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Publication Order of Sean O'Brien Books

The Sean O’Brien series is a series of thriller, suspense, and mystery books written by one of the popular American authors named Tome Lowe.. All the books in the series feature the lead character in the role of Sean O’Brien. He is shown as working as a homicide detective in Miami, Florida. In the initial part of the series, author Lowe has shown that Sean makes a promise to his dead wife that he will quit his job as a homicide detective in Miami and shift to a remote location in the wilderness of Florida. But on one occasion, he comes across a helpless young woman who is in a brutally assaulted condition. When Sean finds her, she appears to have been left for dead. He takes her to the hospital and provides emergency medical care. Sean O’Brien promises himself the he will help this woman get justice by putting behind bar the people who are responsible for assaulting her this bad. But, this promise puts in question his previous promise made to his late wife about quitting the homicide job. Author Lowe began writing the series in the year 2009 and around the same time, he successfully published its debut novel titled ‘A False Dawn’. He is believed to be still working on the series and is expected to publish a new book very soon.

One of the most popular books of this series is titled as ‘The Black Bullet’. This book was released in the 2012 in the form of a paperback edition. Author Lowe has described the important characters in this book as Sean O’Brien, Glenda Lawson, Billy Lawson, etc. In the opening sequence of the book, it is shown that Billy Lawson had died at the time of the Second World War while serving in the United States government on the American soil. At the present time, his wife Glenda Lawson is of the opinion that her husband was the only serviceman who was shot and killed in America at that time. But, the investigators at that time had come up with the conclusion that Billy Lawson died in the middle of a mugging that went bad. On the other hand, Sean O’Brien is described as trying to learn the tricks of commercial fishing. On one fine morning while fishing, his anchor gets stuck on something under the water. On investigation, he finds a German U-boat that was buried partially in the sand. The cargo inside the boat seems quite frightening to Sean. When this news spread in the media, it gets picked up very rapidly. Later, a 35 year old woman, who is the granddaughter of Billy Lawson, comes to the house of Sean and tells him a haunting tale. She tells him that when her grandfather was fishing on a beach in Florida one night, he saw a very disturbing thing.

Sean O’Brien does not seem much excited to take up and investigate a 60 year old murder case. But, the granddaughter of Lawson and the cancer stricken Glenda Lawson, Billy’s widow, see Sean as their last hope and look for a closure in Billy’s murder mystery. Now, if Sean wants to get to the bottom of the truth, he will have to unravel the secret buried long with the ‘Manhattan Project’. It appears that it was some important information about this project due to which Billy was killed. Soon, Sean learns that his new discovery from the sea and the old murder are definitely linked. As he goes ahead with the investigation, Sean feels that he is thrust into a strange world, where things and people are not what they appear. Everything seems to be dependent on the important secret that Billy Lawson got buried with him sixty years ago. The readers found the book to be a mesmerizing and intense read. The interesting twists described by author Lowe in the plot were also enjoyed very much by the readers. Due to his excellent work in bringing up the novel, author Lowe was praised by the critics very much. His dedicated efforts also motivated him to come up with a few more interesting books in the series as well as in his writing career.

Another gripping novel written in the Sean O’Brien series by author Tom Lowe is titled as ‘Blood of Cain’. The Kingsbridge Entertainment publication released this book in the year 2013. Once again, author Lowe has depicted Sean O’Brien at the center of the intriguing plot along with other important characters like Courtney Burke. At the beginning of the novel, Courtney Burke is shown as arriving at the Ponce Marina on one morning during the humid summer. She meets Sean O’Brien and informs him about a haunting tale. The story that Sean heard from Courtney Burke could take him down the path of a 40 year old brutal crime. Also, it appears that a few hidden family secrets are linked with the story that seem to have spawned from the desecration of innocent people. Later, Sean O’Brien comes to know that Courtney Burke is related to a number of carnival murders. The police seems to be pretty much sure that she is a serial killer and all the victims that she has killed were men only. But, similar to the illusions discovered in the House of Mirrors of the carnival, nothing looks like what it appears to be.

Sean thinks that the evil is watching from a one way mirror. And when the time comes when Courtney Burke is about to get convicted for the murders, Sean remembers an important point that she had told him. That thing was very strange and so he had dismissed it at that time. But now, Sean seems very much certain that Courtney is innocent. So, he tries to save her life and alter the future. And in order to do so, he is required to penetrate the dark secrets that had originated in a church around 40 years ago. On the whole, the story of the book seemed to be so intriguing that the readers could not help themselves from getting hooked to it. Even the characters seemed very much appealing and likeable. Author Lowe has filled a lot of twists and turns in the plot that keep taking turns between the past and the present. Overall, the whole book consists of scenes full of romance, mystery, humor, and intrigue. All these elements helped the book fetch numerous readers all across the globe and become highly successful.

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