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Publication Order of Seaside Books

The Seaside series is a series of New Adult and Romance novels written one of the noteworthy New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors of America named Rachel Van Dyken. There is a total of 4 novels and 3 novellas published in the series between the years 2012 and 2015. All the books in the series revolve around the happenings in the lives of the main characters named Demetri and Alec Daniels, who are depicted as brothers. Each of the novels of the series also features a girl in the lives of the brothers who later becomes an important part of both their lives. The initials novels of the series feature the girls named Natalie Murray and Alyssa. The first novel of the Seaside series written by Rachel Van Dyken was published under the title ‘Tear’. It was released by the author herself as an e-book edition in the year 2012. The plot of this novel introduces the primary characters of Alec and Demetri Daniels as brothers and a teenage girl named Natalie Murray in their lives.

In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that the life of the teenagers is not very easy and particularly for Natalie Murray, the things in her life have recently become a lot more difficult. She seems to have become quite bored with her life and wants to graduate from her high school as soon as possible and move out of the town away from everyone. Her once boring and dull life become absolutely insane after the band members of the famous AD2 rock band begin to attend her school suddenly. This band is formed by Alec Daniels and his brother Demetri Daniels. The story of these three characters begins with a pen and the fingers of a single brush, after which Natalie Murray becomes fully captivated by the rock band brothers. In the later parts of the plot of the novel, it is depicted that the Daniel brothers, Demetri and Alec are hiding a dark secret about their lives. The secret seems to be powerful enough to shatter the reputations of Demetri and Alec as well as destroy their rock band, if it comes out in the open. The secret can also shatter the heart of Natalie Murray if she comes to know about it.

The situation becomes very difficult for Natalie as she is not able to decide who should she choose between Demetri and Alec Daniels. She finds one of them to be painting her life with wonderful colors and the other to be infusing her soul with a lot of passion. This way Natalie Murray finds her heart divided between the two brothers and is not able to decide who should she choose over the other. The novel went on to become very much successful among the young and adult readers all over the world. Author Rachel Van Dyken has used a little bit of swearing and the some descriptions of drug usage in the plot of the novel. Therefore, the novel comes with a warning as being suitable for the adult readers only. The interesting characters and unique setting of the plot of the novel used by author Rachel Van Dyken was very much liked by the readers who praised her a lot for her dedicated efforts. She was also appreciated by her fellow authors and the critics for her determination in writing down this interesting novel.

The second novel of the Seaside series written by author Rachel Van Dyken was published under the title ‘Pull’. It was released by the author herself in the year 2013 as a Kindle edition. The plot of this continues to depict the happenings in the lives of the main characters named Alec Daniels and his brother Demetri Daniels, along with the lead female character named Alyssa. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Demetri Daniels is described as a jaded rock star, working in the rock band along with his brother named Alec Daniels. He lives in the town of Seaside in Oregon, which he considers to be a living hell. Because of the overuse of the drugs, his record company forces him him to be sent to a rehabilitation center so that he can become sober. During the previous year, Demeri had even tried to kill himself under the influence of drugs and so the record company was very much worried the reputation of themselves as well as that of Demetri Daniels’s rock band. It wants nothing more from him than to stay away from the limelight of the recording business and lay a low life for some time. Demetri Daniels becomes very much irritated and lonely than he had even been in his entire and therefore, he desperately tries to rebuild his reputation as a rock band player and a drug addict, which he had shattered with his own hands.

However, all his efforts to do so prove to be unfruitful because of the presence of Alyssa in his life. He considers her to be everything from which he should always stay away. She appears to be a smart and beautiful lady, but she has also damaged her life with her own hands just like Demetri Daniels. As a result, Demetri is of the opinion that two broken hearts can not come together and become a whole. In fact, the problems in their lives will cause them to suffer even more and will not prove to help them in any way better. On the other hand, Alyssa believes that if she and Demetri can come together, then they can share the problems of their lives and help each other to get over them. This way, they will be able to rebuild their lost reputations within a lesser time than trying to do so all alone. And so, she desperately tries to get along with Demetri Daniels and hopes that he will also understand her situation and beliefs. In the end, Demetri Daniels finds himself stuck with the consequences of the mistakes of his past life. He has to decide whether he can rise once again from his miserable life by learning from the previous mistakes of his life or remain being stuck in the darkness of his bad choices. Just like the first novel of the Seaside series, this novel also become a huge hit. It helped author Rachel Van Dyken to increase her named and fame as a noteworthy writer of the fantasy genre. The success also helped to remain motivated for writing the other novels of the series as well as a few other exciting novel series in her successful writing career.

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