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Wounded Prey (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Motive (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Death Rattle (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cottonmouth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood of Innocents (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trainwreckers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Hold Back the Night (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sean Lynch is a mystery author born and brought up in Iowa. While young, he preferred playing outside, climbing trees, and shooting his BB gun.

Sean would be found digging into crime and paranormal, military, and science fiction novels. He could even plead with his parents to allow him to extend past his bedtime just watching the late show creature feature.

Sean was in the US Army as an enlisted infantryman and spent thirty years as a municipal policeman in the San Francisco Bay area.
Wounded Prey
Wounded Prey is the debut in the Farrell and Kearns series. Kevin Kearns is a Rookie cop who witnesses a child kidnapping and a teacher shot. The young girl is abducted in the open outside the schools, and later her body is found hanging from a tree.

Kearns tried stopping the abduction, but the bad guy ended up escaping, and later, he is detained by the FBI, where his boss is trying to use him as a scapegoat, and the entire town blames him for everything.
Bob Farell is enjoying his retirement, and since he’s finally divorced, he feels like he has too much time doing nothing and feels bored. He was a San Francisco Police Inspector who reads a traumatizing headline; he knew that his worst nightmare had finally come true.

He has his own history with Slocum, and when he offers Kearns a chance at redemption, He grabs the chance.

According to him, the suspect is a ruthless killer who a government agency stopped him from punishing him twenty years ago and is now roaming around. When Bob was an MP in Vietnam, he tried to court marshall an American marine known for raping women and children before hanging them upside down with their throats cut.

Surprisingly, the bad guy was only sent to a psych hospital, and up to date, Bob has never forgotten Lance Corp for not charging Vernon Slocum, a man who completely lacks humanity. Now he is on the loose, reliving his old days, and Bob is up to put him down. The suspect leaves trails of blood and destruction in North America, and Bob is determined to hunt him down.

Bob has a strange habit of collecting business cards in places he goes, which plays a role in assuming different roles like doctor or lawyer. The roles help him have access to people and places for his investigations

One road trip later, Bob meets with Kevin pretending as his lawyer and identifies Slocum from the documents that Bob has been keeping through the years. The journey of the two follows, tracking down the killer as he leaves trails of bodies.

Kearns’ police career has barely begun, but he feels like it’s going to end soon, and the guilt of what happened to the young girls at the killer’s hands is consuming him. He has nothing to lose with no family to care about or think of; he accepts Farell’s proposal. Revenge and retribution are what he plans on doing.

During their mission, they use the collected card to break into government files, steal guns and cars, kill bad guys and threaten police officers.

However, Farrell isn’t planning to go by the rules anymore, and soon the FBI have eyes on them both. Will Farell and Kearns have what it takes to bring Slocum the killer down?

Wounded Prey is a story of a psychopath ex-marine and two law enforcement officers bending the law to bring him down permanently. Retired Farell and Rookie Kevin Kearns are at the opposite sides of their careers but complement each other well.

You will feel scared knowing that the brutal Slocum is free wandering around instead of being locked up for life. He was a bad guy, but given his background, he seemed to have fewer chances of being a better person.

Wounded Prey is a great crime thriller with smooth prose and flawed and realistic characters. You’ll get sucked in right from the beginning and have you flipping pages to the last bit. The author takes the reader through the search on the small paths and highways to ensure they don’t get bored at any given point.

Several surprise and shocking scenes will keep you on full alert and wide awake in case the bad guy pops up. Sean’s writing is brilliant in this top-notch fiction story with outstanding characters and a disturbing but original story enough to keep the readers at the edge of their seats.

The story is gripping and scary at times, but one shouldn’t shy away since these are some of the crimes that happen in most countries, and it’ll give you an insight into what bad guys are capable of.
A Hard Place

Marisol Hernandez, a 15-year-old, is shot down on the Track, Oakland’s unpopular prostitution corridor, but surprisingly, his story isn’t on the front pages news. Her death is treated like that of any other young hooker who has decided to live a life on the streets.

However, to her grandmother, who raised her from a young age, Marisol’s death isn’t like the rest. Even worse, during that time, the grandmother buries another granddaughter; she was trying to keep Belicia Marisol’s younger sister from getting the same fate.

Former Soldier, part-time private investigator, and ex-cop Chauncey reluctantly agree to do her a favor by looking into the murder. Marisol’s grandmother has been working as a housekeeper for Greg Cole’s family, and Cole takes the initiative of hiring a private investigator. It’s a case that the local police have already admitted that there are few chances of solving.

Things are complicated since Chauncey is not a part of law enforcement and has multiple enemies. He also got a reputation as someone who never lets the law get in his way of finding the truth. He follows a trail of street-hard prostitutes, gangsters, pimps, and cops searching for the killer.

Chauncey soon realizes that there are people who are not happy that he is digging into Marisol’s murder. They appear to be prepared to do anything possible to stop him from further investigations.

All Chauncey wants is justice to be served for this young lady. Some people want her dead at any cost. Will Chauncey risk his life and go on with the investigations to serve justice? Sean threw ins some action and dialogue and created terrific characters to make a fascinating crime fiction novel.’

There are some twists that bring in surprises to keep the reader engaged.

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