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Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Books

About Sean King & Michelle Maxwell:

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are complicated people. Both of them started as government employees who failed important missions and lost everything in the process. Michelle Maxwell was a former Secret Service agent, her mission? To protect a politician from harm. Her failure? He was kidnapped while in her protective custody. It wasn’t entirely her fault, she should have been more professional about watching him at all times, but he disappeared behind a door to quickly speak with a grieving widow. Next thing you know he is gone; out of sight without a moment’s notice.

Sean King, on the other hand, failed equally albeit differently. Also a Secret Service employee of the government, he was hired with the task of protecting a presidential candidate from harm and, when his attention was compromised for a split second, he lost the man. A presidential candidate is now dead, and Sean King is the target of all of the blame. Like his soon to be partner, Michelle Maxwell, he lost his job and basically his entire career over this simple mishap.

The two of them meet when Michelle Maxwell gains a sudden interest in a case that Sean King happens to be working on. The meeting becomes a rather serendipitous one as Sean King truly needs someone to help him on a case that might have him as the target of the crime. Together they make a great team with a little bit of romantic tension and a whole lot of similar cause, this is what makes Michelle Maxwell and Sean King an exciting duo of crime fighting to watch and read about.

In 2013, the adventures of Michelle Maxwell and Sean King are brought to television with an exciting new TV show called King and Maxwell, which focuses on the dramatic goings on of the two private investigators. One of the most exciting aspects of both the book series and the television show is the heavy focus on extremely unique skill sets as well as unconventional means of tracking and detaining criminals. They are loose cannons, but in a new and exciting way.

The Novels

1. Split Second – the first book in this exciting series about Sean King and Michelle Maxwell is aptly named Split Second, which brings the reader up to speed on the backstories of the two brand new private investigators and explains how they got caught up with the rough and trying pasts that they both were forced to endure. It deals with the frustration of Michelle Maxwell destroying her very promising career with the Secret Service because of a single failure, but a failure that could not be forgiven. In this exciting first episode of the serial thriller novel series, the truth is brought to the forefront about the time and energy that went into the events that cost both Sean King and Michelle Maxwell their careers. This is the book that started the whole series and is a great place to start for anyone who is interested in learning about the characters, or even people that have seen the TV show and want to find out how the characters got there in the first place.

2. Hour Game – the second book in this crazy espionage based spy thriller series is Hour Game, as story with wild plot twists and an opportunity to learn even more about the two private investigators that the series is about, Michelle Maxwell and Sean King. This time a woman is found to have been inexplicably murdered in the woods. What happened? At first the concept seems simple enough: murdered woman in the woods, one time killer, classic whodunnit. But it doesn’t stay like that for long, as Maxwell and King are forced to look deeper into the situation behind the killing and soon enough…the killer returns with more dead victims for them to investigate. It turns out the killer is replicating the murdering styles of many past murderers. Who would do this? Why would they do it? Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are doing everything that they can to get to the bottom of this, and as quickly as possible, before more people wind up dead on behalf of this murderous copycat. It all starts with the two ex-Secret Service agents being hired to investigate a burglary that would prove their client’s innocence. Simple enough, they think, until the murder in the woods that leads them into a frantic chase to figure out who the killer is before more people end up dead. Time is not on their side, and the find themselves playing the Hour Game.

3. Simple Genius – this is the third installment of the popular Sean King and Michelle Maxwell series that has now been adapted into a television show. In Simple Genius, the two Secret Service agents turned private investigators get caught up with a seedy underbelly of professionals. Yes, not your average underworld investigation, but instead a combination of mathematicians and spies that are harbored outside of Washington D.C. and are involved in dealings that the two private investigators must do everything that they can to get to the bottom of. This leads to a wild maze of adventure as the two of them try to figure out who the killer of the story his. And who can help them find this killer? The only one who can help is an autistic girl who turns out to be a brilliant genius. This turn of events leads them to need her desperately in the hope of catching the killer, but can they get the clues that they need to solve the case? You will have to read the third installment of the popular series to find out how it ends.

Now that the two stars, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, are stars on their own popular television show the book series that it all originates from is growing even more popular than it was in the past. The books are still coming out and every last one of them is a page turner from the start to the end.

Part of the allure of the two private investigators is that they are both failed Secret Service agents, this aspect of their pasts gives them something that most readers can relate to, the often frustrating realization that life does not always go as planned, not even for highly trained espionage agents.

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