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Publication Order of Search For Love Books

Nathan's Vow (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jake's Bride (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always Devoted (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heartfire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cassidy's Cowboy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always Her Cowboy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Sister (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Promise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forever in Her Eyes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

One of the most prolific writers working within her field to date, the American author Karen Rose Smith has one of the most extensive bodies of work within the literary industry, given that she was written over 97 novels so far and counting, bringing out her first one back in 1992, showing an extremely regular and consistent output from her as a novelist of contemporary romance novels. Focusing on the thriller and mystery genres as well, she is a master of suspense and intrigue too, being able to craft a compelling narrative alongside characters that are easy to relate to. Not only that, but she has also created a number of highly successful series and franchises as well, many following strong thematic ideas, as well as featuring regular recurring characters and protagonists. This has all ensured that she has gained a worldwide following of readers from all across the globe, all of whom keenly await each new title with eagerness and anticipation. One series that she is particularly well known for is that of her E-book novels, the ‘Search for Love’ series, it being an excellent example of the genre and of her writing style and what she has to offer. Loosely connected by the theme of ‘searching for love’ it does it exactly what it says in the title, allowing the reader to follow and root for a couples happiness and love. Whilst this may be nothing new in the field of romance, what Karen Rose Smith does she does extremely well, as she is a master of the form and the style, delivering what her readers want every time. Each title is a standalone story with them only being connected thematically, it is a brand that works giving timeless stories that allow the reader a quick and easy read, whilst also providing the opportunity to lose themselves in the narrative. The characters are also very well drawn, allowing the readers the chance to not only escape into their world, but also to relate and root for them as people. Using a clear-cut formula, Smith has been able to build a highly successful series with this and it’s easy to see why given the vast backlog of work that she’s written up until this point.

Primarily an E-book series of novels this is a franchise that was brought out by Karen Rose Smith herself, as she published and marketed all on her own. Whilst this may have been easy given that the first novel was published back 1995 originally under the Silhouette Books title and later through her, along with the second coming out in 2011 and, by then, she’d already made a strong name for herself, it still gave her complete control over the fate of the series. With over nine books in the series so far and counting, along with a collection of omnibus editions too, it’s one of her most extensive series to date and will continue to be so for some time to come.

Nathan’s Vow

Initially released in 1995 under the ‘Silhouette Books’ publishing label on the 1st of March, this was later released by Karen Rose Smith herself on the 28th of July in 2011. Setting up the first title in the ongoing ‘Search for Love’ series of novels, it helps set the tone overall for the books to follow, along with providing a good straightforward romance story. Working as a standalone story it manages to keep the reader hooked, along with showing Smith in the early stages of her writing career, which is something of note for any fans of her general writing career and style as a whole.

With his ex-wife disappearing with his daughters Nathan Bradley is at his wit’s end as to how to find them again, and will do anything to see his girls once more. Desperate and not knowing where to turn he finally comes into contact with one Gillian Moore, a psychic from Los Angeles who reluctantly agrees to help him, despite wanting to put her past behind him. Soon, though, a passion begins to grow between the both of them, as they start to develop a shared bond that slowly starts to grow and develop, one which neither of them can ignore. Will they find his kids again? Can the both of them ever be an item? What will become of Nathan’s vow?

Jake’s Bride

Originally published in 2011 on the 27th of July, this provided the second title in the ongoing ‘Search for Love’ series of novels, with it also working as a standalone story. Following another blossoming romance, it was brought out and published by Karen Rose Smith herself, again through the E-book format for a now loyal following of fans. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it also manages to provide some twists and turns along the way, whilst also simultaneously giving fans more of what they want and have now come to expect from the series overall.

After Sara Standish becomes pregnant with Jake Donovan’s baby she calls off their wedding which is only days away and, given that he apparently doesn’t want children, she moves away from Los Angeles without telling him about it. Then, after four years, she gets a letter from her mother and, realizing she’s made a massive error, decides Jake must know about the son they both have. Hurt by the revelation and the apparent betrayal of Sara, Jake is still torn between wanting to be a father to his son and marrying Sara, as he doesn’t want to be hurt by her again. Can they ever hope to overcome the past? Will he be able to be a father to his son. Who will be Jake’s bride?

The Search for Love Series

As a series of contemporary romance novels this is definitely one of the better ones, and is a must for any fans and advocates of the genre overall. Giving them her own voice, Karen Rose Smith is a writer who is clearly in command of her art-form, knowing exactly what each component needs and requires. Whether they’re picked up individually, or read as a whole, they make for addictive summer reads that flow along in a both fun and breezy style of pace, something which is also backed up by the omnibus editions as well. With more expected to follow in the near future it appears that this is a series that isn’t stopping anytime soon either, as this is a franchise that has plenty of room to grow in the many years to come.

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