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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Lyla (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stars of Alabama (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Incredible Winston Browne (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Are My Sunshine (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kinfolk (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Absolute Worst Christmas of All Time (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

Sean of the South: Whistling Dixie (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Road with Sean of the South (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The South's Okayest Writer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sean Dietrich is a novelist and columnist who has made a reputation for himself for his brilliant commentaries on the American South.

Over the years, he has become one of the leading voices on matters to do with the American South. Working in different media, his work has been featured in newspapers, podcasts, blogs, and other platforms.
His work has been featured in the likes of The Mobile Press-Register, Newsweek, the Birmingham News, Southern Living, The Tallahassee Democrat, and Garden and Gun among many other newspapers across the United States.
In addition to his columns, he is also the author of more than fifteen books, has made appearances on the “Grand Ole Opry,” and created the very popular “Sean of the South” podcast.

He has come to be known as the Sean of the South for his many books, columns, and podcast focusing on life in the American South.

Dietrich was born to a father that worked as a welder, mechanic, and steel worker who could be loving but was also an alcoholic that was capable of homicidal and horrific violence.
He used to brutalize Sean Dietrich’s mother knocking out her teeth, breaking her cheekbones, and also beating Sean.

He was ultimately arrested and sentenced to jail and upon his release committed suicide leaving the fourteen-year-old Dietrich traumatized.

Sean dropped out of college while he was in the seventh grade and proceeded to work all manner of low-paying jobs alongside his mother for years.

Some of the jobs he held during this time involved cleaning condos, restaurant work, delivering papers, and anything else they could get.
He also discovered he was a talented singer and guitarist and then began playing in honky tonk bands for a while.

In his twenties, he began feeling a strong impulse to write and began with short human interest stories about his beloved dog and fishing.

He would really come into his own when an editor rejected his work and advised him to write less romance and concentrate on more guts, blood, and anything gut-wrenching.

Sean Dietrich published “Lyla” his debut novel in 2015 and has never looked back since.

He has now published more than a dozen books and his works have been featured in many prestigious publications across the United States.

Dietrich has also become an in-demand speaker all over the US where he gives talks and seminars on anything and everything about the American South.
He currently makes his home in Birmingham Alabama and since 2014, he has been writing “Sean of the South,” a very popular blog on southern issues.
The popular blog is read by more than 100,000 people and he has penned more than 1500 columns over the years.

His work has been praised for its uplifting quirky and funny tones by none other than American critic and literary professor Don Noble.

Sean Dietrich’s novel “The Incredible Winston Browne,” is a nostalgic, rich, and heartwarming tale of a good-hearted community and sheriff who come together to help a mysterious little girl.
The people in Moab live for baseball, ice cream socials, and the weekly gossip column in the local paper.

For several decades, the sheriff has been watching over the town and is used to handling the drama that keeps things interesting.

It was just a few days after the sheriff received some life-altering news that he also has to deal with the arrival of a mute runaway in Moab.
Being the good people that they are, the residents take her in but then some two strangers come looking for her.

Suddenly, Winston finds that he has to protect a child in desperate need in addition to keeping his own secrets.

Working with the townsfolk in Moab, the well-meaning and humble Browne will have to become a hero.

He will also have to grapple with his past, Search his soul and ultimately stumble upon an adventure in unexpected places.
In his quest, we learn that ordinary people sometimes do the most extraordinary things.

“Stars of Alabama” by Sean Dietrich is the story of Marigold, a fifteen-year-old who fell pregnant in the middle of one of the most difficult periods of the Great Depression.
Her family had then thrown her out and she had been forced to take care of herself.

Things turn complicated when she loses her baby deep in the forest and soon after, she learns that she is powerful beyond measure, which makes her both terrifying and beautiful.
In the meantime, Paul and Vern who are migrant workers had found and rescued a violet-eyed baby and took it home.

The two men soon team up with a widow and her two kids and the cobbled-up family goes on a quest toward taking care of each other, even if it is in fits and starts.
As one family is brought together by survival, a young boy finds himself all alone, even as Kansas is ravaged by dust storms.

Coot is a fourteen-year-old itinerant preacher with a very sharp memory who has gone on the run with thousands of dollars he had stolen.
The only thing he is certain about is his destination in Mobile Alabama.

The author weaves together a tale of the value of enduring hope and human dignity over the years leading up to World War II.

Sean Dietrich’s novel “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Is a brilliant work that follows the life and times of the author.

When he was just twelve, he lost his father who was an outdoorsy man that hung tire swings fifty feet above the ground for Sean and lived for baseball when he was not working in steel.
A man of various faces, he was also the same man that tried to take his mother captive and kill her before he shot himself in the head.

Sean dropped out of school in the seventh grade and had to work all manner of odds jobs including construction work and as a dishwasher at a restaurant to help his mother and sister with some money to survive.
While he lived a difficult life, he also had glimmers of goodness and this is only amplified when he goes to a fried chicken potluck at church, where he meets the love of his life.
Ultimately, his love for storytelling which had always been strong in him since childhood would make him into the much-loved and popular American South expert nicknamed “Sean of the South.”

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