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Publication Order of Last Templar Books

The Last Templar (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar Salvation (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Elixir / Second Time Around (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rasputin's Shadow (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End Game (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Raymound Khoury’s 2005 novel The Last Templar has become a worldwide bestselling publication. Filled with suspense, intrigue, and gripping plot turns – the series has left readers on the edge of their seats from the very first page. Since the publication of the first novel, The Last Templar has been made into a television miniseries as well as published as a graphic novel featuring the same plot and characters. Following The Last Templar’s success, Khoury has gone on to write multiple sequels that offer new and exciting plots but keep the main characters that his fans have come to love: Agent Sean Reilly and Tess Chaykin. While both characters are intriguing, together Reilly and Chaykin make a truly compelling read.

In The Books

Khoury’s series is heavy on historical theming that pairs seamlessly with modern day. Each novel depicts a happening dating back hundreds of years and then jumps to an ongoing happening today. This is no truer than his first bestselling novel, The Last Templar. The novel takes readers on a journey from the dark ages filled with knights and secret vendettas to modern day New York in a matter of pages. Even more, the book takes readers around the world as the two protagonist attempt to solve a mystery so old time itself seems to have forgotten it.

The sequel, The Templar Salvation maintains the characters plus allows them to move forward in not only their missions but also in their relationship. The result being a strong reader attachment to two well written and fascinating characters.

Sean Reilly

Sean Reilly is one of the most notable and memorable main characters in the entire plotline of the series. Reilly is smart, witty, and occasionally charming FBI agent who has been assigned to deal with a particularly bloody attack on a museum in New York. Reilly considers his job to be a defining point of his life, however, as a character is very flawed and well defined. Reilly is religious, holding to his Catholic beliefs. His intentions are good and he holds himself and those around him in high regards.

Reilly is easily one of the most powerful driving forces behind the plots in the series. He is dedicated to his job and moves from one stressful case to another with a sense of duty. This makes him a relatable but admirable character that leaves readers cheering for his success with each page. His overall personality is stoic and brings to mind other well-written agents of the past. However, while he may be a traditionalist, he is far from cliché.

Tess Chaykin

Tess Chaykin is a smart, spunky, and strong female character that meets Reilly toe for toe as a partner. Chaykin is a respected archaeologist that is present when the museum is attacked. With her extensive knowledge and quick logic, she immediately proves to be an asset to Reilly and his investigation. When she decides to step up to the call and assist Reilly in his search for the dangerous culprits she quickly realizes the depth of her choice. She is thrown headlong into a mystery that dates back hundreds of years and a secret that seems to transcend even history. However, despite her inexperience, she is ultimately destined to play a pivotal role in either stopping the violence and saving lives or watching as things begin to crumble around her.

As a character, Tess plays well with female readers. She is smart and relatable and is not easily forgotten in the shadows of her male counterpart. Even more, her role is set to expand as opposed to stepping aside and letting Reilly be the hero. Because of this, she is hardly a forgettable femme. Chaykin is spunky women scholar who brings a sense of heat and consistency to Reilly’s more cool demeanor.

Tess Chaykin and Sean Reilly Together

There is little doubt for readers that the chemistry is heavy between the two main characters. In fact, the pair seem fated for each other. The romance is slow but ever present between the pair and the plot itself is never lost to a great and distracting love story. In fact, the pair’s potential for romance weaves perfectly into each page but never overruns out outlasts the actual plot of the novels. This alone is a testament to Khoury’s skill as a writer.

From the first time the pair meet there seems to be an instant spark that is quickly drenched in the bloody crime that Reilly is set to stop. However, because of her knowledge and strength, Chaykin is hardly one to be left behind or overlooked.

The importance and weight of their romance is much more developed in later novels and even begins to be important to plot points. However, the romance in the novel remains relatively unique in that Reilly ever considers Chaykin to be an asset to his missions for the agency. This results in an interesting and rare dynamic where romance remains separate but present.

Reilly and Chaykin In the Television Miniseries

In 2009, The Last Templar made it to the screen in the form of a two part miniseries that aired consecutively over the course of two days. The miniseries stay true to the novel’s main characters and features both Chaykin and Reilly as their fictional counterparts. The miniseries was well received with most audiences and both characters were esteemed by viewers.

In the end, the both Reilly and Chakin are strong and compelling characters. They move their stories forward with a level of strength and fascination that is sure to captivate readers. While the world unfolds around them they remain constant – a trait that can be difficult to find in heavy, third party driven plot work. Readers become invested in Khoury’s work as they become more connected and involved with the two main characters. This is equally true for his later work. Reilly and Chaykin meet as strangers early on but become a complicated, strong, and witty duo that take on mystery and intrigue like only true detectives can.

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