Order of Seals: The Warrior Breed Books

H Jay Riker is the pseudonym used by William H Keith. William Keith has authored the Silent Service Breeds and the Warrior Breed series.

Seals the Warrior Breed Series

Gratuitous sexual encounters, impossibly long death scenes and bar room brawls, these are just but some of the war hero clichés that are present in this first installment in the Seals the Warrior Breed book series. The Seals the Warrior Breed is a trilogy, which documents the rise of the first United States Navy elite commando team. During World War II, Lieutenant Joe Galloway is given the task of coming up with a team of highly skilled tailors to form a crack demolition unit. Those who were selected for this exceedingly hazardous task include the rich kid and girl crazy, Hank Richardson and Vince Tangretti, the street-smart wise care, who are forced to overlook their differences so that they can come together and form the Naval Combat Demolition Unit.

Also, a part of this team is one Frank Rand, a troubled scout ranger, and an Annapolis dropout. Frank is more than determined to prove his valor to his equal war hero dad. The entire team is expected to advance ahead of the allied forces and remove obstacles such as minefields and tank traps. Once they reported to the training field, they were told welcome to hell. This was an ordeal that protracted suffering and was also expected to prepare the new recruits for the anticipated Allied Invasion of the region of Normandy. The second book in the Seals the Warrior Breed is Purple Heart, which is a heartbreaking tale about the young soldiers and a realistic look into war. The soldiers present in the book are exceedingly young. Their only hope lies in their commander, whom they trust so much. The soldiers clearly admit how scary being at war is, but also how important and significant it is, to not only carry guns but also put on night goggles.

Wearing night goggles and carrying guns makes, the young soldiers feel as if they are invincible. The book begins as an exceedingly young soldier wakes up in a hospital within the Green Zone. The soldier is completely clueless as to where he is or what exactly happened. He begins to question the role he played in the death of one of the Iraqi boys that he had befriended before. His questioning, his narratives, his fear and his undying love for his colleagues and teammates who have eventually become his family, makes the life of a war soldier realistic especially for those individuals who have never had a firsthand experience. With that said, these are exceedingly tense descriptions of the attacks, of what exactly one feels when facing death or killing other people. William Keith has done an excellent job, especially with the historical accuracy.

The personal fiction that he brought forth as well will get you hooked to the narrative. Navy Cross is the fourth installment in the Seals the Warrior book series. This is the story about an elusive war. Medal of Honor is the fifth book in the Warrior Breed book series. The Medal of Hour is one of the highest awards that any grateful nation can hand over as a form of gratitude to those who represent the country in war. To earn the medal an army man needs more courage and dedication, a valor that is greater than that of any other man in the army. 20 years after the very first Navy UDT frogman did not only fight but also died at Normandy and Peleliu, a new breed of warrior has responded to the call of an exceedingly young Commander in Chief, going in places and regions where no American has ever gone and missions that no one else would dare take.

Deep inside a jungle and in enemy territory, one man and one unit are going to write a glorious chapter in the pages of the proud Seals history. The soldier and the team of Seal, manage to achieve this terrible sacrifice and unparalleled fortitude. They do the unthinkable while learning one of the most brutal lessons of hell known as Vietnam. To earn the Medal of Honor, the soldier will require more courage and dedication. Marks of Valour is the sixth book in the Warrior Breed book series. In this book, a desperate war has been seeping into the United States. The only challenge is that the war is seeping into regions that the United States Army is not allowed to go. The new grounds are Laos and Cambodia; undefended regions that were dragged into the violent encounter that they bordered. With that said, the only way that the battle is to be won is that the nations should not only fight savagely, but also they should also fight secretly. The burden now falls on the jurisdiction of some of the most committed and stealth soldiers that America has to offer, the SEALS.

One David Nolan, a commander of the United States Army, had proved that the war could be won. At one point, Nolan had managed to rig one of the bays in Cambodia and managed to rescue some of the soldiers who were trapped in the country. A team of US Navy Seals is informed that a pilot who has too much information is somewhere in the DMZ trapped. It is now up to Nolan, and his team of United States Navy Seals to ensure that thy do all they can to bring the pilot back home safely. However, as time proves trust is an exceedingly dangerous commodity especially in a sea of bad judgments and lies. Any slightest glitch in the mission is going to prove fatal.

In Harm’s Way is the seventh book in the Warrior Breed book series. The skills of a group of Seals were honed while they were deep in the jungles of Vietnam. Now, the decade-long war is finally over, and Vietnam is just but a recent memory of thunder and blood. Thus, the team of Seals return home as strangers and must adjust to the peaceful life back home. However, the Navy still has a plan up its sleeves for its legendary force. A brand new experiment that was going to replace the nuclear missiles with exceedingly lethal weapons.

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