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The Heap (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thing in the Snow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Sandwiches for Steve (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grand Opening (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sean Adams is a published author of nonfiction and fiction books.

Sean attended Bennington College and graduated, choosing to attend the Iowa Writers’ Workshop after. He is married to his wife, Emma. Together they reside in Iowa in Des Moines with his wife and their pets.

Sean has had his fiction be featured in such publications as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, The Normal School, The Arkansas International, The Normal School, Volume 1 Brooklyn, and more.

The author is also a founder and partner of AdamsMorioka, a design firm that has won awards. He has been acknowledged as one of the top forty ‘most important people’ that are helping to shape design on an international level.

Sean has served as a national president for the AIGA and serves as Executive Director at ArtCenter College of Design as part of their graphic design graduate program. He is a co-author of many books, including Logo Design Workbook and The Designer’s Dictionary of Color. He has written several books focusing solely on graphic design.

Coin of Indecision: How to Make Decisions Using Your Intuition is an interesting early book from Sean Adams. Published in 2013, this is a book about self help that will inform the reader and give them the tools and insight to make good decisions for themselves.

The author describes the book as being far from the typical self help book and does not possess the same unpractical ideas that are not going to help anyone do better. This book focuses on helping people to make decisions that are right and that are the best for them personally.

The book promises that you can soon be making decisions easily that, best of all, are in line with the person that you are when it comes to your core, your most basic self. Coin of Indecision helps the reader to start the process of knowing who you are better while getting rid of all the stress and worries that you may have experienced with decision making before.

It will teach you the decision making process where you put who you are and your needs first. It will inform you on how you can discover your passion and then live it. Readers will also learn to be satisfied with their current status, how they can take action, and keep fear from taking over the decision making process so that you can at last begin creating a reality that you both want and essentially deserve.

Using all of the information and the tools in this book can help you to make quicker choices with greater ease that are also the right ones for you and what you need out of life. Written in detail by Sean Adams, this book is a must read if you want to make better decisions and feel good about them!

The Heap is a 2020 fictional book written by Sean Adams. It was an editor’s choice pick with the New York Times Book Review. It has been recommended as a reading pick by publications such as the Times, New York Post, the Library Journal, USA Today, and Thrillist. If you are interested in science fiction, check this novel out!

Los Verticalés is about five hundred stories high and the building used to be full of excitement and life. The modern architectural building was considered a marvel, proof of what nontraditional urban planning can accomplish. Then it all, quite literally, fell apart.

Now the building is no more than a pile of debris and detritus. They have named it The Heap. A community known as Dig Hands handles the heap, doing their labor in exchange for a bicycle, digging gear, and a modest living stipend. They take out trash and debris from the remains of the building, as well as bodies. The ruins can be found over a full twenty acres of desert land.

Main character Orville Anders is on a mission. He’s going into the center of the Heap so that he can find Bernard, his brother. His brother is a radio DJ, and Orville knows that he is still alive because he’s been somehow broadcasting from some location under all of the rubble. Orville’s been residing in a group of campers that is around the Heap so that he can work around the clock to find and free his brother, who seems to be the only person that survived the city’s implosion.

He talks to him every night, simply by calling in and being a guest on his radio show. It’s a good strategy, and besides, he gets to talk to Bernard and they can be close in that regard. But a lot of people are tuning into the show, too. The conversations held between the brothers are a huge hit and the ratings are high. People just cannot seem to get enough.

The parent company of the station is called Sundial Media. They’re trying to tap into the popularity of the two brothers on air and make more money by way of Orville including brand names as part of his talks every night. Orville turns them down and refuses to do it. That’s what leads to him getting cut off from Bernard and he cannot call in to the show any more.

Orville knows that he’s been cut out of the show and won’t get to talk to Bernard. That’s why he’s mystified when he hears his voice on the radio, as he’s the only person that can know definitively for a fact that he’s not calling in. It sounds like him and this representation of him is also dropping in the brand name mentions while speaking to Bernard.

It appears that Sundial Media found a way to get what they wanted, after all. But how are they doing it? Is it a replication of his voice using technology or something even more sinister? Find out in this creative story of Orville and the other people of the Heap by picking up a copy to see what happens!

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