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Outlaw Platoon (By: John R. Bruning) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sean Parnell is an American published author of fiction.

Before he was an author, Parnell was an airborne ranger that served in the United States Army. He also had the honor of serving for a total of 6 years as part of the 10th Mountain Division. He would retire with the rank of Captain. He also received a Bronze Star on two different occasions and he also received the Purple Heart.

Sean is also a big supporter of the United States military. He also is in the position of the ambassador for national charity for veterans, Boot Campaign. He resides in the state of Pennsylvania with his wife and their children in Pittsburgh. He first came into print in 2012 when he authored a nonfiction novel with John Bruning titled Outlaw’s Platoon, which is in development for an adaptation. His fiction debut came in 2018.

Sean Parnell is the author of the Eric Steele fictional series. Readers were able to get their hands on the series for the first time in 2018 with the novel Man of War. In this story, they get to meet the main character of Eric Steele and ride along on a nonstop action adventure! The sequel would be published in 2019.

Man of War is the first novel in the Eric Steele series by Sean Parnell. If you have been looking for an exciting thriller action series to read with military themes and tons of suspense, then check this series out!

International intrigue combines with suspense and action as this story kicks off, introducing readers to a new hero in the compelling form of Eric Steele. He’s not only a capable guy, but he is the best at what he does.

He’s an Alpha, functioning at the top of a clandestine and elite operation. This operative works in an intelligence unit for the United States. The unit is referred to just as ‘the Program’. This mysterious name belies an equally mysterious intent.

Eric is a soldier that got a lot of specialized training during his time in the Special Forces. He has already seen action when he was fighting radical militants in Afghanistan on multiple tours. Now he is operating just enough under the radar to be nearly invisible. He’s combining brute strength and espionage together to get the job done. His mission is to find out the enemies and make sure that they’re no longer part of the picture.

He normally is the type of man that isn’t thrown by anything. He adjusts quickly to what’s going on, no matter the situation. But the last thing that Steele may have anticipated was someone from his past attacking a convoy for the military out of nowhere. His goal was to steal a nuclear-level weapon, and he achieved it.

Eric is shocked when he finds out the news, and he’s not the only one that’s blindsided. The White House superiors are also thrown when they are informed what has happened. Steele is about to go all over on his mission and has to use his many skills in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and more to find a rogue agent and hunt him down.

This was a former brother in service that could have been his friend, but that’s all over now. Steele’s only goal is to find this guy and track down the weapon of mass destruction before it gets into the wrong hands– or worse, is set off with deadly consequences.

Steele must find a nuclear weapon before it is sent off to destroy America. With the fate of the entire world and one country in particular hanging in the balance, can this operative do what it takes to save the day? Or will he fail in his mission and regret it forever? Find out by getting this book!

All Out War is the second novel in Sean Parnell’s Eric Steele series. Readers got the chance to find out what this special ops guy was all about in the first book. If you enjoyed the fast-paced action, then tag along for the sequel!

Steele is back, and he’s got an all new mission to fulfill. It never ends for people in his line of work until you retire or you get caught in a situation that you’re not going to be able to get out of. This time Eric is determined to track down a Russian terrorist.

His formidable opponent is the latest target in an intense story that involves intrigue on an international level. From best selling author Sean Parnell, this is a quick-moving tale of suspense that will have you glued to each page along the way!

Steele may be a talented and well-trained elite warrior, but even warriors like him get injured. He was badly hurt on his last mission. He might not be ready to get into the service again, but sometimes, that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Eric has even more to deal with when his Pittsburgh home is broken into by assailants. They weren’t after the big-screen television, but they did take the pistol that belonged to his father and hurt his mother. Now Steele is out for blood, because this thing just got personal.

This elite soldier was trained as an Alpha and is under the President of America’s direct command. Now this operative wants nothing more but to find the people that did this and bring justice about. Steele is in the process of hunting down his enemies when he finds out that he may have gotten into something that is much more sinister than he ever suspected.

Now the terrorist Zakayev is back on the scene, and he’s got trouble. Zakayev was once in Russia, locked up in a max-security prison. He’s gotten out and now has teamed up with a man named Hassan Sitta. Together they form a dangerous team.

With news of a bomb that no one’s been able to discover, Steele must get to the bottom of a nefarious plan and disarm the bomb before it goes off. Can he stop Zakayev before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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  1. Stacy Little: 1 year ago

    Capt. Parnell
    My name is Stacy Little I was in the Army 68-71. I was with the 2Id; 37th Field Art. 8 inch SP. I just finished Outlaw Platoon. It is a great read and really brought back allot of Memories! Even though I was a “RedLeg” I loved my Infantry brothers! You are an outstanding Leader, I would have loved being in your Platoon! I will be following you in your political pursuits. Good luck to you and God Bless you and your family

    Stacy Little (SGT, US Army)

  2. Donna lloyd: 2 years ago

    Please say “left for dead” is not the last book. I have totally love these books.

  3. Mary Simmons: 3 years ago

    These Eric Steele books are awesome. Full of action!!! I read them all the way through, no putting them down! Looking forward to more soon! Thank you for your service Sean. I come from a military family and am so proud of our military. God Bless and keep you!!!


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